Chapter 1

January 15th, 2010

Buying My Virtual Cabin

Once in a while, I just have to get away from all the politics and bullshit — did I just say that out loud? — that I see and hear on a daily basis, in the state-controlled media and the often "unreal world".

I just can't take all the BS from the lying, marxist, commie, socialist, fascist minions at The White House, the US Congress or any of the crooked, criminal politicians, nor can I do anything concrete about it. I just need a serious break from it. And I'm now "taking a break" from the state-controlled news, Talk Radio, newspapers (never read 'em), Net news sites, emails from said sites and from politically-inclined, well-intentioned people. I just can't take it in such daily "mega-doses", anymore.

I need a "virtual break" from it all. I'm going to buy a for-sale, "Virtual Cabin", in a small "virtual Pensylvania village" of just over 9,000 people, well-north of York, where the snows are deep and the accompanying silence is also deep. I'll be taking some high-powered firearms and plenty of ammo, as I always do. Also, plenty of Allen Bros filet mignons, my small Char-Broil LPG grille, plenty of canned goods, eggs, breads and numerous other things for a well-stocked Kitchen & Pantry.

It's a 43-acre wooded property, with 1,000ft gravel drive to the Cabin, but you can see the front porch light from the winding, brookside road. The cabin has 5 very large rooms: Master Bedroom and a 2nd Bedroom, and plenty of closets and chests of drawers, massive Living Room & Hearth and plenty of comfy chairs and sofas, modern Bathroom and Kitchen & Pantry, beautiful hardwood floors with deep pile oriental rugs, a 2,000gal LPG tank and a year's-plus worth of split firewood in the shed out back, plus a massive deck and picnic table on the right-side.

I made the purchase for the property and Cabin, with a realtor and my Personal Attorney, in York. Done deal. I have title and own it, now.

If you're driving by on a snowy, blustery evening and see the front porch light on and my Jeep in the driveway, stop in for a 3-course steak dinner, 50 year old brandy and a fine cigar, — you're welcome to stay overnight It's a ultra-fine, very-classy, and updated cabin with burglar & intruder alarms, and is like a small fortress, for comfort and security. If the light isn't on, best keep driving to your primary destination, as my Remy 870 Tactical 12ga and 2009 Kimber® 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, with a Premium 8-round Wilson Combat Magazine, are "on 24-hr "duty", for my personal protection.

No computer, TV, radio; just a cellphone and its charger. My condo and office units will just have to wait for hardware upgrades, Win-7 O/S replacements, until I get back to reality. Whenever that is. I'm here for escape and solitude; that's all I want and need.

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