Chapter 11

April 9th, 2010

Easter Weekend's Short Visit

Easter Weekend. Dozens of people were looking, shopping and buying, and I closed at 3pm on Saturday. I decided to drive to The Cabin for some rest after the past 2 weeks. I'd bought 10lb Pre-Cooked Heavenly Ham for Mom, Dad, Becky & I to enjoy on Easter Sunday, but I needed a break from Saturday's BS. Jenny was still at the vet's clinic, recuperating from her wounds, so I pulled the Jeep into the stoned circle drive, unloaded some canned and dry good supplies, while keeping my eyes open for the mountain lion family and black bears. (I don't want to harm or shoot any of them; I just don't want to be eaten alive.) I disarmed the alarm system, checked the windows and doors anyway, and brought the supplies into The Cabin.

I made 10 lbs of Barilla Angel Hair Pasta, with a Four-Brothers' Vodka Blush Sauce, 5 diced/ sauted onions, diced porcini mushrooms, diced aged garlic cloves in

EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil). DELICIOSO! I'll bring it home to have for lunch at work, this week, along with plenty of ham for sandwiches.

Since The Cabin is sited on a 43-acre property with 30-70ft high-canopy trees surrounding it, it never gets hot and there's always a cool breeze. I opened the windows, lit a small fire in the massive hearth, poured a short snifter of 50-yr old brandy, which I'd replenished on this trip, lit a Marlboro, and reflected on Easter and the "newfound change" I was now going through. Since a 6-7 old child, I'd believed in God, Jesus, Christmas and The Resurrection, but in some of the interim years, I'd gotten "waylaid" by my '60s Hippie Fog. That faded with the succeeding years and abruptly ended on 9-11, when our Nation was attacked by murderous, subhuman muslim-filth. I found My God once again, and have invited Him into my heart and soul, to revive my Spirit.

I decided not to call or go to the Vet's, as it would get Jenny all-excited, and she needed her recuperative time and rest. I secured the building, left and went back to York. I had a new employee and lots of computer problems to deal with. Always something.

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