Chapter 12

April 16th, 2010

Jenny's Recovery Process Visit

After all the problems with my Win-XP-to-Win-7 Office Conversion, and my cellphone battery dying, with no replacements in York (PA), I decided to go to The Cabin for the weekend and get away from all the BS. I had to have 3 Nokia batteries FedEx'd into York at a cost of $55, since Radio Shack didn't carry that older model anymore. Crap.

I stopped at the local Vet's and check-on Jenny's progress; she was almost recovered from her bear-induced wounds and would soon be ready to come "home".

Weary from all the stress of getting the 20-acre Complex ready for our 20th Anniversary Open House, hiring a Registered Landscape Architect, managing a myriad of projects around the place, scheduling jobs, and fielding hundreds of calls, I decided to stay the night and get some "real rest", and still get into work by 8am. I made fresh, Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque, some crusty garlic bread, a salad and had a glass of 1982 Lafitte Roschild Bordeaux. Nice. I did the dishes an left them to dry in the dishwasher. The nights are still in the upper-30s, so I lit a fire in the hearth and slumped back in my comfy, overstuffed leather chair and looked at Jenny's favorite spot on the Kodiak bearskin, which of course, was empty. I'd get her next week, and boy was the Vet's bill going to be enormous for the surgery and room-and-board. No sweat; she's worth it.

I checked all the doors and windows, lit the outdoor spotlights, on all sides of The Cabin, as darkness fell, just to see if there were any "eyes" watching me in the bushes. Nothing except an old "hooty" owl. Lights turned-off, I crawled into bed and slept until 6am's alarm, showered, dressed and hit the GC&N Complex around 7:30am. My newly-hired Registered Landscape Architect, Rich, and I had one landscape design appointment at 12noon, with new customers, in East York. I've given him a raft of other requests, and he's on his own, from now on. I take, field and evaluate the lscp requests, and then pass them on to him. Some of the more upscale ones, I will be initially working with Jennifer, and bringing Rich in on, midway through the process.

Now that we're on Spring-Summer-Fall Hours, and working 7 days a week, there's going to be less quality time at The Cabin, than over the Winter months, but I vow to "visit" every chance I get. Since Jenny's a "virtual dog", I can't bring her back home; she'll have to stay at The Cabin until I visit. Lots of changes coming now that Spring is here.

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