Chapter 15

May 7th, 2010

Getting Away From Everything

After this hectic week and hot & humid weekend, I really needed to "get away from everything" to The Cabin, so I took off right after work on Saturday, at 4pm.

I drove to The Cabin, after stopping at WEIS Markets, in York, to stock-up on a few things for the week. Jenny was happy to see me, and I filled her water, wet & dry food dishes, took a long,

cool shower, and changed into some clean clothes, after sweating all day at the GC&N Complex. Because The Cabin's in a wooded area, there's no need yet to turn on the AC unit, so I lit a small fire in the great hearth, made dinner, and settled back to read a book, sip some 50-yr old Brandy and smoke a Cuban Cigar. Jenny curled-up on her Kodiak bearskin and slept.

I had a message on my cellphone from Adam's Junction's Vet, Dr. Jayson Martin, that he'd like to see her in a week to examine the wounds, see how they were healing, and give her another antibiotic shot, just for good measure. I called him back and left an "okay" with his answering service.

Since I don't have either a computer with a TV Card or a TV at The Cabin, I stay home on those nights to watch "24" on Mondays at 9pm EST, and "Justified" on Tuesdays at 10pm EST.

I decided to go to The Cabin on my day off, after shopping, to alleviate my back pain, see Jenny and get time well-deserved time away from the York area and my business. Jennny was all over my "like white on rice", after disarming The Cabin's security system, when I walked through the front door. Her dry food, wet food and water dishes needed refilling, and I did so. I made lunch — grilled an Allen Bros Prime Filet Mignon, red-buttered potato cubes, homemade fruit salad and a Rolling Rock — and put on the ice-pak. I went into the Master Bedroom, and laid down to catch-up on some sleep, as 6 days a week working at the GC&N Complex is once again taking its toll on me. I also cleaned-out Jenny's litterbox in the 2nd Bedroom, and refilled the pans with fresh One-Step® Cat Litter, which works nicely for her.

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