Chapter 16

May 14th, 2010

Hunting Critters' Dens

After this hectic week and hot & humid weekend, I really needed to "get away from everything" to The Cabin, so I took off right after work on Saturday, at 4pm.

After some quick food shopping at WEIS Markets, and unloading the food at my condo, I drove-up to The Cabin with my Remy 11-87 AutoLoader 12ga (3" .00 Buckshot Shells) and Kimber

1911 .45cal ACP (my daily concealed carry piece w/ 1990 PA CCW permit), to see Jenny and check the birthing dens of the wild critters, which had given us so much trouble.

After driving around on the large property and peering carefully into a few dens, with the Remy (7 in the tube, one in the chamber), I didn't see any life. I guessed they were all out "learning the ways of life from their Mommas", foraging for food and playing. I drove the Jeep back to The Cabin, made lunch and laid down with a cold-pak on my back. I set the alarm for 6pm, and Jenny crawled into bed with me, at my feet.

I woke at 6pm, shaved, showered, made dinner, did dishes, filled Jenny's dry/wet food and water dishes, and left for York. On the way out, I ran into Deputy Clay Atler, the Chief's son-in-law, and he greeted me, and wondered why I hadn't been here more often. I explained that it's "my landscaping & gardening season", and that I have to spend 90% of my time at the GC&N Center, doing design work, LSCP estimates etc, and that I'd come visit when I'm able. He understood. He just wanted to be sure everything was okay with me, Jenny and The Cabin. He said he went through the property 1-2x per day, checking closely for break-ins and vandalism and had found none, so far. I thanked him for his concern, vigilance and diligence, and assured him that I'd be "back", every chance I'd get this Spring, Summer and Fall. If something happened, like the 2009-2010 snows and floods, he could count on me to assist in the rescue and recovery efforts.

When I arrived in York, I called Mom to see how she was doing, and called Dad at the GC&N Complex to see what was going on. All was okay with both of them.

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