Chapter 19

June 18th, 2010

Another Short Visit

Since I left work at 4pm on Saturday to exchange the 1-Tb, I decided to go to The Cabin for the rest of the day and night. I went home, fed the two condo cats, and left for the mountains. Jenny was happy to see me, and after unloading supplies into The Cabin, decided to take her for a ride into Adam's Junction for a walk downtown, visiting the various storefronts. I stopped-in at The General Store, the Vet's, ACE Hardware, the Rite-Aid drugstore, the supermarket and a few other places, mostly to meet people, but to pick-up a few items I needed. 90% of the remembered me from that Town Hall Mtg with the Jack-Booted DHS Thugs. Jenny was always welcomed by everyone. I even ran into two of the Militia Crazies who'd invaded my property a few months ago.

I came back to York for work on Sunday, but since it was a short day - 11am to 4pm - I left for The Cabin again, to get away from it all, until I had to be a my Folks' Home for a 2pm Memorial Day lunch. I showered and changed into clean clothes, poured a small (neat) snifter of 50-yr old Brandy, and settled back into my overstuffed, comfy leather chair to do some more reading. No Cuban Cigar (don't ask), this time; I just wasn't in the mood. I Lit a Marlboro. I snipped the Brandy, petted Jenny and just relaxed.

I went back to The Cabin on Thursday, my usual day off, refilled Jenny's wet food, dryfood and water dishes, did some housecleaning, checked the Choice One alarm system, sprayed Thistle and weeds around The Cabin, and took a short hike to one of the nearest bear birthing dens, which was empty. All was okay.

Since moving into The Cabin, I've gotten into the habit of always carrying either my Bushmaster AR-10 w/.308 NATO round, or Remy 11-87 12ga AutoLoader or Remy 870 Pump 12ga - both with .00 buck of slugs, my Beowulf .50cal, and of course, my Kimber 1911 .45cal "Eclipse Target II" (daily carry piece). But today, as hot and humid as it was, I only took the .45 along. I left the .50cal laying on the picnic table, on the front deck, within quick reach.

While I was out speaying weeds, three pick-up truck drovge down the long front drive, and as I went back to the front deck to get my Beowulf .50cal 1/ 11-round mags, 6 guys jumped out, apparently unarmed, and sat down with me at the table. March 12th">Bo, Boyd, Frank, Dewey, Chuck and Bubba were the Crazy Militia, who "visited" me a few months ago and who wanted me to join and to begin overthrowing the local government and authorities, and wanted me to join-up. I politely said "no thanks", as I have a business also 100 miles south of here, 11 employees and am struggling to recuperate from Obama's last year's disastrous economy. They promised me many, many thousands in meth money if they could use The Cabin for a meth lab, or cocaine shipping point. I also said, "no thanks". Obviously pissed-off, Dewey drew a .38 and pointed it at my chest. I quickly slid the Kimber .45 out of of Galco Fed Paddle Holster, and shot him in the forehed, chin and neck, 3x. The 5 others ran to their trucks and took-off like a "fart-in-church". Dewey went backwards onto the deck, bleeding like a stuck redneck pig, that he was.

I called Sheriff Chief Roy Bunce Bunce, Corporal Clay Atler, the Chief's son-in-law and 911, for medical aid. Dewey was already dead by the time he hit the deck; I knew that after checking his vitals. I waited for the authorities and medical to arrive, gave them a factual statement, waited until they put Dewey into a body bag, got out the garden hose, and cleaned-off the deck and table and chair. Both Roy and Clay said that I was "marked" now, and that my life was in grave danger if I visited Adam's Junction again. The Militia would reform and kill me, no question. After 3 tours ('71-'74) in Nam with 5th Special Forces/ Green Berets, I wasn't all that worried. I can easily take care of myself; it's the civilians and Jenny I was concerned about. I'd relish killing all of the Militia Crazies, IMO!

So, it's finally come to this. Back on March 12th, 20-30 Crazy Militia invaded my property and demanded I join them. All I wanted to to do was be left alone, enjoying The Cabin, Jenny and Adam's Junction. Now, it looks like I'm going to have to go out on *covert missions*, as I did in the Nam, and kill them all, as they've declared "war on me", for both saying "no thanks" and killing Dewey. I'm not liking this at all. Roy and Clay understood, based upon my US Military background. They said they'd support me 100%, as long as it wasn't murder. I'd have to get the Militia member to draw and fire first, and then I could kill him. Not a nice choice, IMO. In Nam, we simply murdered the NVC or Charlie; no questions asked. That was our job in war. Here, it was going to be very different and dicey. DA's, grand juries and courts were going to greatly interfere with what needs doing, IMO.

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