Chapter 20

June 18th, 2010

Checking On Jenny & The Cabin

I left right from work on Friday at 15:00hrs (3pm), drove up to the long road off of I-83, south of Adam's Junction leading to my 1,000ft diveway and The Cabin, and pulled into the circle turnaround, at the front deck. I disarmed the alarm system, Jenny was happy to see me and I refilled her wet-dry food and water

bowls. By now, late-Spring temps had dropped into the low-50s, and I carried-in some wood from the Firewood Stack on the Back Porch, lit a medium fire, locked the Jeep and Cabin doors, and settled back into my comfy chair in the Living Room. Jenny satiated her appetitte, and curled-up upon the Kodiak bearskin next to my chair, as usual. I nodded-off to sleep. I had to be back at work by 08:00hrs (8am) on Saturday morning, and again by 11:00hrs (11am) on Sunday morning, so I'd only be spending today and tonight here.

I really wanted to spend some time driving around Adam's Junction, since I'd only briefly seen some of the beautiful old turn-of-the-20th-century homes, and was fascinated by the architecture of that "Virtual Village". But that wouldn't be today, as I was dead-tired, needed to get a "list of chores" done around The Cabin, before leaving early in the morning. I decided that I needed a "handyman", whom I could trust to do those "chores" year-round, get well-paid for it, and who would fill-in for me until I had some weekends off during our "slow months" of July & August, and could be here myself. I'd ask around for recommendations, next time I went into Town.

Jenny woke me around 19:00hrs (7pm) for her nightly feeding & watering, and I made a quick, Plain Old-Fashioned Grilled Cheese and Sun-Dried Tomato Soup, washed-down with a few glasses of Ocean Spray® Diet Cranberry Juice. I didn't feel like any Cognac or Brandy tonight, so I took a Rx 12.5mg Ambien® CR™, checked the windows and doors, spotlight arrays, armed the building and headed for the Master Bedroom, for some quality sleep. Jenny joined me right away. I set the alarm for 05:30hrs (5:30am),

so I'd have plenty of time to feed and water her before I left, call Tony & Bev to come-in during the week to take care of her, and get to York for work by 08:00hrs (8am).

05:30hrs (5:30am) came quickly on Sunday, and I re-packed my gear, brushed, played with and fed Jenny before leaving. I'd call Tony & Bev in the afternoon, after Church Services were over, giving them the security codes and instruction, and asking for recommendations for a "handyman" to take these chores over for us all.

I got back to my Condo in East York, in plenty of time to water & feed Murphy, get changed for work, and be in by 07:15hrs (7;15am), to open-up the gates. By then, I had 3 Customers' cars lined-up in the driveway, waiting for me. It would be a long, busy day and week ahead.

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