Chapter 21

June 25th, 2010

Summer Plans

After Sundays' 11am-4pm stint, I drove to The Cabin, to check supplies, feed & water Jenny, and relax for a few hours, before going back to work on Monday.

The Pantry was filled, and it needed no re-stocking, so I lit a medium fire in the hearth, sipped a 50-yr old Brandy, lit a Marlboro, took a shower, and went to bed. Jenny soon followed and slept at the foot of my King-Sized bed.

After a horrendous thunderstorm on Thursday, I drove to The Cabin, fed and watered Jenny, showered, turned-on the AC for the first extended time and sat at massive Oak kitchen table to finish looking at several Business Sale Contracts for my Garden Center & Nursery. I wasn't impressed with any of them, made side margin notes, and wrote "NO Sale!" at the top of each of the three. Until the "right buyer" comes along, I'm keeping the joint.

I went back to York at 11:30pm, with full intentions of coming back Sunday and spending some time here. After that last Sunday of work in June, I'll leave Saturday afternoons, and spend all my Sundays in July and August, during my short 2 months off on Sundays, at The Cabin. Natch.

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