Chapter 22

July 2nd, 2010

Mournful Trip

I was so exhausted from working 7 days a week, for the past 5 weeks, that I decided to take Wednesday off and go visit "The Virtual Cabin", and get some rest. I went home and fed and watered Murphy - Momma Kitty's oldest male kitten - and left for the mountains. I'd love to take him along, but since Jenny is a virtual dog, I don't know how they'd react to each other. Besides, I needed the rest and Murphy is a "handfull" at 15 yrs old. He still acts like a kitten.

Euthanizing and burying Momma Kitty was bad enough, but retail sales and the paucity of landscaping jobs was even worse. It looks like I'm going to have to lay some employees off, and cut back on others' hours; just keeping a "bare bones crew" to keep the GC&N functioning until Fall. I have over 27 multi-phase estimates out, and Rich has another 12 people to see, while we've only done 16 jobs so far. We should be at double that number by now.

A friend and longtime customer of 21 years, Jimmy Hartenstein III, only 43, died suddenly last Sunday at his home, and I was bummed out about that, too, along with the loss of Momma Kitty. I drank a 50-yr old Brandy toast to both of them and lit my first Cuban cigar (don't ask), in a few weeks. I built a small fire and dozed-off for an hour or two, with Jenny curled-up at my feet on the Kodiak bearskin.

I showered, shaved and retired early and slept until 12 noon. I needed to do some food shopping back in York, so I loaded-up Jenny's dishes once more and headed back to York on my day off, to get that and some other chores done.

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