Chapter 23

July 8th, 2010

After The Fourth

After leaving the GC&N Complex around 12:15pm, due to excessive heat, humidity and heat indexes, I drove up to The Cabin just to get away from it all.

Jennifer's two-week notice resignation had me bummed-out, though I was expecting "something was amiss with her", and with 4-6 hours to kill, I wanted to get caught-up on some chores around The Cabin and property. I pulled into the circle drive, with it's front deck and massive picnic table, disarmed the Choice One

Security System, and Jenny was all over me like "white on rice", happy to see me. We rolled around on the bearskin rugs, and I gave her a good rubdown and back-scratching; something I hadn't done in several weeks. Her food and water dishes were refilled quickly, and she was appreciative.

Even though the property is heavily-wooded, it was hot up there, but a mildly-cool breeze blew through the trees. I unpacked my overnight bag, shaved, showered and got into some clean clothes. My mailbox runneth over with virtual mail. I brought my cellphone along on this trip. I needed to go into town and make a few important stops about the Dewey Holtzapple Shooting on June 4th, and where it legally stood. Plus, I needed some 4-5 furnace/ AC filters (1" x 16" x 25") to replace the one that'd been replaced once in the Winter.

I drove into Adam's Junction to see and chat with Sheriff Roy Bunce, but he kindly referred me to the County DA, who was handing the Dewey Holtzapple Shooting Case, with the Grand Jury. Roy looked at his latest reports and said "it was self-defense and no action would be taken against me by the County or State of PA". But he also advised me to call DA Stan Robbins, and speak to him directly, and if possible, have a face-to-face meeting about it all. He gave me the DA's card, and I promised to get on it ASAP. "Good shooting", Sheriff Bunce said. "There only 29 of those assholes left, and we're hoping that you can neutralize them all. I don't think a Grand Jury in the County would have a problem with it". I wasn't so sure. 30 dead men, all by me? But meth labs and coke distribution points were another matter, for the Feds. Not for me.

I called DA Stan Robbins' office number and left my cellphone with his paralegal sec'y. She said she was familiar with the case and he'd call back before the end of the day to talk.

County DA Stan Robbins called back within 15 minutes, and said that the County Grand Jury wasn't going to prosecute me, for killing Dewey, in self-defense. They were glad he was dead, and wished I take-out all the Holtzapple scum. He also reminded me that if I killed the rest of the Holtzapple Clan, in self-defense, no charges would be filed, but I'd have to *prove that scenario*. Usually, the local police confiscate the killing weapon My Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP and Concealed Carry Permit, but they decided not to because of my 3-yr Special Forces service in 'Nam, in the 70s.

I closed-up and left for York. I had many, many things to do at work and at home. I'd be back, soon.

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