Chapter 33

September 17th, 2010

Getting Dicey

I ordered the "Princeton" American Elms from my grower, outside of Atlanta: 3 x 30gals for shade for the massive deck and 27 x 15gals for where Karl Jayson, the excavator, was to dig the holes this week. I'll store them at the GC&N Complex, repotted and under daily irrigation, until Tim and I are ready to install them. I also bought a roll of Cobra Rope and 60 2" x 2" x 6' oak stakes (all on 20% Employee Discount Sale, even to me, of course) and had them put aside for me. But first things first: this "gold problem" is something I never anticipated or ever wanted, but now I have to deal with it, before all else.

I can't expose Tim or any of my Family or Friends to this problem, though many have volunteered to guard me, as it could turn deadly with the local neo-nazis and skinheads. At least the M&MC Corp has well-armed security guards and armored trucks to watch-over and transport the retrieved gold and accompanying valuable minerals. Their fee is 10%; quite reasonable, I thought, considering all I've been through and would have to go through later, possibly in the court system. Taxes would eat-up another 40-50%, depending upon what was reported. Remember, I had 4 medium and 2 large satchels, weighing several hundred pounds, of golf-ball-sized pure nuggets and large chunks of gold ore, well-stashed on the property, "somewhere". I got the assay report from the company in York (PA), and the one nugget was indeed 24-karat gold, absolutely pure. Gold is hitting rapidly rising prices, now.

I had both the mattresses and four pillows in The Cabin replaced by Tempur-Pedic products, in both the Master Bedroom and 2nd Bedroom, at The Cabin, at a dramatic cost, but it was worth it. I ordered them through Bev & Tony's General Store, and they installed them and carted away the other mattresses and pillows.

I left work at 15:15hrs (3:15pm) for a 16:00hrs (4pm), possibly very lucrative, landscape meeting, with Alan & Rich accompanying me, near the York Country Club, and after that was over, headed to The Cabin. I pulled into the 1,000ft gravel drive, and up to the front deck. After disarming

the building, I carried my duffel bag inside with only my sidearm Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP and the Remy 11-87 12ga Auto-Loader shotgun. I'd planned to bring my (Armalite) AR-10 .308cal along with the Leupold CQT Gold Dot Scope, but decided against it. Too much hardware to lug around. At least Jenny was happy to see me. I refilled her 3 bowls, and she supped. I turned on the police scanner I'd set-up last week, unpacked and made Chicken Cordon Bleu, sweet corn w/ butter and fresh tomatoes with mayo. I'd given-up milk and bread, and have dropped 57lbs. I'm down to 188lbs from 247lbs. The freezer still has 25 x 10oz filet mignons in it, but I passed on those for now. Maybe tomorrow for lunch, or for breakfast with sunny-side-up eggs.

Temps in the mountains were supposed to drop down to the low-40s, so I carried-in two large armloads of 18" split wood, and two 3' logs, from the Firewood Stack on the Back Porch, and lit a fire. I set the heat at 72°F to warm the Master Bedroom – the 2nd Bedroom's vents are closed and there's no reason to heat it – while I cleaned-out Jenny's two litter boxes and refreshed the Fresh Step® Cat Litter. I was hungry, and called Nell's Kitchen Restaurant & Drive-In for two rare, center-cut prime rib dinners, with all the side dishes, to go. It'd be 30-40mins until they were ready, so I showered and changed into some clean clothes. I put a load of laundry into the washer, and headed out to Adam's Junction, to get my order.

This time, Nell's Kitchen was again packed; it wasn't a holiday and the line was out of the door with many people waiting. I parked and went through the line to the take-out counter, and they had my 2 dinners boxed-up and ready to go. I paid, tipped the lady and left. I decided to drive around the small town and it's beautiful turn-of-the century homes for awhile, and then I saw Sgt Atler's patrol car behind me. He flashed his headlights, and I pulled over to the curb. He wanted to stop-by tomorrow and chat with me about my "future plans" in Adam's Junction. He was concerned for me and my safety, until this "gold problem" was "resolved", and then even afterward. The remaining Holtzapples would be going to trial in 2-3 weeks, as would the two Groves, in separate trials. He need depositions from me tomorrow and I agreed to be at the DA's Office at 9am, to give them. He said that "something smelled real good" in my Jeep, and I told him about the prime rib dinners from Nell's. He smiled and nodded. See you at 09:00hrs (9am), and I drove away.

I drove around Adam's Junction for the next 45mins, taking-in the scenery and admiring the restored and immaculate 19th Century Homes and then went back to The Cabin. Jenny's tail was wagging furiously as soon as I brought the packages inside, and I sliced-off a large piece for her, and put it on a dinner plate, in small pieces. She almost inhaled it. I lit the fire, ate my dinner, put the rest in the 'fridge and settled into my massive chair in the Living Room & Hearth, with a Cuban Cigar and a ½ snifter of cognac, and my gift-copy of "Unintended Consequences". The outside lights went on. I'd had Choice One Security install an outdoor motion sensor at the gold ore vein at the creek, and nothing was happening to set it off. So I armed The Cabin, and read for 3½ hours, with my (daily carry piece PA-CCW 1990) Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP within 2ft of reach, with 6 extra 8-round magazines. I turned-off the police scanner and contemplated bringing a wireless HP desktop up here, as I was getting "information-starved".

I swore I'd never bring any "electronics" up to The Cabin, as I wanted to "get away from it all", back in York (PA), but I'm about ready to relent on that promise. Too much going on not to "be connected". I have my cellphone and police scanner, and am about ready to bring-up an HP 6000 Pro Wireless Computer, same as I have at home and in the office, but I'd have to get crappy satellite dish service, and I loathe that idea. There's no such thing as dial-up anymore, and I'd rather do without than go back to that junky way of internet access. I'm still thinking about it.

I was tired and went to sleep early, as I had to be at the DA's Office at 9am.

When I arrived at DA Stan Robbins' office at 08:45hrs (8:45am), I was ushered into his office and we chatted about what I was about to go through. My memory was crystal clear on the four shootings, and he said a court stenographer would take down everything I said for my defense, and then I'd be questioned by the Holtzapples' attorney and then I'd be questioned by the Groves' attorney, in the same manner. I sailed through the depositions and both their attorneys had no further questions. This testimony would next go to a County Grand Jury for review and decision. I was excused. Sgt Clay Atler and Sheriff Bunce were waiting on the bench outside the DA's Office, and asked me how it went. I only told the truth, I said, and the Grand Jury would have to make their decision, based upon my testimony. They both went inside to meet with the DA, and asked me to wait on the bench outside his office. In 15-20 minutes, they came out smiling and said that I was "justified" in what I did. It wasn't going any further, but I still had to watch my back, and that they would help.

By now, it was 11:30hrs (11:30am) and I was tired from all the "legalese crappola", so I drove back to The Cabin, and lo-and-behold, Karl Jayson, the local excavator and his crew were there digging the holes I'd previously marked, for the "Princeton" American Elm trees I'd planned to install in a few weeks. I've decided to wait until "leaf drop" – the point at which frost hits trees, turns the leaves' color and the leaves drop – to install them, so they have much less watering requirements. Up here in the mountains, those Fall colors could come in late October. I didn't have enough garden hose on-hand or water pressure from my 4-5 GPM (gallon per minute) well to water those trees 2x-3x/ week, as they required, since I'm only up here once a week on my day off. I'd call Tim Swanson and let him know about the new schedule for planting, when I got back to the office, tomorrow.

Thunderstorms roared through the areas, dumping 3-4" of rain upon us, but Karl and his crew were finished digging the holes, so they'd already left. I lit a big, roaring fire in the massive hearth, and settled-in to continue reading "Uninteded Consequences", with a half snifter of Cognac and a couple of Marlboros. Jenny took her usual place of the Kodiak Bearskin rug, and I was getting ready to retire at about 19:00hrs (7pm), remembering that I had a boatload of messages and tasks at the GC&N Complex, tomorrow, and would have to pack-up and leave early to be there by 06:00hrs (6am).

I bookmarked "Unintended Consequences", once again at 21:30hrs (9:30pm), locked and armed The Cabin, and went to sleep. Tomorrow's another day.

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