Chapter 35

October 1st, 2010

3 Tons So Far

I closed the GC&N Complex down at 09:30hrs (9:30am) on Monday due to the heavy rain, already had my duffel bag packed, with several weapons loaded into the Jeep, and arrived at The Cabin, around 11am. It was raining hard up here in the mountains and the many of the trees were already beginning to turn their Fall colors. I drove across the meadow to the creek, and saw that the mining operation had come to a halt because of the rain, but the two guards had AR-15s and asked me for ID and password, and I gave both to them. I drove back and disarmed the building, took my stuff inside. Jenny was happy to see me. I refilled her 3 bowls and she ate gratefully. It was at least 10-12 degrees colder

up here than down in York; around 50°F, so I brought in an armload of firewood and lit a fire, with a large 3ft log in reserve. I did a load of laundry, checked the pantry and larder, and made a small shopping list. I'd need to go into Adam's Junction to Bev & Tony's General Store to get some things this afternoon.

I turned on the new Police Scanner to hear what was going on: Sgt Atler had shot two bank robbers just minutes ago. They were Ben & Jeff Anderson, neo-nazis and haters of everyone in town, including me. Ben was dead at the scene and Jeff died at the hospital. I was relieved to hear the news of their demise, since I wouldn't have to deal with them anymore. "Some People Just Need Killing". IMO.

The downpour stopped for a bit, and I armed the building, drove the Jeep into town to Bev & Tony's General Store, to get my shopping done. The nice thing about small towns like Adam's Junction is that everyone waves to everyone else. And the more I showed my face in town, the more waves I got. Plus, people would stop me and ask how I was doing with the mining operation, ask about Jenny, my business in York, the economy, the bastard half-breed in The White House and a million other topics.

I diagonally-parked in front of the store and went inside, list in-hand. Bev & Tony greeted me, and began the same question routine about the mining, Jenny, my health, my family and my plans. I took a small shopping cart and gathered-up what I needed from my list, and went to check-out, when they asked if I'd heard about the attempted bank robbery earlier this morning when Sgt Clay Atler shot the Anderson brothers. I said that I had a police & fire scanner, and followed it closely; in fact, I was headed to the Police Station & Town Hall to see how Clay was doing. He'd probably be up to his ears in paperwork. They bagged-up my order, I paid them and left for Sheriff Bunce's station.

Clay was at his desk, with an order not to be disturbed, but when he looked-up and saw me at the front desk, he waved me back to his office. He said he was still shaking from the incident, and that his US Military Training — three tours in Iraq with MEF (1st Marine Expeditionary Force) — had served him well in combat, but that shooting and killing civilians just wasn't as pleasant as killing subhuman, murderous islamic trash. I agreed. I had 752 confirmed kills in 3 tours in the Nam, but I didn't relish killing either the 2

Holtzapples or the 4 Groves, but that they had it coming, after shooting at me first. I told him that I had groceries in the Jeep, and had to get back to The Cabin to get them into the 'fridge, so he could finish all the paperwork. We shook, and I left the station.

In the hallway, I ran into Matt Smith, the Mayor, and he also peppered me with questions about the mining operation, Jenny, my business back in York and what my plans were for all those "Princeton" American Elms that I was going to plant. He said that he'd done some extensive research on them, and would like to line Main Street with about 60-80 of them. Could I provide them? I told him that I was an Authorized Distributor, and could have them drop-shipped to Adam's Junction, and he got excited. He promised to bring it up for a vote at the Town Council Meeting tomorrow evening, and let me know. He might need me to come to the next week's meeting, "as an expert on the subject", and help convince any holdouts on the idea. I told him that my 30 were ordered and were shipping next week.

I drove back to The Cabin, disarmed the building, put away the groceries, and went to my giant, oversized hearth, threw on the 3ft log on the fire's white-hot embers, and immediately it burst into a nice roaring fire, once again. I armed the building, and laid down on the queen-sized bed in the Master Bedroom, for a nap. Jenny stayed out by the fire on her Kodiak Bearskin. It was 13:00hrs (1:00pm), and I set the alarm for 19:00hrs (7pm), giving me about 6 hours of much-needed shut-eye, after a very busy weekend and a 6-day workweek. I packed-up my duffel bag, loaded it and my rifle back into the Jeep, armed The Cabin and headed for York. I had to come back tomorrow for the Town Council Meeting, and some pending, forecasted nasty weather.

I arrived back at The Cabin on Tuesday afternoon, ahead of the massive storm, disarmed the building, took my gear inside. Jenny was sure happy to see me. I refilled her 3 bowls and unpacked. After bringing-in two armloads of split firewood inside from the Firewood Stack on the Back Porch, and two 3ft logs, I cleaned the ashes out from the last 4-5 fires and lit a small fire to get it all started. Then, I added 2-3 split wood pieces and the small fire began to roar into a medium-sized fire. This wasn't the recently taken-down tree wood; it was from last year's cull and was well-seasoned in the Firewood Storage Shed in the Backyard, so it caught right away. After adding one of the 3ft logs, it would be a big roaring fire. Temps were beginning to drop into the 40s, and I turned-up the furnace to 70°F, just to warm the place up, so I could shave, shower and get some clean clothes on. The fire would keep The Cabin warm and toasty all night, with the damper half-closed, which I'd pre-set.

For dinner, I made Chicken Cordon Bleu, Oven-Roasted, Sea-Salted & Buttered Brussel Sprouts, fresh sweet corn and for dessert, Gelato drizzled with Balsamic Vinegar. I was satiated, put the pots, pan, plates and utensils into my dishwasher, and went to my overstuffed leather chair to sit in front of the roaring fire, and finish reading the few last chapters of ""Unintended Consequences" by John Ross", for the third time. I had a stack of Michael Savage's books, Glenn Beck's books and scores of other to read, so I wanted to get through one or two on Thursday, and put them back inside the Glass Front, Antique Oak Barrister's Bookcase with 4 large shelves, marked as "done". I took an Rx 12.5mg Ambien® CR™ and went to sleep around 01:00hrs (1am) and woke-up at 13:10hrs (12:10pm), from a call on my cellphone, from Dad. He'd closed the center at 13:00hrs (1pm) due to 4"+ rain, with retention ponds overflowing, and he'd sent everyone home.

I made Eggs Benedict on English Muffins with Canadian Ham, with fresh-made Hollandaise Sauce, Bacon and Country Sausage, Fresh-Squeezed OJ and Kona gourmet coffee at 14:00hrs (2pm), when I woke up from the sleeping pill I'd taken the night before. I still felt a little groggy, but better than great to sleep all that time. That meal did the trick. I lit a roaring fire in the hearth, since it was 41°F here in the mountains, fed Jenny, and she immediately curled-up on her Kodiak Bearskin, in front of the hearth. I slumped into my overstuffed leather chair in the LR, and nodded-off into dreamland, too.

After sleeping another 2-3 hours, I took the Full-Auto,

Class III AR-10® .308cal (7.62 x 51mm NATO), with the new 15½" Barska® 10-36x Zoom w/ 100mm Lens Sniper Scope with Green Mil-Dots, and .308cal (7.62 x 51mm NATO) ammo in the new 20-round magazines, from its Eagle Bag, and looked down toward the creek mining operation. The two white Chevy Suburbans were gone, and the mobile home was up to its top step in water, and the rain was still coming down. The two guards had bailed-out and left it empty of security. I called M&MC Corp (Minerals & Mining Corp) and asked what had happened. They replied that their men's safety always came first, and I agreed. I told them what weapons and scope I had and that I'd keep an eye on the operation until they returned tomorrow. They said they'd almost tapped-out the remaining nuggets and gold ore, and it looked like about 3½ tons, so far.

The Town Coukncil Meeting went fine, and I was asked to submit a proposal for 100-200 American Elm Street TRees, 1-2" caliper, to be installed by their Dep't of Public Works (DPW), in late-October/early-November. I said I could do that and made notes. I answered many questions about the trees' durability, disease-resistance, feeeding, root problems etc; the usual concerns. I called my Office amswering machine and left a "reminder message" to do so, preparing a price quote and supporting paperwork about the trees. The meeting was adjourned at 21:00hrs (9pm), and I went back to The Cabin, packed, watered & fed Jenny, turned down the heat, called Randy to "take over" until I got back, armed the building, and left for York. I had a lot of work on my desk to catch-up on, plus new things happening all the time, including this for Adam's Junction's streets and parks.

I drove west on the long road to I-83 and down to York, and home to the my Condo in East York,. Murphy was glad to see me, get watered & fed, and I was glad to get to bed. Tomorrow would be busy.

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