Chapter 37

October 15th, 2010

Going Over The Numbers

I left work at 4:30pm, leaving Dad, Rich & Arthur to close-down, to get to my ear doctor's appointment, and then back to my condo, loaded-up my duffel bag and rifle, and headed to The Cabin, for a restful might. Thursday was my day off, and I planned to stay there most of the day, meeting with the management from M&MC Corp (Minerals & Mining Corp), to go over assay reports and gold totals. I could get my food shopping done at Bev & Tony's General Store, and bring it back with me, instead of having to make the trek to Weis Market, in York.

I disarmed the building, brought-in my gear, turned on the lights and police scanner, and Jenny was happy to see me. I refilled her 3 bowls and she emptied them in short order, then went over and sat by the massive hearth. I carried-in several armloads of seasoned split firewood from the back porch, lit a roaring fire with the kindling and split wood, and had 2-3 3ft logs to throw on to the fire within an hour or two, if needed. I also turned-up the furnace to 72°F to keep the place warm all night, since the temps would be dropping into the upper-30s. I closed the damper ¼ of the fireplace the to conserve some heat. Jenny laid down on her Kodiak Bearskin Rug, and slept.

There was almost 3.3 tons of pure gold mined from that small creek vein, worth $6,210,000.00, plus the several hundreds of pounds of gold nuggets I'd stashed, before all this began. Close to $7,000.000, total. Enough to take care of the security guards' families & their kids' education, plus pay the IRS off, and have some left for myself. I fancied a 2006 Ford GT SuperCar ($165,000), for starters, a new Toyota LandCruiser ($87,999), and a new one-floor, 2-garage condo w/ full basement ($250,000), depending upon what I had left, after the IRS got through with me, as "unearned income". My CPA & Tax Attorney would be my protectors. We'll see. Was it worth all the killing and death? Probably not, but the Holtzapples and Groves brought it on; I didn't.

I shaved, showered and changed into fresh clothes, and went to sleep. I'd deal with M&MC Corp (Minerals & Mining Corp) execs tomorrow to determine the final assays of gold nuggets and ore, and what belonged to me, an what their cut. Right now, I was too tired to deal with it all, and went to sleep.

I had all day-off Thursday, so I slept-in until 1pm, when Andy from R.E. Sanders Plumbing showed-up at my condo (I left a key for him to get inside and called my cellphone) to find out why my Rheem Tankless Water Heater was cutting-off my hot water, after only 5 minutes of showering. Rheem is FED-EX-ing a new board and chips to RE Sanders overnight so we can hopefully get this POS fixed. Last year, the entire burner unit was replaced, and the problem continues. He called me and filled me in on the details.

The final numbers came in with two reps from the mining company arriving at 2pm. With 32,000 ounces in a ton, and 2.3 tons (73,600 ounces), and with gold currently (10.14.10) at $1,376/oz, the pure gold would be worth $101,273,600.00 on today's market, minus M&MC Corp (Minerals & Mining Corp's 10% fee, and the US Govt's taxes on it. I had several hundred pounds of nuggets stashed away from the corrupt US Gov'ts prying eyes, for my own usage.

I went back to sleep after the mining company execs left at 3pm, but Jenny needed feeding, and I refilled her 3 bowls and climbed back into bed for a few hours. I was dead-tired from working 6-day weeks during The Fall Sale. It was raining hard and the pre-dug holes for the "Princeton" American Elms were beginning to collapse-in on themselves, so they'd need cleaning-out before Tim & I planted, staked and mulched them. My rain gauge read 4.5" already; no telling what they got down in York.

By 4pm, I was up and dressed, bed made, laundry done and decided to go to Nell's Place for lunch-dinner; it was empty and I was seated right away. I ordered a hot roast beef sandwich, smothered with brown gravy, fries, smothered with brown gravy and a piece of cheesecake pie w/ strawberries. I went back to The Cabin, refilled Jenny's bowls, turned-down the heat, armed the building and left for York. Friday was just another day at work.

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