Chapter 39

October 29th, 2010

Aftermath: The Town Meeting

I drove up to The Cabin after work on Friday to check on the Elms which Tim and I had planted on Wednesday & Thursday. I drove the Jeep around the meadow and re-checked the 3 larger ones at the front deck which the "Bigfoots" had uprooted. All were doing fine, had lost their butter-yellow Fall leaves and were nicely budded-up for Spring. Sgt Clay Atler came up the driveway in a patched-up patrol car, and asked me how I was doing after shooting the "Bigfoots". He said that the sightings had stopped for now, but that many of the citizens of Adam's Junction were now either carrying concealed handguns or high-powered rifles in the cars and pick-ups, for fear of retribution from those creatures. He said that I had no legal problems from the incident, and that one of the wounded Deputies was already back at work, having been shot in the shoulder; a superficial flesh wound from the 3 guys I shot in the now-gone trailer. I was relieved. I left and drove back to York.

On Tuesday, I closed-down early, drove-up to The Cabin, disarmed the building, and Jenny was happy to see me. I refilled her 3 bowls, and after eating, she waited for me to light a fire. I lit a small fire with split logs and she curled-up on her bearskin, near the hearth. Soon, she was snoring.

I poured a ¼ snifter of 50-year old Brandy, which I picked-up in Red Lion (PA) on my way up. I'd be coming back on Wednesday afternoon, since Thursday was my day off, and there was a Town Hall Meeting scheduled for 7:00pm, which I wanted to attend. I saw the signs posted on the telephone poles as I drove through Adam's Junction. I probably had some "explaining" to do to the residents about all the shootings at my 43-acre property, if the Sheriff or Deputies hadn't already done so. I lit my penultimate Cuban Cigar (don't ask) — I had 2 more boxes of 24 each on the way UPS to my business — and sat back in the overstuffed leather chair, to contemplate tomorrow's meeting with a realtor in York, who wants an exclusive listing to see my 20-acre Garden Center & Nursery Complex. I've known Terry for many years and he's a trustworthy soul and an honest businesman, with a solid reputation in the York area. I closed my eyes and relaxed. I dreamt of retiring, buyiong a 1-floor condo with a 2 car garage and full basement, a 2006 Ford GT and decompressing for a year, before starting a new "venture". I had enough money, so I wouldn't need any bank financing; I'd pay cash from my take of the gold ore and 365lbs of golf-ball sized nuggests I'd stashed, before the Mining Company and IRS got involved.

Then, I woke-up with a jolt; someone was at the front door. I grabbed my Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, chambered a round, clicked-off the safety and went to the heavy oak door, with my .45 in my right hand pointed right at the unknown's "center mass", and opened the door with my left. It was Sgt Clay Atler and Deputy Alex, who was wounded during the shoot-out several weeks ago, and I invited them both inide inside. I dropped the mag, unchambered the round, reloaded the mag, put it back into the .45, and clicked-on the primary safety.

The Deputy had come to thank me for saving he and his partmer's lives by taking out Tristan, Charlie & Seth Holtzapple in the trailer, or they'd both be dead, now. That'd be a real shame because each was young, had served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and had young wives and babies. I nodded my thank you. Sgt Clay had some more serious things to talk about. The Town Hall Mtg on Thursday had a petition circulating by the Holtzapples and Groves, to forcibly remove me from my property, or buy it from me by force, at rock-bottom price, if neessary. I was being termed a "community menace". Me? Both Sgt Clay and his Deputy laughed, too. Everyone knew who the troublemakers were, but the "Bigfoot Incidents" seemed to have "stirred-up the pot", a bit. Some of the other residents had another petition to ask me to leave town, and let them return to their "peaceful ways", before I arrived. Hmmmmmm. It was a no brainer: a local district judge would summarily-dismiss the Holtzapple-Grove petition, but might consider the other petition, if enough evidence were presented. (9 dead "Bogfoots" was a lot of evidence). I needed to be forewarned and prepared, they said. The FBI and scientific community had all the carcasses we'd shot, but I was sure there were more in that labryinth of caves, just-off my property. That was the problem: I'd shot one of them off of my property; the others I killed on my property, so "justified" was called for. It was just that one on neighboring Ed Dawson's farm, where the caves were, that was quickly-becoming a "problem" for me.

Sgt Clay handed me a thick manilla envelope of the CSI photos and reports, for my lawyer, in case I needed to bring an attorney along. The entire Dawson Family, who'd lived 5 generations in Adam's Junction, had left town last week and were staying with relatives in the Scranton area, until the caves were thoroughly-searched and no more creatores found. Neighbors, heavily-armed, were tending the Dawson's livestock, and already two cows had been killed and mutilated, which told me that there were more creatures inside. We'd deal with this at The Town Hall Meeting, on Thursday evening.

The fire died down, I refilled Jenny's 3 bowls, armed the building and left for York, to confer with my Personal & Corporate Attorney, Marc Robinson, ESQ, on Wednesday, after the day's meeting with Terry, the realtor. Instantly, I knew my priorities, and wished I hadn't set-up the realtor's meeting. Oh well. I was back in York quickly and called Marc at home and laid it out for him. I had a 1:00pm appointment.

I cancelled the realtor's appointment on Wedneday morning, due to heavy rain, sent everyone home, closed-down the GC&N Complex and went to my attorney's meeting at 1:00pm, then back home for some sleep. I woke-up at 4pm, grabbed my duffel bag and AR-10, and headed for The Cabin for 1½ days of R&R, get some good sleep to "get away from it all", and to attend the Town Hall Meeting on Thursday at 7pm. I disarmed the building, refilled Jenny's 3 bowls, and unpacked. I turned on the police scanner to hear what was happening. I'd turned-up the heat to 77°F, so in a few minutes it was warm inside and the chill was gone. I'd also closed the chimney flu damper to keep the warm air inside, and re-armed the building. I crawled into my queen-sized bed with fresh linens and down conforter, as the rain began to come down really hard. Jenny junped-up at the foot of the bed and curled-up to sleep.

I woke-up at 2:30pm on Thursday, opened the flu damper and lit a roaring fire with split logs, stored and tarped on the back porch. It was only 47°F and the rain continued, though not as hard. I was getting low on split wood and logs, and as soon as the rain lets-up, I'd have to lug more wood — both split wood and 3ft logs — from the shed on to the porch and tarp it for the coming Winter months. I made Eggs Benedict, Fresh-Squeezed OJ and French-Roast, Turkish-Grind Coffee (from fresh, whole beans) with my Chemex® Drip System, since I hadn't eaten breakfast or lunch today. Jenny's 3 bowls were half-filled and she was okay, for now. I fed her a strip of Canadian Bacon, which she just inhaled. I settled-in the Living Room & Hearth in my chair, while Jenny curled-up on her bearskin rug. I began reading Glenn Beck's, "Broke: The Plan To Restore Our Trust, Truth and Treasure", which I'd just bought at Border's Bookstore, last week.

Sgt Clay Atler drove-up the 1,000ft crushed stone driveway, and knocked on my door. He wanted to tell me what I "was in for" at the Adams' Junction Town Hall Meeting, tomorrow night. The Holtzapples and their relatives wanted me gone, no questions; so did the Groves, since I'd killed so many of them in self-defense. A Grand Jury and the DA's hearing would rule "justified" on that matter, and Sheriff Capt Bunce, the CSI and FBI had no problem with what I did. It was "justified", as far as they were concerned.

95% of the Citizens of Adam's Junction were on my side, that night at the Meeting/Hearing: I'd cleaned-out many of the murderous Holtzapples amd Groves, cleared the area of so-called "Bigfoot" creatures, so as far as we could ascertain without combing the vast cave complex thrououghly with hundreds of armed men, and brought peace and tranquility to Adam's Junction, once more. I left the meeting to cheers and applause, and went back to The Cabin, refilled Jenny's 3 bowls, started bringing-in armloads of wood to stack and tarp on the back porch, and plopped-down in my leather chair, exhausted. All I wanted was a "getaway" from my business and civilization, for a day or two each week. Instead, I got Vietnam-plus, all over again.

I packed-up my gear and the AR-10, which I thankfully didn't have to use on this trip, armed the building and headed back to York. I had some food shopping to do and wanted to get to sleep early, so I could be into work early on Friday to catch-up on Thursday's messages and projects. I was exhausted and it seemed like a longer drive than usual. I got the food shopping done, and made some notes to have the LSCP Crew "clean-up" my condo for the Winter, as they've done for the past 20+ years, so it'd look nice & tiday until Spring.

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