Chapter 40

November 5th, 2010


I decided to go to The Cabin after work on Saturday, and sleep-over, since I didn't have to be into work until 11:00am on Sunday, and could get back in plenty of time. I went home, fed and watered Murphy, my remaining condo cat, grabbed my duffel bag with clean clothes, my AR-10 and headed north to Adam's Junction. I arrived at about dusk, disarmed the building, and Jenny was


happy to see me. I refilled her 3 bowls, unpacked my gear and rifles, loaded 5 empty 20-round mags, and put them in the 2nd Bedroom, for tomorrow. I kept the AR-10 and mags in my Master Bedroom. After shaving and taking a shower, clean clothes felt great. I lit a roaring fire in the Living Room's Hearth, since temps were to drop into the upper-20s tonite in the mountains, bringing a heavy, killing frost.

The "Princeton"® American Elms were doing fine and had finally lost all their leaves. The surrounding mountains' tree colors were spectacular, until dusk set-in and I couldn't see the mountains anymore. I re-armed the building, made a Grilled Cheese w/Ham Sandwich & Potato Salad, Sun-Dried Tomato Soup and had some Ocean Spray® Diet Blueberry-Pomegranate Juice to wash it all down. I'm down from 247lbs to 179lbs in less than 5 months, and feel great.

I called Sheriff Capt Roy Bunce's Office and Sgt Clay Atler answered, as he and two Deputies, Tim and Alex, were working the night shift, just to say hello and let him know that I was at The Cabin for the night. He said he'd check the place on his rounds tonite to make sure everything was normal. I reminded him of the underground driveway alarm system, and all the quartz-halogen spotlights I had installed on the four sides of The Cabin, operated either by a motion-sensor or manually. He knew all about them both. I was tired, poured a½ snifter of 60-year old Cognac, and picked-up Glenn Beck's new book to continue reading. I also turned on the police scanner on low-medium volume. What I needed was a Bose portable stereo with some classical music to listen to, instead of the scanner. Mental note: shop online for both and bring them along on the next trip. Maybe.

Sgt Clay told me that the local US District Judge had summarily-dismissed all frivolous and asinine lawsuits against me by the Holtzapples, Groves and their numerous cousins and friends, ruling all the shootings "justified", but there'd still be a mandatory Grand Jury Hearing, with County DA, Stan Robbins on my side, and I could be deposed down in York if need be from the Judge, and not have to travel up here for it. I was thankful, but volunteered to do so if requested and subpoenaed by the DA & AG. That's one of the many reasons I keep this "Journal": to record the facts of each incident, in concert with the police reports. He also said that there were CSI & FBI Agents ready-and-willing to testify on my behalf. Apparently, the Holtzapples and Groves had several well-hidden meth labs in the area, and considered me a "threat". Ha; what bunk!" He said that he'd keep me posted. I said that I wanted that poison off the streets and out of our childrens' hands, but that was his job, not mine. I said that I could find it, if he wanted me to; it'd be easy to track down, for several reasons. He thanked me for my willingness, but declined my offer, for now. I was kind of relieved. I just "wanted to get back to normal", as I intended when I moved-up here for an occasional "getaway" from the crap in York. So far, I'd gotten far, far more than I wanted or bargained for.

I left work at 3:15pm on Wednesday, drove home, fed & watered Murphy, gabbed my duffel bag and AR-10, and headed to The Cabin. The forecast called for rain all night and all day on Thursday, so I had left instructions with the GC&N Staff to sweep-out the concrete floor in the Main VWGH Greenhouse, and then go home for the day. Alan called the Thursday-scheduled landscape job and moved it into next Tuesday, after another already-scheduled job, and I called our Friday's large tree installation, after getting his cell number from Dad, who was still at the Complex, and rescheduled it into one day next week, as well. We will need 2-4 days of dry weather so we can take either our 2½ ton JD 675B or 3½ ton JD 317 Skid Loaders on to their lawns, to plant the large trees, or we'll do terrible damage to the lawns. Both were appreciative of my concerns for their property and readily-agreed to the changes. I said that I'd finalize everything when I got back into work, on Friday.

I was at The Cabin in short order, disarmed the building and brought-in my gear and unpacked. Then I re-armed the building, checked the front & outdoor spotlights. Jenny, still basically a growing pup, was happy to see me, and I fed & watered her. Next, I lit a roaring fire from the split and tarped wood on the back porch, and carried-in a heavy 3ft log to add-on a little later, if need be. I made grilled a BLT with Fried Egg & Cheese and Noodle Soup & Dumplings for lunch, and then settled into my large, overstuffed leather chair to read. It was 46°F and a hard, cold rain, with snowflakes mixing-in. I turned-on the police scanner to see what was going on in and around Adam's Junction. Nothing much, actually, so I turmed it down to a slightly lower level, and continued reading "Men In Black", by Mark Levin,. I didn't feel like any Cognac or Brandy right now, since it ws only 2:30pm; maybe later this evening. Jenny came in, gave me a big, slurpy lick on the cheek, and curled-up on her Kodiak bearskin. I decided to do a couple of loads of laundry in my new Kenmore #9825 24" Gas Laundry Center w/ Dryer, re-make the two large beds with fresh, clean linens, Bathroom with fresh towels and do some personal laundry. That chore took several hours, along with vacuuming the Oriental Rugs all through The Cabin. Reading would have to wait awhile. Meantime, I carefully laid the 3ft Yule log onto the fire and it came to life almost immediately. I had the furnace's thermostat set at 75°F, but turned it back once the fire was roaring again.

While the laundry was washing, I put on my 18" English Wellington Rubber Boots and full raingear suit, and decided to drive around the property checking on the 30 "Princeton" American Elms, to see how they were doing. All were intact, as Tim Swanson and I had installed them, so back to The Cabin and some warmth.

I changed out of my boots and rain gear, dried the loads of linens and towels, folded and hung the towels, and replaced the linens on to the 2 beds, with their appropriate soft, lambswool blankets and down comforters. Once again, everything was right and back to normal at The Cabin. I lit a Marlboro and thought about my Wednesday meeting with the realtor from York, and what would I do after I sold the 20-acre GC&N Complex, after almost 21 years of operation. I put my head back, pulled-up the afghan, and nodded-off for a "short nap".

I skipped dinner, still full from lunch, and went to sleep around 20:00hrs (8pm) Wednesday evening, needing to get back to York (PA), and to my business. There was a lot of detail work to do, plus a fresh lscp design from Rich, just before he'd gone in for his stage-1, colon cancer operation, to get done and mailed. Plus, who knows what else awaits me on a Friday? They're as bad as Mondays, IMO.

I let the fire die down gradually, gradually closed the damper, and turned the furnace back up to 78°F for a few hours, before I retired, and would then turn it back down to 70°F, for the night. I armed the building, called Sgt Clay Atler's Office to let him know that I'd been here all and and would stay the night, and would be leaving early in the morning. He said he make a couple of property check-ins on his rounds tonight. I thanked him. At least there hadn't been anymore shootings or killings on this trip, and he laughed and called it "a first for me". Heh.

I crawled into the Master Bedroom's fresh linen, queen-sized bed at 19:30hrs (7:30pm), and immediately fell asleep. I had my Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, a round chambered, and 6 extra mags on the nightstand, and the AR-10 .308cal (7.62 x 51mm NATO), with the Leupold Gold Dot Mark 4 CQ/T Scope, and .308cal (7.62 x 51mm NATO) ammo in the new 20-round magazines, within arm's reach, also with a round chambered, fully-loaded with 5 extra 20-round mags.

At around 23:00hrs (11:00pm), I heard Jenny barking at the front door, grabbed my Turkish Bathrobe, grabbed the Kimber .45cal and went into the cavernous LR, where I noticed that all the outdoor spots were lit, and the Choice 1 Security panel had indicated an attempted break-in at the front door. I neutralized the alarm and heard an unearthly "howl" in the distance, seeing several "figures trot across the 4-acre meadow in front of The Cabin. I grabbed the AR-10 with it's Leupold Gold Dot Scope, and my night vision goggles, and went out on to the porch and the hair on the back of my neck stood-up. It was more "Bigfoots" again, hopefully all just passing through, so I held my fire on the 4 of them, called Sgt Clay Atler on my cellphone, and he said he'd be there in just a couple of minutes. They were 2 "big-uns", same as the ones I'd killed a week ago, along with 2 smaller ones, all capable of killing a man within seconds. At 9-10ft tall, and 700-800lbs, their strength was awesome. I kept Jenny inside.

I went back inside, splashed some cold water in my eyes and on my face, and decided whether or not to get dressed in gear, suitable for tracking and killing. This Turkish Bathrobe wasn't making it in the cold night. Just then, Sgt Atler and two Deputies' patrol cars — new, state-of-the-art Police Cruisers — roared into the driveway, all lights out, and they pulled-up to the large deck at the front door. I invited them inside, and told them what happened. They would need some "special gear/equipment" – no, not the Bathrobe – like I was wearing, to track those creatures at night. Sgt Clay radioed Sheriff Capt Bunce's Office to see if that gear was available. It was and would be sent out imediately in another shiny, new Cruiser, within minutes. I penned Jenny in the 2nd Bedroom, where her litter boxes were on tarps, turned-up the heat, fully-closed the fireplace damper and waited for their new gear. Meanwhile, I asked Sgt Clay if he wanted me along on this; he said no and that I should stay here at the CP and keep him and the Deputies informed of any developments back here. He gave me a police walkie-talkie to keep-in-touch. The "gear car" arrived and thy brought everything inside and suited-up for tracking and combat. Sheriff Capt Bunce showed-up 5 minutes later, having been rousted from his dinner by this *Code 3*. He said that "he wanted to be in on this one". Only Sgt Clay & I had been to Iraq and VietNam, respectively, and had any nighttime tracking and combat experience. All the other Deputies and Sheriff Capt Bunce were "just Police Academy Grads" with zero experience in S&D (search & destroy missions). I felt real uneasy about this night's coming incident.

The police walkie-taklies have earplugs, so they made no sounds when we communicated, so as not to alert the "Bigfoot" or human perps to our locations. They were some new gear Chief Bunce had bought with the grants from the "Stimulus Package" – my anonymous, Gold Nugget cash-conversion donations – for his department. He'd also inherited 5 radar units from the PA State Police, when they received their new laser radar units, from the same source. I was irritated, since those monies were to go to aid small businesses amd individuals, and were being siphoned-off for other non-related purposes. I kept my mouth shut about it all.

It was almost 00:15hrs (12:15am), and I hadn't heard one word back from anyone, yet. I was getting worried. I dressed in my jeans, wool shirt and a heavy sweatshit with a hood, put on my Wellingtons and camo wetsuit, put the .45cal on my belt in the Galco Paddle Holster with 5 extra 8-round mags, and grabbed the AR-10 .308cal with 5 extra 20-round mags, in my satchel bag, night vision goggles and headed out across the 4-acre meadow, to the "Bigfoot's" cave complex. I spoke quietly into the police walkie-talkie, but still got silence. I entered the caves, checking every den I came across. No sign of anyone, yet. The "main corridor" started uphill and I kept checking the empty dens and talking on the walkie-talkies for any sign of Sgt Clay, Sheriff Bunce and their 4 Deputies. Nothing. Then, I found a pile of police walkie-talkies on the 2nd level, followed by several rifles and pistols and partial police uniforms, covered in blood. I knew something bad had happened.

The hair on the back of my neck onc again stood-up, and I knew that the 6 police were in trouble. I called 911, (using Police GPS to pinpoint our location) and asked for the PA State Police to send heavily-armed SWAT Team help immediately. The dispatcher said they'd not received any distress call from either Bunce or Atler, but I told them what I'd found, and they were dispatching PA State Patrol Cars and Trucks with large men and heavy-duty weapons. I went ahead into some more dens, and noticed that the corridor again went upward to another level, so I followed it into a large chamber room. There, I saw Atler and Bunce roped to a cave wall in shackles, and 4 dead Volunteer Deputies (not Tim, Alex, Lee, Bob, Charles), eviscerated and blood everywhere. I cut Atler and Bunce loose, and led them down the two floors and across the meadow to The Cabin, to wait for reinforcements.

Six State Patrol Cars plus 3 SWAT Vans roared-up my 1,000ft driveway, questioned the very-shaken Atler and Bunce, and I made coffee for them, and led the SWAT Team plus Troopers to the cave complex. I was walking back to The Cabin, when I heard automatic gunfire, some howls and human screams, and went jogging back. By now, I was getting very tired. I shot one large "Bigfoot" in the main cave entrance, and two other smaller ones in two of the dens. I carefully made my way up to the 2nd level and then the third level to the chamber, and the bloodbath was awfull. Apparently, they'd been ambushed as the entered and examined the Deputies' corpses. Three Troopers were down, and 2 of the 6 SWAT Team had been attacked, pretty badly. I called for ambulances, medics and an ailift-med-evac, immediately. With 15 minutes, I shot 7 more large "Bigfeet" and 8-9 smaller ones, still easily quite capable of killing a human.

The med-evac choppers landed in the meadow about 150yds from the cave complex, and 9 amblulances filled the field, where they set-up triage. Medics went in past the dead "Bigfeet", which I'd shot and killed, and began bringing out SWAT and PA State Police survivors on stretchers, while I kept guard, and body bags of the 4 dead Dputies. I prowled around the chamber, finding more and deeper caves, and shot 4 more large "Bigfeet". Then, I retreated, as the medics and remaining SWAT and State Police called for me to get out of there, pronto!

As I got out of the cave complex, one of the SWAT officers said they'd have to go back, set many PETN charges, and bring it all down, tomorrow. I agreed. Remember, this cave complex was just off the southern boundary of my 43 acres, and not my responsibility. It was on State Park Land, technically, and their responsibility.

I made my way back to The Cabin, and the medics were just finishing-up with Sheriff Capt Roy and Sgt Clay, who thanked me profusely for saving their lives; apparently they were next on the "menu", and I had interrupted it all, after being told specifically to "stay where you're at in The Cabin", and killed several of the creatures, disrupting their plans for a "human feast". Med-evac choppers were taking-off in the dark to various area trauma centers to get further medical help for the wounded SWAT and PA State Troopers. The Deputies were toast and were being driven to the Coroner's morgue. By now, I was exhausted, everyone had left, Jenny had calmed down and I undressed from my gear, plopped down on the king-sized sofa, and just wanted to go back to sleep and back to York, as I'd had enough of this repeated carnage for one night.

I re-armed the building, turned-on all four sides of floodlights, took a shower, turned down the furnace, carefully checked the windows and doors, armed the building, reloaded the .45cal ACP, Remy 11-87 semi-auto 12ga, AR-10 .308cal and their numerous mags, took them into the Master BR with me, called Jenny, and climbed into bed, to sleep. I took an Rx 12.5mg Ambien® CR™ sleeping pill, and fell asleep immediately. I'd have to get up at 04:00hrs (4am) to make it to work on

Friday by 06:00hrs (6am).

I was up at 04:00hrs (4am), fed and watered Jenny, made myself a BLT with Fried Egg & Cheese sandwich, and heated-up some left-over coffee from the night before, turned-off the spotlights and re-set them to "auto", loaded my gear and weapons, re-armed the building and left in my Jeep. It was still raining hard in the mountains, but by the time I'd reached York (PA), it was a mere drizzle and tolerable. According to my condo's rain gauge, we'd had 1¾ of rain. The Cabin's rain gauge read almost 3".

I was at work by 06:30hrs (6:30am) on Friday, but kept mum about what had just happened the day and night before. No need to "stir the pot" here, too much. I spent much of the day thinking about selling the property and The Cabin, and finding a more "peaceful" place to retreat to, amongst doing paperwork and returning calls from Thursday. I was getting thoroughly sick-and-tired of this crap, everytime I came-up here to "relax and getaway from it all in York", and my business. Time will tell. I will explore some other "Cabin options", with other realtors, next week.

I headed back to York, after feeding/watering Jenny, arming and closing-down The Cabin. I'd be back in a couple of days, and Clay said he'd call me in the morning with full details of the night's results.

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