Chapter 42

November 19th, 2010

The Town Meeting

I gathered-up my VietNam US Army Duffel Bag, AR-10 .308cal (7.62 x 51mm NATO), with the Leupold Gold Dot Mark 4 CQ/T Scope, and .308cal (7.62 x 51mm NATO) ammo in the new 20-round magazines, Remy 11-87 Semi-Automatic 12ga Shotgun with devastating Federal 12ga .00 Buck "FliteControl®", Beowulf .50cal with an EoTech Red Dot Scope, and 10 extra 11-round mags of 300gr .50cal rounds (causing massive damage to whatever it hits inside of 200yds), and my daily-carry-piece, the Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, and left for Adam's Junction, at around noon on Thursday, after my new Amana Furnace and AC Units were installed by Hopewell HVAC in Red Lion (PA). I'd shave and shower at The Cabin, and get some clean clothes on; right now, I just wanted to "get away" for a while.

The tree colors up north had had more rain and frost, and were more vivid than in Southern York County, on the short trip north.

I pulled-off the interstate, on to long road, and headed toward The Cabin, pulled into


the 1,000ft gravel drive, and up to The Cabin's R/S large deck & picnic table. I disarmed the building, grabbed my gear and hardware, and went inside to the yelps of Jenny, who was happy to see me, once again. I refilled her 3 bowls, and she supped. I turned-up the furnace to 78°F, since it was a chilly 43°F, as opposed to 60°F in York. The place warmed-up quickly, and I brought an armload of splitwood and a 3ft log inside or the evening's fire. I made sure the flu damper was closed so the heat wouldn't escape, until I was ready to build the roaring fire in the massive hearth, later on that evening.

I stripped the Master Bedroom's sheets, put new fitted sheets on the queen-sized bed, and threw them into the Kenmore #9825 24" Gas Laundry Center w/ Dryer, along with my current clothes, since I was going to shave and shower, and had brought extras along. I vacuumed the Oriental Rugs and the Kodiak Bearskin Jenny slept on, since I could see traces of her fur on it. The I changed the vacuum's filter bag, as well as the furnace filter. Housecleaning time.

I made Eggs Benedict & Hash Browns, toast, Country Sausage and French-Roast, Turkish-Grind Coffee for brunch, headed for the shower, after arming the building, keeping the Kimber inside the bathroom with me and the two long guns in the Master BR, fully-loaded and well-hidden. The shave and shower felt great, as did the fresh, clean clothes. I started the laundry cycle of 30mins, turned-on the local police scanner, checked my cellphone for any messages, did the dishes and set them out to air-dry in the doulble-sink wooden rack. I thought about going into Adam's Junction, but after my last "reception" by hundreds of back-slapping, hand-shaking, thankful residents, I decided to just call Sgt Clay Atler and see what was happening in the area. The scanner crackled with reports of a bank robbery, two convenience store robberies and a drive-by shooting at the VFW building. The Police Dispatcher answered the phone, and asked if I was still "Deputized", and could I help, since Sgt Clay was short-handed and Capt Bunce had broken his right ankle while deer hunting, and was laid-up for 2-3 weeks. I dug through my wallet


and found my Deputy Sheriff Badge & ID, and said I'd be right there.

I turned-down the heat, grabbed my twp long guns and plenty of ammo, armed the building and raced towards to the Police Station, which was in a near-state of chaos, without someone like Bunce or Atler in-charge. The Dispatcher and her associates were glad to see me come through the door. I was "re-deputized" by the Dispatcher, given a Police belt of mace, 2 sets of handcuffs, a pouch of 50 white tie-wraps in case I needed more than cuffs, a nightstick and a radio connecting me to the Station and to all the cars throughout the area. The perps could easily listen-in on their scanners, figure out where we weren't, and commit the robberies in non-patrolled areas. I also was give a red suction-cup light to plug-into my Jeep Grand Cherokee dash's power outlet, with a built-in siren. I ditched the 40lb belt, except for the radio and tie-wraps; just too much equipment, and as I'd learned from VietNam, the "lighter the better and more mobile". They showed me the sector they wanted me to patrol, put magnetic "Deputy" signs on both driver/passeneger doors, and off I went. I took off the Deputy signs, so I'd be unrecognizeable as a target to any perps, and put them in the backseat.

In the Police Station's parking lot, I un-bagged both the AR-10 and Remy 11-87 Auto-Loader, made sure all mags and tubes were full, and that plenty of ammo was readily at-hand. I filled my personal satchel with plenty of rounds for both long guns, as well as for my Kimber .45cal. I called Sgt Clay Atler, who was staking-out the First Merchant's Bank, on Main & 3rd Streets, with three armed perps inside. I sped-up just behind his Patrol Car and parked. I grabbed the AR-10, chambered a round from the 20-round mag, and took aim over the hood of my Jeep, behind the engine block for cover. He asked where my magnetic signs were and I said in the back seat, as I don't want to be a target. He ordered me to reinstall them, to be official. WTF's an "unmarked Police car" all about, anyway, Clay? I did what he requested. I had the Deputy's Badge pinned to my Pendleton Woolen Shirt, and so as far as I was concerned, I was "official" with just that and my card. I didn't need the magnetic signs announcing my arrival or presence, I told him. But I was overruled. I was orderd to "neutralize any situations" to prevent the perps from escaping and any loss of civilian life. I could easily do that.

Out came the three robbers with bags of money, no hostages, and I shot all three within 5-6 seconds. Clay turned around and looked in total amazement at me. Now, it was just medics, forensics, CSI and clean-up. Sgt Atler called into the bank and it was clear, with no casualties. We carefully stood-up and while he crept towards the bodies to disarm them, I covered him, leaning over the hood of my Jeep. At 125-150yds, my AR-10 isn't even breathing hard. It's meant for 600-900yds with this Leupold Scope, and this was a "duck-shoot", and after all the US Military training and 3yrs of Vietnam war I'd been through, it was nothing but simple target practice. He removed the weapons, cash, and pulled IDs from each of the three: two Holtzapples and one Grove cousin; all dead. All three were shot in the Sniper's Triangle, right above the breastplate, causing almost instant death. Sgt Atler radioed-in for medics, forensics, CSI and clean-up, ASAP. The Bank employees might be stressed, but I was just doing what I was trained to do in the 3rd SF, 37 years ago, in the Nam. I thought that's why Capt Bunce and Sgt Atler recruited me, for that ability to "end bad situations", quickly and succintly, without loss of innocent life. Apparently, I was wrong in my assumption, as I'd later find out.

Sgt Atler had interviews and "incident paperwork" to do at the Bank, when he told me to move-on to the next "hot spot": Bev & Tony's General Store, where they had a large sporting goods section, full of pistols, long guns and ammo, and were "under seige", right now. I sped off and met a Deputy parked two blocks from the store, using 30x binoculars to keep tabs on what was going on. I called into the store and talked to Bev. Roy had been slightly-grazed in the 4 perps' latest attempt to penetrate the store and take the weapons and ammo, plus 1,000lbs in 5lb cans of black powder, more than enough for some nasty homemade bombs to blow-up major parts of Adam's Junction.

I ID'd myself to the rookie Deputy, who recognized me immediately, and asked me to "take charge" of the situation. I radioed for another car as back-up, but the crackling answer was that there weren't any units available right now, and that we'd be on our own. The three other cruisers were answering apparently bogus reports of robberies and shootings, apparently to distract from the main targets: the Bank and General Store, I reasoned. No one else seemed to have a fricking clue as to what was truly happening.! Okey-dokey; I could handle that, easily. I grabbed the AR-10 and loaded another full 20-round mag from my satchel, and worked my way along the various parked cars and building entrances. Occasionally, I'd hear a couple of shots from Bev & Tony, and then a volley into the store, from the perps parked across the street, hiding behind their pick-ups. I was within 200yds, "doped my scope" and sighted-in all four bad guys. Boom, boom, boom, boom! All four were toast. I radioed for the Deputy to drive-in, while I covered his movements on the perps, to make sure none of them got back up. Four headshots in a row were simple and clean, though the sidewalk and storefronts were littered with brain tissue and lots of blood.

The rookie Deputy took charge, removed all weapons and ammo, tie-wrapped their hands behind them, and radioed-in for medics, forensics, CSI and clean-up. He had a ton of paperwork to do, also. I walked into Bev & Tony's Store, and asked how they were doing, told them a medic was on the way for Tony, but Bev had already patched him up. I left and went back to my Jeep, radioed Sgt Atler and asked what was the next "hot spot" he wanted me to visit. He said to go back to the Police Station, and sit tight, and that a SWAT Team and CSI from Harrisburg were on their way. "No need for them", I said. It's all over but the shouting. Clay said I'd "figured-heavily" in the reports, and that they'd need statements from me within an hour or so. So I went back to the Station, stowed my weapons in their Eagle Bags and satchel in the Jeep, and waited.

One-by one, the Deputies' cars came back to the Station and they took me into interrogation roon, and with hidden cameras rolling, asked me to recount the two incidents I'd been involved in, for their records and official reports. Meanwhile, a PA State Police SWAT Team from Harrisburg showed-up, "a day late and a dollar short", as usual. Everything was handled. The medics, Coroner, Forensics and CSI were busy all over town. I was being grilled for my "premature shooting/ killing" of the criminals and I resented it, bigtime. I was told that I should have given them "time to surrender". Bullshit. That would have notified them that we were upon them, and they would have scattered, and I'd have had to track-down each and kill him. Better to get it all over with ASAP, since no loss of civilian life was involved. That was my Sniper Training: "One Shot, One Kill". I told them so. Their Deputies, including Sgt Atler, were "paralyzed" at what to do to end the situations, and I took control and ended both scenarios, quickly and efficiently. The SWAT Team Leader agreed, but cautioned me that his team should have handled this whole thing. I snapped back that if they'd gotten here 45-50mins earlier, I'd have walked away from it all and they could have had it all to themslves. Being 25-30 miles away in Harrisburg, it takes an 11-ton SWAT Command Post Truck just too long to arrive, after scrambling the SWAT Team, and that "instant attention" was what was needed. I took care of that, as I'm sure he would have. Sir.

I gave my full and complete statements about the two situations which Sgt Atler called me to "remedy" — First Merchant's Bank and Bev & Tony's General Store — detailing all the weapons and 1,000lbs+ of black re-loading powder, which was at stake in Bev & Tony's Store, and could wreak untold havoc on Adam's Junction, for weeks and months to come. And now I was being chastized for "acting too hastily" in killing the perps? One of the Deputies said that when he unmasked the four dead perps at Bev & Tony's, two of them appeared to be Arabs, with beards shaven and short haircuts. Forensics had already put all the 7 dead perps I'd killed online, with fingerprints and bios on the special Sheriff's Computer Intra-Net Server, and sure enough, it was two Al-Queerda operatives, in-league with the Holtzapples' and Groves' "cousins and friends". All the Polices' eyes widened and jaws dropped at the large conference room table, especially amongst the SWAT Leader. Those two were on the DHS National Terrorist Watch List, and had infiltrated from Mexico, last year. Adam's Junction had a real serious problem ahead of them, and they just found out about it. Surprise! I knew it was coming, and had written about it in my previous "Journal", now in the "Archives" section. Unfortunately, most of the pertinent links are down now, so I'll tell you what's coming: mass murder at young childrens' day care centers, public grade schools, colleges (Virginia Tech), Beltway Snipers (2002), hospitals, VA Hospitals, Ft Hood massacre (2009), airports (LA shooting at El Al), nursing homes, apartment complexes, retirement communities, shopping malls, home invasions and thousands of other "soft targets" will become targets for the thousands of subhuman Al-Queerda muslim/islamic filth already here in cells, waiting for orders to strike and kill Americans. It's coming and don't you doubt it, dammit! It's coming! There won't any more "9-11" type strikes; we're too prepared for that, but the small communities' "soft targets" are next. Mark my words!

If the Police weren't satisfied with what I had done to end those situations quickly, and without loss of life and poperty to the Citizens of Adam's Junctions, then f•ck it; I'd had enough. I took off my Deputy Badge and laid my Deputy ID Card next to it on the table, and excused myself from the interrogation/ review room. I walked out of the Station to the cheers and applause of the Dispatcher and her team, right to my Jeep, and drove to Bev & Tony's General Store, where they were sweeping-up broken glass picture windows, and I joined-in the clean-up. Then, we boarded-up the windows and went inside to talk. I told them I'd come under great criticism for not waiting an extra 30-45mins for the Harrisburg SWAT Team's 11-ton Truck to show-up; by then, both situations would have been over and many Adam's Junction people, NOT the criminals and their terrorist buddies, would have died. Bev & Tony were co-chairs of The Town Council, who oversaw the Police, and said they'd "fix this but good" at this week's Thursday, 19:00hrs (7pm) meeting. They knew my US Military background. Would I be able to attend? I thought it better that I should not, in spite of my relationship with Sgt Atler, Chief Bunce and the SWAT Team, plus the local Deputies. I had the utmost respect for what they were tasked to do in their thankless jobs, but I didn't want to be thrown to the wolves, for what I had done, that Saturday afternoon. I certainly didn't want "the key to the city"; all I wanted was a simple "thanks for a job well-done" and I did "the job fast", before any innocents were hurt or killed. I told them that two Al-Queerda islamics had been discovered at their robbery attempt, and to step-up their personal guard; bad things were about to happen to "soft targets" in the US, and especially in Adam's Junction. No telling how many more were waiting in all those outlying cabins with the Holtzapples and Groves and now as their new "terrorist friends".

I drove back to "The Cabin" around 16:10hrs (4:10pm), packed-up, refilled Jenny's 3 bowls, and left for York, totally dismayed at what had happned at the Police Station.

After arriving in East York, I cleaned the AR-10 and reloaded the depleted mags. I kept both the AR-10 and Remy 11-87 in my back seat, with my canvas satchel, full of loaded mags and rounds for both. I knew what was coming. I would be prepared. Next was to prepare Mom & Dad, from that wimpy Mossberg .22cal w/ 10x Bushnell Scope, of mine he'd bought for me back in 1958 for the Boy Scouts NRA Target Shoots, to a modern AR-15 with a Trijicon ACOG Scope and a 40-round mag. He simply wanted to by a .38 cal 'subnose' pistol for carry at the Complex. Not sufficient at all, IMO, for what's coming, to protect Mom & Dad, at all. I'll deal with that next week.

About 2hrs later, I got a conference call from Sheriff Bunce, Sgt Atler and the SWAT Team Leader, apologizing for what I'd been put through, for no reason whatsoever. I told Sgt Clay Atler, that as a Marine, he knew what had to be done and done quickly, or the situations would have gotten out-of-hand and the collateral damage and loss of other civilian life could have been horrendous, with the groups splitting-up and taking more hostages and possibly killing them and their families. He agreed and pleaded with me to take back my Deputy Badge & ID. I remembered that I still had the magnet signs in the back seat, and promised him that I'd think about it, and would return the signs next time I visited Adam's Junction. All three had been "subpoened" to be at the Town Hall Mtg, on Thursday evening at 19:00hrs (7pm), by Bev & Tony, Town Council Co-Chairs, to explain their uncalled-for actions against me, that day, when I was asked to "remedy the two situations". County DA, Stan Robbins, would be there with a stenographer and would make a quick determination with a locally-picked Grand Jury, about the shootings. I hung-up, somewhat relieved that they finally "understood" and that each would get a full chance to explain their actions at the meeting. I had other priorities at The Garden Center Complex, and probably would be attending, though I received no subpoena, as yet.

The subpoena arrived by Dauphin County Sheriff's Deputy the next day, at work, so I had no choice but to go and recount my story of events. Okay.

Thursday came quickly enough, and I arrived at The Town Hall Mtg at 18:30hrs (6:30pm), with my AR-10 & satchel in the back seat. I parked, went inside through a metal detector, which buzzed-off, due to the Kimber .45cal and extra 8-round mags. Sgt Atler was right there with my former Deputy Badge and ID, and I was escorted through to a private confernce room, no cameras rolling this time. Promptly, at 19:00hrs (7pm), Bev & Tony, in their black robes, took the dias, and went through the Town's old business, financials, upcoming projects, and then it was time for "new business". I noticed Sheriff Bunce on crutches, Sgt Atler and the SWAT Team Leader sitting together behind me. I said, "Hello, Officers". They nodded with their folders full of my testimony and a projector set-up in the rear of the room. It was packed to overflowing and they'd set-up 5 extra closed-circuit TVs and a hundred chairs in the foyer, to accomodate the overflow. But the walls were lined with Citizens of Adam's Junction that night, wanting to know what had actually happened. This was a big deal for Adam's Junction. Yawn, for me; I predicted this years ago, publicly.

I was given a chance to review my statements, which I declined, since it was still "crystal-clear" as to the day's events. I recounted them in minute detail, matching everything in the document testimony given days before, plus watched the digital films of my testimony after questioning. I was excused. One-by-one, Sheriff Bunce, Sgt Atler, SWAT Team Leader and 4 Deputies were called, and they all corroborated my account, except for the SWAT Team Leader. He still felt I should have waited another 45-50mins for his Team to arrive and take charge of the unfolding situations. Actually, there were 7 reports of robberies and shootings all over town, 4 of which were phony and just phoned-in to distract Deputies from the First Merchant's Bank and Bev & Tony's General Store "main hits", which I "remedied". I kept an eye on the County DA, Stan Robbins, and his stenograher's facial expressions, since a lot of film, with dead bodies, brains and blood had been "spliced-into" my testimony after each of the two incidents, along with the other Deputies' questions and testimony. This wasn't an official court hearing, but rather a preliminary review. The Grand Jury would take possession of all files and documets tonight, and be convened within 3 days, to determine "my fate". The DA's mouth was agape and his stenographer had to excuse herself to go throw-up in the ladies' room, taking a ladyfriend with her. A 10-minute recess. The meeting resumed when she returned.

It was getting on to 22:30hrs (10:30pm), well past my usual "bedtime", for getting-up at 04:15hrs (4:15am) for work. All testimony had been given, films looked-at and analyzed and I was exonerated as far as The Town Council was concerned; I had done exactly what I was asked to do, and then some. The County DA, Stan Robbins, would take it from here and issue a ruling from the Grand Jury, picked from the local, sympathetic and appreciative residents.

It was 23:05hrs (11:05pm) and the meeting was adjourned. County DA, Stan Robbins, and the Deputies confiscated all the documents and tapes, logging them as evidence in the incident, for the Grand Jury to read, see and hear. Bev & Tony were off the dias before I had a chance to talk with them. Clay reminded me that in their "official capacity" in a hearing such as this, they aren't allowed to talk to anyone, especially me, until a verdict was rendered by The Grand Jury. He suspected that it'd be "justified", based upon my "given-instructions" and the two situations. I reminded him about his time with the MEF (1st Marine Expeditionary Force) and my time with 3rd SF (Green Berets) in Nam as a Sniper, but he retorted that "this isn't war time, John". "Isn't it, Clay?" What the hell do you remember about 9-11 and all the subsequent events, since? IT'S WAR AGAINST ISLAM, DAMMIT — THEY declared war upon America on that Tuesday 9-11, and all murderous actions ever since — plus all those murderous criminals passing illegally into our county!" He grimmaced and nodded.

I made my way out of the Town Hall Mtg, to thunderous applause and cheers from the hundreds of local residents, and waved "thank you". I'd do it again in a heartbeat, if asked to do so. I jumped into the Jeep, after checking the back compartment and back seat for "intruders", and sped home to get some sleep. I'd be hearing from County DA, Stan Robbins and his Grand Jury verdict, soon enough.

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