Chapter 43

November 26th, 2010

Falling In Love

I fell in Love at Adam's Junction, this week. First time since 1994. I hardly knew what to do, as it'd been so long.

It was a overcast, cool Saturday in the mid-50s, when I arrived at the snowy 1,000ft lane to The Cabin up north at 2:00pm, and pulled up to The Cabin's turnaround circle and massive front deck. I had my duffel bag and two long guns along, plus my Kimber .45cal ACP carry-piece on my belt. I disarmed the building, and brought my gear and guns inside. Jenny has happy to see me, and gave me two wet licks on each cheek. Her 3 bowls were empty and I quickly refilled them. Next, I turned-up the furnace to get the dampness out of The Cabin, and carried-in some splitwood and a 3ft log for the fireplace, from Firewood Stack on the Back Porch, to carry-us through the coming cold night. I'd need to move more splitwood and logs from the Firewood Storage Shed in the Backyard, to the backporch, and tarp them for the coming Winter months. I'd do that today and get things ready, since the Midwest was battling snow already and we'd be getting it here in the higher mountains first, and then at the lower elevations in Harrisburg and York, all too soon enough. I hate the Winter months, as I do the Summer months; Spring & Fall are my two favorite seasons, as I get older.

I unpacked my clothes and laid the long guns and respective ammo out on the massive 8ft x 14ft oak Dining Room Table. I'd brought the AR-10 .308cal NATO with 15 25-round mags and Leupold Glass 'Gold Dot' scope, and the Remy 11-87 AutoLoader 12ga with boxes of slugs and .00 buckshot, just in case. Plus their respective cleaning kits. I laid 4-5 layers of newspaper out on the empty table, and cleaned and oiled them both, quite thoroughly.

I bundled-up in "layers" and began carrying-in well-seasoned split wood and logs to the back porch, carefully tarping them for the coming Winter months' fires. The stacks were 5-6ft high, and I realized that I need a couple more tarps to cover them, so I armed the building, hopped into the Jeep and sped-off to Bev & Tony's General Store to procure 3-4 more 8ft x 10ft blue tarps. When I arrived, Bev & Tony were on the front steps, waiting for me, and smiling and clapping, after what I'd done on my last trip up here. Several more Adam's Junction Citizens joined-in, and I was thoroughly-embarrassed at all the attention. I bought the tarps, plus a few other staples for my pantry and larger, and checked-out: $47.19 and Bev & Tony wanted no part of my money, for what I'd done for them. I laid a $50 on the check-out counter and didn't even wait for change. By now, they had all but two of the large glass windows replaced and were still finding bits of glass and AK-47 bullet fragments embedded in back room walls, which they dug out and patched.

I drove around town to the First Merchant's Bank, where the first incident had taken place, and half their shattered windows had been replaced; the other three were still boarded shut. The Bank was closed; unusual for a Saturday. Then, I headed to The Cabin.

I drove-up the 1,000ft drive and to the front deck, unloaded my tarps and groceries, wrapped the firewood and put the groceries away in the pantry & larder. I re-armed The Cabin. Then came a couple of knocks at the front door, and with my Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP drawn in my right hand behind the door, a round chambered and safety-off, I peeped through the "peep hole" along with the screen insert (tempered glass storm door insert for Winter), and saw it was Capt Bunce on crutches and Sgt Clay Atler, along with DA Stan Roberts and the Harrisburg SWAT Team Leader. I let them in with my left hand, keeping the .45cal out and ready, in case a perp was behind them with gun(s) drawn, forcing them inside to get at me, and made a 1gal pot of piping-hot coffee, right away. I knew this was going to be a "lengthy session" about last week's incidents, and I was mentally-prepared for it. In fact, I was truly looking forward to setting all of them *straight*, dammit!

We sat around the massive dining room oak table, as Capt Bunce "broke the ice". I served coffee, half-and-half and sugar to all of them, while drinking my cup with only half-and-half. I turned-on the front and back spotlights and re-armed the building, for safety.

Capt Bunce said that he'd appreciated my quick response to the unfolding situations in Adam's Junction, but my US Military training had superceded Civilian protocol by a wide margin. As Law Enforcement Officers, we had the duty and responsibility to give each perp the "chance to surrender" and read him/ her their so-called Miranda Rights, before formally arresting them, instead of just killing them outright, as I had done. I told them that I wasn't a "trained law enforcement officer; I was ex-US Military. I politely disagreed that any murderer, rapist, child molester or armed robber deserved a "chance to surrender". Once the crime of bank robbery, rape, personal robbery, 1st/2nd/3rd-degree murder etc was "over", they became fair targets — SWAT'S CREDO — and they needed killing ASAP. I was quickly and successfully "ending each situation" succinctly, as I had been ordered to do, by Sgt Atler. Not to take prisoners, but rather to make corpses. They all knew my background in 3rd SF (Green Berets) and 3 tours in Nam, and were indeed appreciative of what I did to end those two potentially-life-threatening situations, as the Bank people and Bev & Tony were. The SWAT Team Leader agreed, and backed me 100%, except that he would have liked "his guys" to have handled it all. But at 45-50mins away from Adam's Junction, those two situations would have either been over and done with no traceable perps, or would have resulted in the loss of a lot of innocent life. I ended that super-quickly and prevented both scenarios from happening.

County DA Stan Roberts was next. He said he'd present a cogent, realistic case to the seated County Grand Jury of my quick-thinking and acting, to end the dangerous situations, very, quickly, despite the perps' so-called "civil rights", since they were known felons and murderers. It should go through as "justified", also very quickly, and that no charges would be filed against me. Sgt Atler asked me to please take back my Deputy ID Card and Gold Deputy Badge, so that they could call upon my "skills" in the future. All four had ready my "Journal Archives" predictions of "soft targets", and were greatly-worried as to whether they'd be able to handle those coming multiple terrorist events. I said that I was trained to do so, and would do it *without any mercy* on the subhuman, murderous muslim/islamic filth. They'd be hunted-down and summarily-executed as I did with the previous two events, last week. I needed to be notified "in time", as did SWAT, that "things were coming to a head", that "help was needed", and I'd be there in minutes. I'd also have my hands full, protecting my elderly Parents in York. This 9-11 mass attack scenario was over now, and smaller, softer targets would now become the objectives of the Al-Queerda operatives. We had to be ready, as 99% of America needed to be, as well as the rest of the worlds' countries. Either we aren't, and thousands will die horrific deaths, or we are well-prepared, and the subhuman muslim/islamic filth will die quickly and mercilessly. Murderous, muslim/islamic jihadi filth were already in-place all around the US, no thanks to lax US border control, and waiting to strike. We'd all better be ready for it to happen in the coming weeks, months and years. IT WILL HAPPEN!

With the meeting concluded, we all shook hands and they left. I re-armed The Cabin, turned-on the dusk-to-dawn lights, and threw the 3ft log on to the fireplace. I cleaned-up the coffee cups, cream & sugar, and did some dishes, and settled into comfy LR chair, with Jenny curled-up on the Kodiak Bearskin Rug. I finished reading Glenn Beck's "Broke".

Tired from that meeting and my re-occurring Sciatic Nerve in my lower right backside, I went to sleep early, after turning down the furnace to 68°F and letting the fireplace burn itself out, overnight.

I slept-in until 11:00hrs (11:00am), made Eggs Benedict (clarified butter and raw egg yolks in a double-boiler), gourmet Kona Coffee, and Fresh-Squeezed OJ w/ lots of pulp. I shaved and showered and decided to drive into town to see how Bev & Tony were making out in getting their large glass windows replaced. Church would be out by now, and they'd be at the store, probably still doing some "housecleaning" after the volleys of shots into their store the other afternoon. Jenny was asleep on the Kodiak Bearskin rug, next to warm, still-smoldering fireplace embers. I re-armed the building and left in the Jeep, with my AR-10 and 10 of 15 25-round .308cal mags, in the back compartment.

Tony was at the General Store, still cleaning-up and inventorying all the damaged goods, while Bev was just arriving from Church with her 35-year old niece, Gabrielle Louisa Montserrat. I fell in love right away. I was helping Tony clean-up and inventory, when Bev & Gabrielle walked into the store. I was "smitten" by Gabrielle, instantly. They introduced us, and I pooh-poohed all the things Bev & Tony told them I done for them last week, and for the town. Gabrielle was absolutely gorgeous; green eyes, svelte, flaxen black straight hair to her shoulders, a petite 115lbs and around 5ft 7", I'd guess. They told her of my 3rd SF (Green Berets) background and highly-decorated 3 Tours in Nam, and I also brushed that off, as being "ancient history". Gabrielle said she'd be reading my weekly "Journal" for months, as well as my Corporate Website, at Bev & Tony's behest, including the Archives, and was very impressed. I was truly "smitten" with her and falling deeper in love with her, by the second and minute.

One problem: this was a "virtual world" up here with "virtual people" and such a relationship could never go anywhere in the "real world". I suddenly got depressed and got back to helping Tony do the damaged inventory count. He said the last two replacement, tempered glass windows, would be coming-in on Wednesday to replace the two boarded-up ones. The Glass Shop had specially-ordered them right after the shooting and the were being shipped-in from, of all places, York (PA). Tony's insurance would cover it all.

I looked around for Gabrielle & Bev; they were in the back office chatting, and I interrupted them, asking if I could talk to Gabrielle, alone. Bev smiled and winked at me, and we walked through the store, to a big grin on Tony's face, and out on to the porch steps. I asked what serious relationship(s) she had; she said none. I asked her if I could see her when I came to Adam's Junction every weekend and Holiday which I could get away from my Business. She said most definitely, yes! I asked her if she'd like to come see my 43-acre property and spacious Virtual Cabin, along with all the improvements I'd made to The Cabin and property, and she said, "let's go now!" I went back inside to tell Bev & Tony that we were going for a ride to my property, and that I'd have her back in a few hours. They nodded approvingly.

Just a short 15-20-minute ride out of town, we reached The Cabin, and I drove her around the 4-acre meadow where Tim Swanson and I had installed the 30 "Princeton"® American Elms (Ulmus Americana), 4-5 weeks ago, to the site of the "Bigfoot" caves, to the gold vein creek which had caused so much bloodshed, and we passed two families of black bears and mountain lions heading for their dens for the coming Winter months, after their last Fall feeding.

We pulled-up the snowy 1,000ft lane to The Cabin's massive right-side deck and picnic table, I dis-armed the building and we went inside. I re-armed the building, while bringing-in my AR-10 and mags, and laid them on the massive oak Dining Room Table. I gave her a quick tour of The Cabin, and she approved at the care I'd taken of it and my "decorating". Jenny licked her hand, approvingly. I turned-up the furnace to 76°F and build a roaring for in the massive hearth, pulled-up another comfy chair for her, and we sat and talked for endless hours about "everything", over a ½ snifter of 50 year-old Cognac. By now, I was thoroughly in-love and she told me that she had untold-deep feelings for me which hadn't come out ever before, in her young 35 years. What do I do now?

I called Bev & Tony on my cellphone, to let them know we'd be "later than promised", and put Gabrielle on the line to explain that. She said that I would drop her off at her Mother's later, after we finished talking about so many things. She had a twinkle in both her eyes, probably to match mine, which I hadn't had in so many, many years, since my marriage/divorce in 1996. They had no problem with that.

Gabrielle noticed the stacks of Conservative Books I had piled around my overstuffed leather chair, in various states of bookmark and completion, and wondered if she could borrow some of them when I was finished? I said that of course she could. She told me her full name was Gabrielle Louisa Montserrat, and would be turning 36, still a Virgin, on December 2nd, the same day as my 61st birthday. We were 25 years apart, but at that point, neither of us cared a whit about age. She was a Conservative, a Tea-Partier, as I was, and we had so many things in common, including food, wines, respect for firearms, pro-Life, pro-US Constitution, philosophy on life and on and on and on. By now, it was 20:15hrs (8:15pm) and dark, so we headed for the Jeep, I re-armed the building and turned-on the front and back spotlights, and we drove to 3226 7th Street, just north of Main Street, where her widowed mother (Bev's sister) and she lived in a beautiful turn-of-the-century, semi-mansion. My 2,800 SqFt condo could fit in its basement. The front porch light was on, and I spun her around at the steps, and gave her a gentle kiss on her right cheek, and said "thanks for the best day I've had in 15-20 years. I know I'm *in deep-like with you, Gabrielle*. She threw her arms around me and gave me the longest, wettest, French kiss I'd ever had. By then, the porch light had flashed twice, and she blushed. I asked if I could see her again on my next trip to Adam's Junction, and she screamed "YES"! She went inside and the porch light went off. I went back to the Jeep and drove myself home to The Cabin, "floating on a cushion of love air", so to speak. You "know" what I'm saying, don't you?

I unarmed the building, re-armed it, re-stoked the fireplace with splitwood, and asked Jenny what she thought of Gabrielle. A big "woof" was her approval. I knew that I was in true-love, for the first time in many, many years. I turned down the furnace, and went to sleep.

I had to be at work at 06:00hrs (6:00am), so I set the alarm for 04:15hrs (4:15am), and was in by 06:15hrs (6:15am) on Monday. I dreamed about Gebrielle, all night. Monday was a "nothing, paperwork day", like so many after it would be, for the next 3-4 months of the Garden Center in Winter garb, reviewing nursery stock orders, watering GHs and doing "mundane chores" around the Complex. Ditto, on Tuesday. I was getting tired of it after 21 years. I longed for Gabrielle's fresh, loving company.

I drove up to The Cabin after work on Wednesday, unarmed it, turned-up the furnace, turned-on the front/rear spotlights, took my gear and rifles inside, and called Gabrielle on my cellphone. Her mother said she was at the General Store with Aunt Bev & Uncle Tony, still helping to "put things right", after last weekend's shootings. I re-armed The Cabin, grabbed my AR-10 w/ 10 extra mags, and drove directly there to find her. Tony gave me a big handshake and a hug; something he'd never done before. Gabrielle squealed with delight at the sight of me, and ran into my arms with a big hug. I wished her, Bev & Tony a Happy Thanksgiving, and said I'd be leaving late in the morning.

By now, I'd converted over $20,000 of the undeclared gold nuggets to cash, and put it all in a blank envelope in Tony's 1890's roll top desk, in his office, after using the pretext of "using the restroom" to get to the back office, and I figured that would help repair the Store's damage, anonymously. It felt good to help a neighbor and friend. There were a lot more folks which I wanted to help in Adam's Junction with the $7,000,000.00 cash from the "virtual" gold ore and nuggets, by the time I was finished, since none of it would "translate" into the "real world"; as it was all "virtual" and the IRS would get NONE of it. It all had to stay here to do any good at all, in the end. I would not "benefit" from it, in any way, but the Citizens of Adam's Junction, would. Fuck the oppressive IRS bastards and corrupt criminals in Washington!

Suddenly, I began to wish I could become "virtual", to love and marry Gabrielle; never mind all the real gold riches. Some things in life are far, far more too important than riches, I've learned. But that just wasn't possible, and I got depressed about it on my trip back to York, and reality.

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