Chapter 44

December 3rd, 2010

Our Engagement

I was so major-league *in-love* with Gabrielle, by now, and wanted to go to The Cabin at Adam's Junction, to be with her, every-second of every-minute of every day. I called her from my cellphone on Thurdsday afternoon, and asked if she'd be availabile early on Friday afternoon, and she said she would, and she wanted to *make love with me* on my next trip. I was excited, beyond belief.

On Friday, I closed early, drove to the condo to feed and water Murphy, grabbed my duffel bag, satchel and Beowulf .50cal rifle and Remy 11-87 12ga Auto-Loader Shotgun, put each in its respective Eagle Carrying Bag, and headed to 3226 7th Street, just north of Main Street to pick-up Gabrielle, and then to The Cabin for the weekend with her.

As I pulled-up, I could see her peeking through the front bay window curtains. The curtains closed and she ran out of Bev & Tony's beautiful old house, dropping her small soft leather overnight bag on the cobblestone sidewalk, and flew into my arms with a great big kiss. I could see Bev standing in the front door, waving at me with a big smile. I picked-up her bag and held her hand to the Jeep, opening the door for her, belting her-in and stowing her overnight bag in the back cargo compartment. We drove to The Cabin. I dis-armed it, turned-on the front and reat spotlight, since it was getting dark, re-activated the building's and driveway's alarm systems, turned-up the furnace to 78°F, carried-in three armloads of split firewood from Firewood Stack on the Back Porch, and 3 3ft Yule Logs, and lit the fire. I went to the pantry and got two 15oz Snifters, and brought-out the 50-year old Cognac and Brandy on a sterling silver serving tray, and put them on a small table between the two matching, overstuffed leather comfy chairs. Jenny soon came in and curled-up on "her" Kodiak Bearskin, and I waited for Gabrielle to finish showering. My turn, to shave and shower, next.

Before we made love, I wanted her to know that a "virtual person" and a "real person" might not workout at all. I hated to throw "cold water" on this weekend, but since she was a 35-year-old Virgin, "things" might not work out; I had no idea since I'd never "been at this point before", in my life. She didn't care and neither did I; we wanted to find out what would happen with our sudden and unrequited love for each other. Neither of us had ever felt like this before; me in my 60 years and her in her young 35 years.

I went to the bathroom, shaved and showered, re-dressed in my Turish Bathrobe, and came out to a snifter of Brandy and some quickie hors'dourves Gabrielle had made in the oven, while I was in the shower. Delicious! We talked for 25-30mins, moved to the Black Bearskin Rug (not Jenny's Kodiak) in from of the fire, and kissed passionately. We finished the hors'dourves and Brandy, and I lifted her in my arms and headed for the Master Bedroom, showering her with kisses. I also brought-in my Remy 11-87 12ga Auto-Loader, and Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, plus extra loaded mags, closed and locked the door.

I lit 10-11 3-4"-diameter, scented, pillar candles in the bedroom, and gently laid her on the bed, and we made long and passionate love several times, revealing a very, very sexy body, like I'd never experienced before. Jenny was "in-charge" of the rest of The Cabin. We made wild, passionate love "at least 8-10 times"; I lost count and so did she. We laughed at the math count variations. Neither of us could stop until we were throroughly-exhausted and sweating profusely. I had brought two ultra-thick Turkish towels and washcloths in and placed them by the large bathroom sink. I wiped every part of her down and she did the same for me. I blew-out the candles, for safety. It was warm and comfy in the Master Bedroom, for us. We fell asleep in each others' caring, tender, loving embrace. (No, I didn't use any Viagara or Cialis; she was more than enough of a sexual turn-on for me, that no chemicals weren't necessary; I've never used them, ever. Don't need 'em, like many other so-called "older men".) I'm quite virile and potent. And she was extremely fertile, after 35 years of Virginity.

I'd gone to Zale's Jewelers in York (PA), on Tuesday, and purchased a $2,400 flawless, 2-carat "Diamond Engagement Ring", in a 14-kt Gold Setting, size 7, for Gabrielle. But I withheld it until we talked some more about "some very important things": about her and my family's history, a "Virtual Family" and Our Future and Eternal Love together. And we talked all night and into the wee hours hours into Saturday morning. We agreed that if "it worked melding "a virtual woman" and a "real man" and "their hybrid baby" into the "real world", we'd get married, despite the obvious 25 year age difference between us. I wanted that to happen, so much, I prayed that night with Gabrielle, who'd never prayed before on her knees, in her life. I taught her how to do so, on her knees and on our behalf, to God, to allow it to happen.

On Saturday morning, after making Gabrielle Eggs Benedict, Pancakes w/ Blueberries & Butter, Country Sausage, Buttered Toast, and French-Roast, Turkish-Grind Coffee, I proposed on my knees to her, with the flawless, 2-carat "Diamond Engagement Ring", size 7, and she cried, and accepted immediately. Our lovemaking was beyond-belief and light-years beyond what I had ever experienced, with scores of other women, over the many, many years. Gabrielle was ***THE ONE***, like no other Woman "that I'd ever experienced". Gabrielle was my first Virgin, and I was totally-determined to make her mine, for the rest of our lives, with our child or children. "Virtual" or not. I'd try to figure out a way it make it work. Both Gabrielle & I needed to know if it would, and I guess only time would tell.

We decided to drive into town to Bev & Tony's General Store, to give them the good news. We showered together in the large Master Bathroom shower, got dressed, fed and watered Jenny, took my Beowulf .50cal in its bag w/ 10 extra 11-round mags and several extra boxes of ammo, plus my Kimber 1911 .45cal sidearm, along in the Jeep, turned-down the furnace, armed The Cabin and drove to Adam's Junction. People waved at us as we drove through town; it was Saturday and a lot of people were out, despite the cold, blustery winds. I diagonally-parked at the General Store, took a deep breath as we both climbed the 9 stairs, and met Bev & Tony inside. "We're engaged to be married", I announced, and Bev squealed with delight, while Tony rushed over to me and gave me a bone-crushing handshake and hug. Bev just gave me a kiss on the cheek, and both "welcomed me to their small family". They did the same thing to Gabrielle and Bev and Gabrielle began crying tears of joy (I think) at the thought of what we did.

Tony was on the phone to the local Adam's Junction newspaper, "The Junction Record", making the announcement to Editor Tom Boston, who immediately assigned a reporter to come to the General Store to get some pics and write it up. It was "big news" in this small town, by now. Holding hands, Gabrielle and I asked if there was anything we could do to help finish cleaning-up the Store, after last week's shootings. Tony said the final two large panes of tempered glass would arrive within 20-25 minutes, and a crew would install them. Other than that minor detail, "everything was back to normal". It was only 11:30hrs (11:30am), so they had plenty of time to "make the Store whole, once again".

Tony asked me to bundle-up and go for a walk with him and chat. Once outside, he asked if Gabrielle had told me why she was living with them instead of her natural parents. I said that she just told me they died, and she came to live with her Aunt & Uncle. He said that there was a lot more to it than that. Gabrielle's parents, Victor & Louisa Montserrat, legal European immigrants, settled in Adam's Junction 36 years ago, after going through 8 arduous years of US Citizenship prep, and both were murdered by the Holtzapples and Groves during a bank robbery, for no reason; they were the last two bank customers shot to death 17 years ago, as those bank-robbing scum were making their getaway, with less than $500. The Sheriff and Deputy, previous to Bunce and Atler, were also both murdered, as were all the 3 tellers and various other personnel in the bank on that fateful Saturday, at the 1st National Bank. It was a slaughterhouse. The FBI, State Police and CSI tracked-down two of clans' members and prosecuted some of them, but without any "hard evidence", they were out of Danville (PA) State Prison within 8-9 months, with time-served, and back on the streets wreaking havoc. That's why Bunce, Atler and 5 deputies were hired. But it seems that I'd killed most of the two murderous clans in a few weeks. Tony said he thought Danielle had mentally "blacked-out" her parents' deaths, but he couldn't be sure. It was a "subject" which I needed to approach with "some great delicacy". I thanked him for the advice.

We arrived back at the Store to find a "Junction Record" reporter and photographer, waiting and interviewing Gabrielle, and Bev. Now that Tony & I were back, they turned their attention to us, and a full hour interview ensued. By now, the glass company was hard at work replacing the last 2 (of 8) picture windows of heavy tempered glass, and doing meticulous clean-up. Gabrielle and I told our story and sat through innumerable digital picture poses, including the 2-kt flawless diamond engagement ring. Both the reporter and photographer were well-familiar with me and my exploits in the 'Nam and here, they had a dossier on me that boggled my mind. I politely asked them if they could "hold back" on all that stuff, and concentrate on the present. They agreed, and I would see a copy of the Engagemet Announcement before it went to press, on Tuesday. I gave them my email addy and asked that the press release and any picture attachment(s) be sent to me for approval/correction. They agreed.

I needed gas for the Jeep, and asked Gabrielle if she'd like to go along to Roy's Shell Garage & Service Station, and she grabbed her coat and holding hands, we jumped into the Jeep, and headed up Main Street to Roy's to fill-up. He and his son, Randy – my 1,000ft driveway snowplower – had already heard "the wonderful news". Apparently, it already "was going verbally-viral" through Adam's Junction, and Randy filled-me-up with 21 of 22 gals, as I was running on fumes. He cleaned the windshield, cleaned-off the headlights, checked the tire pressures, checked the windshield wiper fluid box and topped it off, but noted that my tires "were showing sign of undue wear from travelling some of these back roads". I told him that the original 4 OEM Wrangler tires got 75,000 miles on them, and I'd hoped to duplicate that, before having to shell-out another $650. He said he could do much better than that, if I was interested: $105 per tire, balanced & mounted. I told him to go ahead and order them in and I'd pre-pay the bill. He did, and said he'd have them in next weekend to mount. I leaned over and gave Gabrielle a long, deep kiss, and told her I loved her. She blushed and said "she loved me beyond life". I paid the gas and tire bill and we went to Nell's Kitchen to get some lunch.

No sooner had I pulled into a parking space at Nell's, dozens of townsfolk came up to us to congratulate us on getting engaged; the news was truly going "verbally-viral", and we were both embarassed. We waited our turn in-line, though many other told us to move to the front of the line and get inside where it was warm. I went back to the Jeep, and got my Air Force-quality Parka for Gabrielle, and wrapped her in it, and that helped considerably. I was still shivering slightly. We finally made it inside and were seated, to the applause of hundreds of patrons. Another "blushing moment" for both of us. We ordered and the food was here in a flash, and delicious, as we were famished from the all-night love-making, and the day's activities, so far. I paid the bill, left a 25% tip, and we left, to more applause.

We drove straight back to The Cabin, dis-armed it, brought my rifle inside, and re-armed the building. I turned-up the furnace to 78°F, because outside temps were already dropping into the low-40s, headed for the mid-20s, tonite. I untarped the Firewood Stack on the Back Porch, carried an armload inside, and one 3ft Yule Log, and retarped the remaining large stack. Now, Gabrielle and we had some serious discussions ahead of us, about "our future together".

I still had a business in Felton (PA) and would have to be there 5 days a week, though closed on weekends for the Winter. I would be up here at The Cabin every chance I could get, unless she wanted to move down to my condo in East York, where I lived? She wanted to be with me 24 x 7, and help at the condo and business. Okay, that's settled. Most of all, I wanted her to meet Mom & Dad, and she was excited to do so as soon as possible to get their blessing. I told her that I didn't know much about the "virtual vs reality" thing, but that I survived just fine up here and I saw no reason why she couldn't exist in York's reality. She was willing to try it. If it didn't "work", we'd both be living at The Cabin for the rest of our lives, or be buying one of those ultra-beautiful early 1900's mansions in Adam's Junction, when one came on the market. Both my Parents were in their upper-80s, and my Sister in SF was 59, and I would like the wedding to happen in early April. She agreed; "sooner", if possible! But where do we have the wedding? My Parents aren't much for travelling, and I'd pay for the wedding, instead of burdening Bev & Tony with its cost. She said that we could elope, but I said I did that once before and it was a disaster. So many questions and decisions to consider and decide upon, in the coming weeks and months.

I got out a yellow tablet from the 1890's Roll-Top Desk, and began writing categories, sub-categories and points of agreement, as well as questions. By the time we'd finished, I had 9 sheets of paper to review with her, and we reviewed all that had been written, adding a few more, which we'd overlooked. It was daunting, especially the section about the "virtual vs reality". Once again, time would tell. She's have to make a trip back to York, to see if she truly existed in "reality", as I had no problem living and functioning in both worlds. If need be, I'd move to Adam's Junction, permanently, to live the rest of my life with the love of my life, Gabrielle. No question about it; I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Note to self: one step at a time.

I decided it was time to bring Gabrielle to York, to meet Mom & Dad, and see if she'd coexist in the "real" world, from her "virtual" world. I drove to her house and Bev & Tony greeted me and hugged me, and I asked if I could see her. She bounded down the stairs and threw herself at me, with a big, wet kiss. I asked if we could be be alone for a few minutes, to talk. Bev & Tony excused themselves, and Gabrielle and I went into the living room to talk. I told Gabrielle that it's time to come to York, PA, with me to meet my Parents and see if she "exists in the real world" and we can can continute to live and exist as a couple, with children.

I told Gabrielle that I had to leave Sunday mid-afternoon, and get some chores done around the condo, and be at work on Monday morning from 10am to 3pm (Winter Hours), and talk to Mom & Dad about her. I'd be wanting to bring her down to York the following week to meet them and see how "things went" with the "virtual v reality" situation, and then we could begin planning. Otherwise, she'd be living with me in East York. She seemed apprehensive about it all. She wondered why we just couldn't have a church wedding and set-up a house, like Bev & Tony did, many years ago. I pointed to all the yellow sheets of tablet paper, with scores of topics, subtopics and questions on them, and said that they'd all have to be answered, first. This was was not a "normal situation", by any means. She finally understood my point.

I wanted her to come back to The Cabin, so we could make love one final time before I left, and she grabbed her coat and bag. I said my goodbyes to Bev & Tony, and Gabrielle and I were soon speeding down Main Street to the gravel road leading to The Cabin. When we arrived and drove-up the 1,000ft gravel drive, I pulled into the circle turn-sround at the massive front deck, dis-armed the building, took our gear inside, and re-armed the structure. With Kimber drawn, I went through each room, checking windwows and doors, until I was satisfied that all was tight and secure. Then, I flipped-on the front and rear spotlights, and saw two men with rifles, running across the meadow. I immediately loaded both the Beowulf .50cal and grabbed 7 11-round mags for it, and the Remy 11-87 12ga Auto-Loader plus the satchel of 100 3" shells of .00 Buckshot, and called Chief Bunce's office. Sgt Clay answered and said he'd immediately alert the 5 Deputies, and nearby State Police, and he would be on his way within 5-6 minutes. I put Gabrielle in the Master Bathroom closet, for her safety, since it had the thickest walls and was a secure room in The Cabin.

It was getting dusk, so I put on my night-vision goggles, which worked with both long guns' scopes, turned-off the spotlights and went quietly out the back porch door, after securing it. I had the Beowulf .50cal and 7 11-round mags with me and slowly worked my way through the L/S of the meadow brush and trees, until I came upon the two guys, who'd stupidly built a small campfire out of twigs and grasses, to keep warm. Temps were dropping quickly. I burst into the campsite, pointed the .50cal, and told them to lace their hands on the top of their heads, or I'd blow their heads clean-off with this .50 cal. They did what they were told. I collected their two rifles – a 30:06 Winchester and a Weatherby .273 Magnum, plus their .38cal sidearms. With some tie-wraps, I secured their hands and feet, "pig-style", and threw some more branches on to their meager fire, so the incoming law enforcement teams would have no trouble spotting us. The two intruders were stunned at the hardware and night-vision equipment I was carrying.

Within 8-10 minutes, Sgt Atler and 3 of his 5 Deputy Cars arrived and drove straight across the meadow to the campfire, guided by me on my cellphone. They took the two into custody for tresspassing, hunting deer without a license – deer hunting season started Monday (11.29.10) statewide – and using illegal semi-automatic weapons to hunt deer (a shotgun with slugs is the law), as provided by PA Law. Neither of the two were Holtzapples or Groves, just two young local guys trying to get a jump on the hunting season. But with my 43-acres clearly posted "No Hunting Permitted" and "No Trespassing: Violators Will Be Shot, and Survivors Will Be Shot Again" signs, they were both afoul of the law. They were local 19 and 20-year old boys, and Sgt Clay asked me if I wanted to press charges. I said that I'd leave that up to him and Chief Bunce, but that Id prefer not to since it ended peaceably. The two were searched, the fire put out, and driven back to the Adam's County Detention Facility, aka Jail for paperwork and further questioning. It was finally nice not to have fired a shot and to have killed someone, after all the previous "incidents". Sgt Clay agreed; it made things so much less complicated.

Sgt Clay congratulated me on my engagement to Gabrielle, as did the Deputies. He called-off the State Police with a "situation handled" code, and that was it for the evening. I trudged back inside and dis-armed the building, re-armed it, and turned-on the front and rear floodlights. I went into the Master Bathroon and told Gabrielle that all was clear and that it was just two errant, over-eager hunters. She was relieved and suggested we take a long shower together and then make love and go to sleep. She'd "wash my sweat and grime down like never before", and she'd already changed the Master Bedroom's linens and done two loads of laundry, while all this was going on, for the past 2 hours. I was more than ready for that!

I reminded her that I had to be up by 8:00am and into work by 10:00am, and she said she was coming with me, to find out once-and-for-all, about "virtual vs reality" and whether we could marry and have a Family. She just couldn't wait any longer. I agreed. She had fed and watered Jenny, built a fire and had the Cognac & Snifters out on the massive oak Dining Room Table, with placemats and plates, napkins and silverware set. All I had to do was bake the Chicken Cordon Bleu, and make a side of Roasted, Sea-Salted & Buttered Brussel Sprouts, a favorite of ours. We had a lot in common.

I unloaded the .50cal and put a fresh 11-round mag into it, and leaned it again the Master Bedroom wall, with the Remy 11-87 12ga Auto-Loader Shotgun. I stripped-off my sweaty, grimy and dirty clothes, from crawling through all the undergrowth, and Danielle came into the room. She was wrapped in one of my heavy Turkish Towels and dropped it immediately. Wowzer! We headed to the Master Bathroom, wet ourselves down in the large shower, and began soaping-up; me doing her and she doing me. After rinsing-off, we toweled each other dry and changed into clean t-shirts and underwear, and donned the matching, heavy white Turkish Bath Robes. I turned-up the furnace to 78°F, and threw a few more split logs on to the hearth's fire. Time for dinner.

I pre-heated the Vulcan Stove's Oven to 400°F, put the Chicken Cordon Bleu in, and set the timer for 40mins. The I steamed the brussel sprouts for 15 mins, poked them with a sharp knife to make sure they were soft and fully-cooked, and let them drain, seasoned them with fresh-ground sea-salt, fresh-ground black pepper and Keller's Salted Butter, keeping them warm in the pot until the Cordon Bleu was finished and ready for serving. I opened a very special bottle of 1982 Lafite-Rothschild, Pauillac (Top Shoulder) ($3,899/ case), and poured a small glass for Gabrielle and myself, while things in the oven were coming to a finish. We also had the 50-year old Cognac ($475) to sip-on after dinner. We ate and drank rapaciously, in anticipation of the evening's lovemaking ahead, and sleeping together. We put the dishes in the diswasher and went into the Master Bedroom. It was already 5:15pm and dark outside. Winter was coming fast to these mountains.

We each slipped-off the heavy Turkish Bathrobes and laid them on the chairs. I closed the horizontal blinds, and turned my "full attention" to Gabrielle. We climbed on to the soft lamb's wool blanket on to the the queen-sized bed, to make love for 30-40 mins before we climaxed together and tightly embraced, and fell apart, to rest. This went on repeatedly until almost 21:30hrs (9:30pm), setting a "new record" for us: 13 times. By then, we were so exhausted, that I decided we both needed sleep, if we were going to make it to York by 10:00hrs (10am) on Monday morning, after getting breakfast at Nell's Kitchen Restaurant & Drive-In, just outside of town. I got up, checked all the doors and windows, re-set The Cabin's alarm, made sure the front and rear spotlights were re-set to the building's motion-sensor alarm, put the Kimber 1911 .45cal ACP on ny nightstand, set the alarm for 07:00hrs (7:00am), turned-down the furnace to 74°F, checked the fireplace, made sure Jenny had enough food & water for the night, crawled into bed with Gabrielle and turned-off the Master Bedroom lights. We cuddled-up immediately and kept each other warm as we slept.

After breakfast and taking Gabrielle back home, I went back to The Cabin, packed the Jeep, shut everything down, armed the building and headed back to York. I kept remembering our weekend together, and longed for another, alone with her, without interruption.

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