Chapter 45

December 17th, 2010

We're Having A Baby

Gabrielle was at Bev & Tony's house packing an overnight bag, and as I pulled into the driveway, she came leaping and bounding down the snowy stairs to greet me with a bearhug and big kiss. They had a good 2-3" of snow up here in the mountains. She had her engagement ring on and we drove to The Cabin. I disarmed the building, and carried her across the threshold, and went back out for our gear. Once back inside, I re-armed the building, turned-up the heat, fed and watered Jenny, and carried-in three armloads of firewood and a 3ft log from the Firewood Stack on the Back Porch. We unpacked and I kept the Beowulf® .50cal with an EoTech® Red Dot Scope, and 10 extra 11-round mags of .50cal 335gr .50cal rounds (causing massive damage to whatever it hits inside of 200yds) and my 2009 Kimber® 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, with a Premium 8-round Wilson Combat Magazine, close at-hand.

Once The Cabin was up to temperature, I offered to make her something to eat, but she'd already eaten. She began to tell me about a "conversation" she'd overheard last week, at Nell's Kitchen Lunch Counter, which precipitated her "doubts and second thoughts" about us. It was some more "friends/ kin" of the Holtzapples, Andersons and Groves, talking about taking revenge upon me for what I'd done to their kin, even though it was in self-defense and "justified" by the DA and Grand Jury. She didn't want us to be "looking over our shoulders for the rest of our lives", together. I told her that I'd take a $1 million life insurance policy out on myself, and that if anything happened to me, she'd be set for life. "That went over like a fart in church". She frowned. She wanted me; not the money. I hadn't told her yet about the $7.1 million-plus in pure 24kt gold that I now owned, minus federal taxes, tax accountants' and lawyers' fees, but would do that at a more appropriate time. I also didn't tell her what millions worth of pur nuggets I'd "stashed away" to avoid all those additional taxes.

I assured her that everything would be allright and there was nothing to worry about. The fire was roaring now and it was getting dark, with the snow still coming down, here in the mountains. I turned-on the police scanner, and heard of a few accidents, but nothing major. At least Bev & Tony's General Store's massive tempered glass windows were replaced and the plywood sheets gone. I mentioned to Gabrielle that we ought to stop by and volunteer to help with anything they still needed. Her green eyes lit-up and she smiled.

I turned-on the front and rear spotlights and armed the pressure-plate in the 1,000ft gravel driveway to The Cabin. Gabrielle had the inside lights on "low", and it was real cozy with just the three (including Jenny) of us there. I put the 3ft log on the glowing embers and the fire came back to life. Jenny was curled-up on her Kodiak Bearskin Rug, and Gabrielle and I snuggled-up on the massive couch, which unfolded into a king-sized bed, in front of the fireplace, if we wanted it to. She soon fell asleep in my arms, and I kissed her gently on her cheek; she smiled. I dozed-off, too.

I'd bought a Bushnell 119305C Trail Sentry 5.0 MP w/Night Vision Camera for around $135, to install on the front of The Cabin, and would get one for the back, on my next trip to York. I had a local electrician wire it into the Choice One Security Panel, so I could see "what" was on my doorstep, with a 360° swivel and remotely beam-it in real-time to Chief Bunce's and Sgt Atler's offices' computers, so they could evaluate any situation at-hand. Gabriell's story of the four lowlife, dirtbag scum in Nell's Kitchen — I wished I'd been there because I'd have "ended that permanently" — talking about revenge upon me, started me thinking. I'd call Sgt Clay Atler, who worked weekends, out to to talk with Gabrielle about what she saw and heard, and "just what might be coming my way", once again. If so, she'd not be safer with Bev & Tony, than here at The Cabin, although it'd become *Fortress* by now. We needed distance between the lowlife, subhuman, murderous "friends/ kin" of the Holtzapples, Andersons and Groves. We'd talk about that in the morning and make some decisions on her long-term safety, now that she was carrying our baby. Actually, I wanted to "take full possession of her and our baby" and move them both to York, where'd they'd be safe. It wasn't Bev & Tony's "responsiblity", anymore; it was mine and mine alone. That fact slapped my face like an angry man's fist. I absorbed it and went to the next level of consideration.

I knew that I just wanted to move her to York, get married and have our baby, and experience a real fine life together, despite the years of difference in age. And that's all she wanted. What was so "difficult" about something so simple?

Sgt Clay Atler arrived with 3 of his Deputies — Chief Bunce was still hobbling around on a healing broken ankle and had delegate 100% Authority to Clay — so I dealt with him. "What about those four in Nell's Kitchen which Gabrielle overhead and saw?" Do I ned to kill them too if them come after us, or will you do that for us", Clay. He said who they knew who they were, and would "take care of it, immediately". I trusted him, but had my doubts because of *the limite of the US Law*. I could do it quicker and easier that the slovenly and liberal-infested US Courts System, and I would do so, ASAP. I needed for Garbrielle to ID the 4 scum, and I'd "fix it" right away. She did, and I "went to work", immediately. I was thorughly pissed-off.

Two of the neo-Nazi skinheads lived in a double-wide trailer, in Ft. Mount's Trailer Park, just 15-miles west of Adam's Junction. I crawled under the trailer and set 5lbs of C-4 (don't ask) as it'll take multiple charges, wired to the indoor LPG-heating switches, which would blow that rig to hell, since it was a known meth lab, with them and their guns and ammo in it. I was covered with cobwebs and filth, when I came out, but had another "job" to do, before night's end. This would be no different than the many S&D (search and destroy) missions I'd been on in the Nam, many years ago. Ridding society of these filth would be a pleasure, IMO.

Next, I drove to Baxter's Overlook, where I found 3999 DeGulch Lane, where another one of them "lived with his homo neo-Nazi buddy". I set 5 more lbs of PETN with trip switches, wired to within 3ft of opening the doors with a key. The C-4 went-off at the same time, as soon as they entered, destroying them and all evidence for CSI and State Police Investivators, while burning the structure to the ground. It was a massive fireball. I was 20+ miles away at The Cabin, when "it all happened", with Gabrielle. Case closed.

When I got back to The Cabin, I showered and laundered my clothes, to remove any traces of evidence. Gabrielle was asleep in the matching over-stuffed leather chairs in front of the roaring fireplace, and Gabrielle knew nothing of what I did to fix "that situation".

It was 11:39pm and I opted to go to sleep with Gabrielle, as I was tired from the "evening's acivities". I gently awoke her and led her to the Master Bedroom, undressed her, and we made wild, passionate love for over three-plus hours. I told her that "everything had been taken care of" and that she didn't have to "worry anymore about looking over her shoulder". We fell asleep, exhausted, in each other's arms, and slept until 11:55am.

I got up at noon and made Eggs Benedict, real Hollandaise (raw egg yolks and clarified butter in a double-boiler), pancakes, home fries, sausage and fresh OJ for breakfast. Gabrielle was stunned after I told her my background as a Chef at the CIA, in Hyde Park, NY, way back in the 80s, in between advertising jobs, in NYC. Anyway, she devoured her breakfast, for now "she was eating for two". We showered and dressed, and just then the driveway's pressure plate sounded an arrival. It was Sgt Atler's Squad Car, with the DA, two FBI Agents and an CSI Agent.

I welcomed them in, made coffee and we sat at the massive oak Dining Room Table. They were matter-of-fact: where was I last night between the hours of 8:00pm and 11:00pm? I told them that I was right here, curled-up in front of the fire with Gabrielle. They said that four skinheads had been "blown to bits", along with their meth-lab dwellings and that it was "mildly suspicious". Meth labs blow-up all the time, I said. I assured them that it wasn't me. I asked if meth labs were indeed involved, and they said yes, but that small traces of C-4 and PETN had been found by CSI. I told them that I hadn't had access to any of that ordinance since Nam in 1971-1974, and wouldn't know where to even find it, nowadays. Gabrielle corroborated my story, although she was mostly asleep while I was on my two "S&D Missions", and wouldn't really know the true story. That was good enough for them. "We're glad the last, we think, of them are gone and that you weren't involved in anyway, said Sgt Clay. I told him that I was more than willing to let the DA & Courts handle it, as they had with all the other "incidents" around here, over the past year-plus, but it seemed that "Nature took it's course and resolved the problem for everyone, didn't She". They agreed. "Good enough for our reports and records", was their comment.

Sgt Clay Atler winked at me, while The DA, the two FBI Agents and and CSI Agent left with nary a word, beyond what we had talked about. "Case closed", as far as they were were concerned. I suspected that they were just glad to rid the county of the skinheads, once and for all, no matter how it happened or who did it. At least, I hoped so.

Gabrielle and I closed-down and re-armed The Cabin, and took a drive into Adam's Junction, to Bev & Tony's General Store, which now looked great again with its new gleaming plate glass windows and cleaned-up interior. We both got a big hug and a kiss/ handshake from Bev & Tony, and I asked if there ws anything further we could do do help. The showed me the front page of "The Junction Record" Newspaper, detailing the deaths of the four skinheads and the destruction of their meth-lab homes. I had no comment, other than "it sounds like they got was was coming to them". Tony agreed.

Hungry for lunch; we decided to drive by Nell's Kitchen, to see how busy it was. It was passable and we parked and entered, to a *huge round of applause* from all patrons inside. We were immediately-seated and two waitresses hovered over us. We placed our order and sipped the lemon-sliced water. I had the medium-rare, fresh-cut Filet Mingnon with 3 side dishes, while Gabrielle ordered the Pasta Alfredo, with crusty homemade garlic bread. I'd partake of some of that garlic bread, as well. Yum! Tipping my usual 25%, I paid the bill and we left. By now, it was snowing again.

I asked Garbrielle if she'd like to come back to York for Christmas Dinner with me and my Family, since I had to be at work on Monday, and she said she'd like one more week with Bev & Tony, to get her things packed-up, and then she'd move to York with me, for good, next weekend. We'd still have our Adam's Junction Cabin, for our getaway retreat. I reminded her that Christmas was fast-approaching, and we'd need to make "some plans" for it.

I dis-armed the building, turned-up the furnace, built a medium fire, re-armed the building and driveway pressure-plate, and turned-on the front and rear spots. We sat and talked of everything from A-Z, with me pulling my multiple pages of yellow tablet, previously-made "notes about us" from the large roll-top desk, to review with her. She wadded them up and threw them into the fire, and said that "she just wanted to spend the rest of her life with me and our new baby". That was good enough for me. I carried her into the Master BR, undressed her, and we made love for 2-3 hours, and fell asleep in each other's arms. It was only 3:30pm and beginning to get dark due to the heavily-falling snow.

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