Chapter 61

May 6th, 2011


It was still raining hard when I got to The Cabin around 1:10pm, pulled into the 1,000ft crushed stone drive to the front deck, unloaded, disarmed the building and saw Jenny – the mixed-breed dog I found along the road, rescued, and bought from her owners for $150 – there waiting for me. Obviously, Randy had been by that morning and refilled her 4 bowls of food and water, changed her litter pans in the 2nd Bedroom, and she came bounding to me and almost knocked me over, she was so happy to see me. My gosh, she was getting big! I brought-in all my gear, locked the Jeep, armed the building and played with Jenny on the floor, brushed her coat and rubbed her back and belly. If a dog could purr (like Murphy's mountain lion-like purr), she'd have done so like a 300lb bear.

It was nice to be back in Adam's Junction, if only for less than a day, and get away from all the BS of my business, in this quaint, old village. I made lunch in the Kitchen & Pantry, turned-up the furnace to 78°F, since it was only 43°F outside with a nasty Wind Chill of 35°F, unpacked my duffel bag in the Master Bedroom, laid my long rifle/and shotgun out on 7 sheets of newspaper on the empty Dining Room Table, and decided to take Jenny for a walk around the 3-4 acre meadow.

I put a 3lb Pot Roast into the 6qt CrockPot® with chopped scallions, chopped onions, whole-peeled potatoes, baby-peeled carrots, peeled-garlic, cut celery, 32oz of beef stock (after searing the roast on all 6 sides in a smoking-hot skillet), on "high setting" for 6hrs, and I'll finish-it-off with fresh-chopped Italian Parsley, sliced mushrooms and Crushed San Marzano® Plum Tomatoes (the very best) at the end, after it all cooks down. That'll hold us both for tonight and tomorrow. I had brought some crusty bread to dip and had plenty of Keller's® Butter in the 'fridge. And there's plenty of Ocean-Spray Pomegranate-Blueberry Diet Juice for me; Jenny gets fresh water. I started the process at 2:30pm

I had both my both my Remy 11-87 Semi-Automatic 12ga Shotgun with an EoTech Red Dot Scope, and Beowulf .50cal with an EoTech Red Dot Scope, and 300gr .50cal rounds, along, and chose the Bushmaster Semi-Auto 12ga. I filled the "Jack Bauer" Satchel Bag with 150 2¾" rounds of .00 Buckshot, spyglass, compass, first-aid kit etc, strapped-on my 16" Bowie Knife, Marlboro® Gear Down Parka w/ Fedora, 12" LLBean Maine Insulated Hunting Boots, gloves, and finally, Jenny.

We walked for 2-2¾ hours around the meadow, down to the stream, which was overflowing it banks so we didn't get too close, back over to the old silver/gold mine digs, and then back to The Cabin. I still had close to $7,000,000 in pure nuggets and ore stashed for myself, and was waiting for gold to hit the world market at $2,500/oz before I'd sell it off and make $25-$35,000,000, easily with no tax liability. Just out of the corner of my eye, I saw two men duck back into the silver mine, where I could smell fresh-caught venison being cooked, along with something else, as a small trail of smoke wafted from the mine entrance. It was supposed to by closed down and sealed, according to Sgt Clay, after all the killings back on October 8th, 2010. I took Jenny up to the meadow's center and called the Police Dispatcher, looking for Sgt Clay; she put me right through to him. After reporting what I'd seen, he said he and 3 Deputies would be right over; I was to be the 4th Deputy. I had my Deputy Sheriff Badge and ID with me, but took Jenny back to The Cabin for her safety, and to wait for reinforcements. They arrived Code One (no lights, no sirens) within minutes. It was almost 3:45pm now.

I figured that the two were just vagrants looking for a place to get out of the cold and rainy weather, eat and sleep. But Clay had them pegged as fugitives and related to either the Groves or Holtzapples, since a nearby bank and gas station robbery had happened last week, when I was out of town. I almost felt like I was to blame, but I wasn't; Sgt Clay and his men were just spread too thin for the growing Adam's Junction Village, soon to become an "Incorporated Town". It was time for Capt Bunce to retire and 3-4 more full-time Deputies be added, with Sgt Clay taking a promotion to 1st Lieutenant or preferably, Captain. The PA State Police, Feds and CSI were all after-the-fact guys, who weren't involved in daily work; usually just when I was involved or immediately afterward.

We split-up into 2 groups: Clay and Tim, Lee and me. We went around the back entrance to seal it off, while Clay and Tim took covering positions near the front. The shooting started almost immediately when the perps saw Clay and Tim. Lee and I went in the back entrance quietly to gain some surprise on whomever was in there. It turned out to be 5 men: 3 Groves and 2 Holtzapples, having set-up a "campsite", since they knew I was back in York for the past couple of weeks taking care of my GC&N Business' 21st Open House and start of "the season". Word had quickly gotten around the area. I wished I'd brought the Beowulf .50cal with an EoTech Red Dot Scope, and 300gr .50cal rounds, but I had what I had brought along – the Remy 11-87 Semi-Automatic 12ga Shotgun with an EoTech Red Dot Scope– but the 5 men all had .273cal or 30:06cal deer hunting rifles and we were ultimately outmatched for firepower. I fired sabots (slugs) into two of the 5, dropping them instantly, while Clay and Tim used their .38cal revolvers and 12ga pumps with little effect from the wooden-barricaded front entrance. I shot another as he scurried across the mine floor toward a large crate for cover, now leaving 2 armed perps. It was very smoky in that cave and no ventilation, since the electricity had been turned-off many months ago. All they had were the front and rear entrances, and an upper shaft, which the fire was built underneath to funnel the smoke upwards, but with both entrances blocked, the draft wasn't moving any smoke up and away from us. My eyes were burning, as were Lee's. We had to go back outside to get some fresh air.

Lee radioed Sgt Clay that were back outside, and had the back entrance blocked-up, causing smoke to build-up in the cave and shaft. Clay had radioed for a PA State Police UH-60L Blackhawk Chopper to spot for us on the top of the mountain, and see where the funnel stack was emitting smoke; they quickly found it and their rotor blades forced it back down into the mine. Meanwhile, about 3-4 PA State Police Cruisers w/ SWAT Team showed-up, along with 2 Memorial Hospital Ambulances and took-over the scene, much to our relief. We'd had enough for now. They got the 2 remaining perps to surrender without any shots being fired, administered Oxygen – to all of us – and first-aid to ones which I the gravely-wounded, read them their Miranda Rights, cuffed them and took them away in the Cruisers and ambulances. I invited Sgt Clay and the 3 Deputies inside for some Pot Roast, but they had to catalog the scene first, since CSI would be here in the morning. Swell; there goes my day of sleeping late and R&R.

I gave my verbal report to Sgt Clay and headed back to The Cabin, hungry for dinner. Clay remarked that he couldn't get over how much weight I'd lost since January (10th): 247lbs down to 165lbs, now. The 3 Deputies and 14 State Police Troopers, who'd known me sine last year, were all amazed, as well. I fed and watered Jenny, checked the timer on the CrockPot®: 1½ hours of the 8 "slow cook" hours to go. I ate a cheesecracker, built a roaring fire, took a shower, changed into some fresh clothes, and slumped down on the Living Room's comfy leather chair near the Hearth for a quick nap, my Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, at-the-ready. The building was armed, my cellphone was on-charge so I had some peace and quiet after the afternoon's events. Jenny curled-up on her bearskin rug by the Hearth and went to sleep, too.

The CrockPot® alarm went off and I had dinner and went to sleep at 10pm. I planned to sleep as late, after watering and feeding Jenny, as I could before closing-down The Cabin and heading back to York. I slept-in until 9:45am, took care of Jenny's food and water needs, made breakfast and coffee, and tried to shake my "groggy feeling" of working 7-days-a-week, again. Taking a day off was much needed, but I had food shopping and other errands to do back in York, and needed to be out of here by 12noon.

After thoroughly cleaning The Cabin, I notified Randy that he'd be back-in-charge of Jenny for the foreseeable future, until at least my next Thursday off, and that I'd be leaving sooner than planned. I called Sgt Clay to see if I was needed by CSI or the DA or had to give any testimony about yesterday's shootings; I wasn't and was free to go. So I closed it all down, armed it and left for York around 12:30pm.

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