Chapter 62

June 3rd, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Despite what I thought would be heavy pre-Memorial Day traffic, I was at The Cabin within 15-20 minutes, after leaving my condo and hitting I-83 North. Seems like almost everyone is either doing yard work, BBQ-ing, drinking and staying-off the road due to all the PA State Police Sobriety Checkpoints, or doing something else. Let's hope there are a lot less accidents and deaths this year than over the past years. July 4th is worst, New Year's Eve, Memorial and Labor Days are the worst for accidents and fatalities.

I pulled into the 1,000ft driveway in front of the deck area, called Randy on my cellphone to let him know that I'd be there until at least 5-6pm Monday, and that he could stand-down and enjoy his Holiday festivities. I disarmed the building and carried my gear inside. Jenny was ecstatic to see me and knocked me down when she jumped-up to give me a kiss. She'd gotten so big in the passing months that I hardly recognized her as the starving, half-frozen, mixed-breed dog I found along the road, rescued, and bought from her scumbag owners for $150. I gave her a great big hug and a rubdown. I refilled her 3 bowls, turned-on the AC and the police scanner to hear what was happening in Adam's Junction, the quaint old village and began unpacking for my short but *much-needed* stay away from the York (PA) area.

I was tired from working from 6am – 4pm, and dirty from "trench planting" my 2 tomato vines and readying 200-300 pots of Basil for installation later this and next week. I'd need a bale of straw and could get that locally near the GC&N Complex for $3-4, instead of using acid-based mulch, which would affect to quality of my tomatoes and Basil. So I decided to shave, shower and get some fresh clothes on, and feel "almost-human" again. That done, I settled-in the Living Room & Hearth, sans fire, since the AC was set to 78°F, with the outdoor temp at 8578°F the humidity was still around 88%. I just wanted to close me eyes and relax, but I needed some supplies from town, and everything would be closed tomorrow. So I grabbed my Remy 11-87 Semi-Automatic 12ga Shotgun with an EoTech Red Dot Scope, my always-with-me PA CCW Concealed Carry Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, "Jack Bauer" Satchel Bag with plenty of "goodies" inside, armed the building and headed for Adam's Junction.

I needed to stop at Roy's Shell Gas & Service Station, for a fill-up, Bev & Tony's General Store on Mainstreet, Old Mrs Patagonia's Bakery, and just cruise around town to reimprint the turn-of-the 19th & 20 century home upon my brain. I'd have enough for the 24hrs I'd be staying. I made al the stops, chatted with all the folks, caught-up on what they and I were up to, and paid a visit to Gabrielle's Grave, in the cemetery, to lay 12 red roses for her. I cleaned-up the other dead flowers, since the cemetery "so-called maintenance crew" hadn't done so in months; assholes. It was now spotless and well-kept.

I called the Police Dispatcher at the Police Station & Town Hall, to have her let Sgt Clay know I was in-town for 24hrs; she told me that Capt Bunce had died of a massive heart attack (he was 200lbs overweight and had advanced diabetes), and Sgt Clay was now Captain and ran the PD. I requested a return cellphone call when his busy schedule permitted it. She also told me that 2 of the 5 Deputies had been killed in the line-of-duty shootouts – they were interviewing for new Deputy-trained personnel – and that "things weren't as "peaceful or powerful", as when I was living here on the weekends", killing bad guys. Crime was increasing as meth and coke flowed-through with the bikers, and Capt Clay felt that I was "the one who could end it". He "couldn't seem to get his arms around the problem", she said. My answer: KILL THEM ALL; NO TRIALS and BURN the DOPE SHIT! I still carried my Deputy's Badge and ID, (at Capt Clay's last request when he was a Sgt, but that might have changed by now; that's one of the things I needed to chat with him about). No return call from Capt Clay, but since I had my cellphone off and no land line, I'd check it in the morning for a callback.

It was already 5:45pm and I was getting hungry, but I ate some peanut butter crackers and that did the trick. I laid-out everything for breakfast – Eggs Benedict, grits and fresh-brewed, French Roast Coffee (Turkish Grind) Whole Grain Oatmeal Toast and OJ – so I wouldn't have to "fumble with it all" in the morning. I do this every night back at my condo; everything ready-to-go for my 5am breakfast. At least Jenny would sleep-in until 7 or 8am, instead of Murphy's 5am feeding and watering, and I could get some extra sleep.

I'll miss the 2nd Season FX-CATV Series, "Justified", after 13 Shows, which is nowhere near enough, IMO. (I wonder what it costs to produce just 1 TV show?) Season 3 promises to be a real good one, much like Seasons 1 & 2 were.

I armed the building, checked the front/rear spotlights, turned-down the AC to 79°F, and went to sleep, with Jenny following right behind me. It'd been so long since we'd slept together, she snuggled-up and I'd swear she was *purring*, much like Murphy does at night, as I drift-off into "la-la-land".

Distant t-storms in the mountains and light rain which I could hear on the roof actually helped me get to sleep faster. If it's "too quiet", I can't sleep; I love Nature's "sounds" as a backdrop. I slept until 2am, and then work-up very, very hungry, so I got up and made a bowl of Maple Oatmeal, toast and drank some OJ. I also fed Jenny a small bowl of her Iam's® Wet Dogfood, which she gulped-down voraciously. Somehow, "The Munchies" had struck both of us at 2am and we had to satiate our appetites. I went back to sleep at around 2:30am, and slept-in until 8:30, ready to go to Bev & Tony's General Store, for some final, needed food shopping items, since they were open until 11am.

By now the storms had cleared and the rain had ceased, so maybe that's the reason I was having trouble sleeping more soundly-than-usual? Dunno.

I watered and fed Jenny, made breakfast, made the king-sized bed in the Master Bedroom, dressed in some fresh clothes, armed the building and headed out for the village's Mainstreet Shopping Section. After turning-on my cellphone, I had 3 return calls from Capt Clay, which I returned immediately. He wanted me to meet with him right after I'd finished shopping and before the parades began at 1pm. I said I'd be at the Police Station & Town Hall by 10:30am or so to talk.

My left foot's small toe was extremely painful and I was limping noticeably. I suddenly remembered that not being at The Cabin in so long, I'd "forgotten" where many things were located and I'd "stubbed" it pretty hard on one of the Kitchen & Pantry butcher block prepping table legs this morning, when I'd gotten-up to make something to eat; it felt like it was broken. "Painful" was being mild in my choice of adjectives. I wrapped it in a layer of gauze and adhesive tape to let it heal and ameliorate the *pain*. Aspirin helped the pain.

I was at Bev & Tony's to get Marlboros, a ¼ pint of milk for coffee, more hospital tape and to chat with them for a while. Bev, being a former RN, looked at my toe, and pronounced it "broken", and re-wrapped it straight for me. It still hurt like a SOB just to walk! I say my goodbyes and thanks, and left to meet Capt Clay at the PD.

I parked in Deputy Parking Space #7, my usual, and hobbled inside. Tim was at the front desk with the Dispatcher at the adjacent counter. We shook hands and he escorted me back to Capt Clay's new corner office, commenting on my limp. "You don't want to know about it", I quipped. Once inside, Capt Clay's office was impressive: all the US Military and Civilian Police commendations he'd earned were proudly displayed, whereas his prior office was merely a tenth of this room, and he had little or no wall space for such things. I had 5-6 minutes to look at everything before Clay came bounding into the room, shaking hands and offering me a seat. He had a sofa, 2 chairs in front of his desk and an attached conference room with a 20ft table and 15 chairs, plus audio-visual and LCD screens, connected laptops and all "the bells & whistles" of a modern PD. I was impressed and almost wished I worked there. He told me that both Deputies Bob and Charles were killed in-the-line-of-duty of the 1st and 19th, respectively, and that he was interviewing for 4-5 replacements from The PA State Police Academy. Tim and Alex were retiring before the end of the year, and he needed to fill positions with full-time, trained personnel. The civilian Dispatcher and clerks would stay, but his Deputies would all be replaced, due to the increase in crime over the past 2-3 years. He said that if I were 30 years younger, he'd hire me as SWAT Team Lieutenant instantly and put me in charge right under him. I smiled and wished it could be so. But at 61, that just wasn't to be.

I laid my Deputy Badge & ID on his desk and asked if he wanted to put them into permanent retirement in my 9"x12" Personnel Envelope, and should I consider "my term" as Deputy "over". He said no, that he wanted me to keep them and would introduce me to all the new recruits after they were hired, next time I was here for an extended stay. It was I who kept "the shit from running wild in Adam's Junction" over the past year, and he didn't want to lose me, though I'd be facing some stiffer competition from the PA Academy-trained Recruits. I said that I wasn't sweating it at all. He laughed. I invited him to Nell's Kitchen Drive-In Restaurant for lunch, but he said he now had so frigging much paperwork to do, he was almost "desk-bound" until he could find an assistant or two to prep the work for him to review and sign; then do the filing. I left with my Badge & ID, and headed for Nell's, one of the few places open on Memorial Day. Bev & Tony's had closed but Roy's Shell Gas & Service Station as open for the day, as everyone need fuel. The Town Square was clogged with flags, fire trucks, Boy Scout Troops marching etc, so I had to try to remember some detours to get around all this traffic. I had to take some back and side roads, since all the residential section main roads through town were being used for the parades and were blocked-off. The once quaint, old village of Adam's Junction I fist found over a year ago, was going through some serious "growing pains", and it was showing.

When I arrived at Nell's around 11;45am, I noticed 50-70 various Harleys flying American Flags, filling the parking lot, and pulled around the back of the place to park. Might they be another Harley-riding Outlaw Gang coming through with meth, coke and Oxy, like the 21 bad guys I shot and killed back on January 7th? I wasn't sure I wanted to walk into a "hornet's nest", so I peered into the back and side windows first.

Amazing enough, all were clean-cut, had their "club leathers" on from all over the Nation, and were part of Patriotic "Rolling Thunder" Club, just stopping-in for a meal and a beer, on their ride to another Memorial Day Ceremony and Military Funeral, which they did on a regular basis. Not only was I very impressed, I was seriously-relieved, since I was outgunned with only my Remy 11-87 Semi-Automatic 12ga Shotgun with an EoTech Red Dot Scope, my always-with-me PA CCW Concealed Carry Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, "Jack Bauer" Satchel Bag with plenty of "goodies" inside, and not any of my Full-Auto, Class III Bushmaster AR-15 .223 cal (5.56 x.45mm NATO) rifles with a Trijicon Acog 4 x 32 Scope, or my long/short-range, Sniper Rifle AR-10 .308cal (7.62 x 51mm NATO), with Leupold Gold Dot CQ/T Scope, or even my Beowulf .50cal with an EoTech Red Dot Scope, and 300gr .50cal rounds. So I went inside to the front counter and ordered a BLT an fries to go. Everyone else was in a celebrative Holiday mood, except one of the dour, loud-mouthed locals, who was real drunk on "shine". He would be my problem. I radioed it into the Dispatcher, who relayed it to Capt Clay, and he said to "handle it"; that the entire office was empty with traffic/parade control and other incidents.

I tapped him on the shoulder and asked him to either hold the noise down or leave with me now. He tried to swing at my face and missed, and I cold-cocked him with my .45cal and he fell-off the counter stool. I cuffed his arms behind him, and when he'd come-to, I'd read him his Miranda Rights and booked him for various charges. When the "Rolling Thunder Bikers" saw my Badge & ID, they all jumped-in and assisted me in carrying the lowlife outside to a telephone pole, where I re-cuffed his arms and legs to it, waiting transport to jail. No way I'd put him in my Jeep and allow his to piss or shit himself in a $34,000 vehicle. AJPD could take it from here, and the moron drunk could bake in the 90°F sun and 80% humidity, for all I gave a shit. I radioed the Dispatcher that he was ready-for-transport, and his "location" behind Nell's Kitchen. He'd be soaked, "shine" sweated-out and mad-as-hell, but I didn't care, as I'd be leaving Adam's Junction with 6-7 hours, and he'd still be in lock-up, awaiting arraignment on Tuesday morning. I did the paperwork, gathered 37 "Rolling Thunder" signatures, addresses and phones for evidence. I bought everyone in Nell's a cup of coffee for their upcoming ride, and left with my lunch. I just wished I could have paid for their meals, too. They do the Nation a great service at no charge, like most True Americans do.

I drove back to The Cabin, parked and locked the Jeep, disarmed the building, and went inside the cool abode to eat. 92°F outside. I watered and fed Jenny her lunch, of Iam's Wet & Dry Dogfood. The BLT and fries were easily-reheated in the Kitchen's microwave, and I enjoyed them thoroughly. Best BLTs and fries I've ever had. I laid down for a "short nap" on the king-sized leather couch, with Jenny curling-up on her Kodiak Bearskin Rug just below me. It was like "old times". The building was armed and my Kimber .45cal, 4 extra 8-round mags and my cellphone just an mere arm's reach away. My rifles and shotgun were laid-out on the Dining Room Table, on 5-7 sheets of newspaper, as usual, with full mags at-the-ready. I slept for 3½ hours. It was now 4:30pm, and I wouldn't be leaving for York (PA) until after sunset and temps cooled down, only to be close to Heat Index 105°F, on Tuesday. Too hot, too quickly for May, IMO.

Time to think about dinner. I'll grill a 10oz Allen Bros® "Prime" Filet Mignon with Bleu Cheese melted on top, oven-roasted Russet Potatoes (with skin-on) cut in 1" squares, drizzled w/ EVOO, crusty Italian bread smeared with roasted garlic clove paste and Keller's® Butter, Black Raspberry Sherbet Ice Milk and OceanSpray® Diet (5 cal/8oz). So freaking good!. After eating, I did the dishes and let them air dry in the double sink rack; then put them in the cupboards. It was getting on to 6:15pm, and I decided to pack-up, fill Jenny's bowls, notify Randy that I was leaving and he'd have to take-over with her again, let Capt Clay know I was leaving, and begin closing-down The Cabin. I turned the AC up to 79°F, checked all the windows and doors, spotlights, driveway sensors, loaded the car with perishable from the 'fridge, armed the building, gave Jenny a rubdown and a kiss on her head, armed the building and headed for York.

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