Chapter 63

July 1st, 2011

Domestic Disturbance

Traffic on I-83 North was light and I was at The Cabin, in a short while. I had called ahead to Randy and told him that I'd be coming up for the night and Sunday, and that I'd take care of Jenny, while leaving a check for him for his care taking duties over the past few months. I disarmed the building and started carrying my stuff inside. Jenny had grown so big that when she jumped-up to say "hi", she knocked me down, and was all over me with her wet, slurpy kisses. She was now fully-grown and just over a year-old. I brushed her and rubbed her stomach, and I swear I heard her purr. Randy had fed her well and taken good care of her, and I gave him a "bonus" as thanks.

After unpacking in the Master Bedroom, and laying-out my weapons on the Dining Room Table on newspaper, I turned down the AC to 65°F, hit the shower and changed into some fresh clothes. I called Capt Clay to let him know that I was in town for a short while, and he invited me to the Police Station & Town Hall Picnic, on Sunday afternoon at 1:30pm. They were holding it this Sunday, because all Police would be out on patrol for drunks, accidents and traffic violations. I told him that I could help for a while on either Sunday or Monday, and he was grateful. I accepted the invitation for tomorrow; it would be good to see everyone again, after being away from Adam's Junction, the wonderful quaint, old village, since around mid-April, which I'd grown to enjoy "visiting virtually" on my days off.

The Cabin was spotless, as I had left it, and even Jenny's two litter boxes had been freshly-changed. I imagined that Randy had walked her outside and she "did her business" outside, mostly. I sat down in the Living Room & Hearth to rest-up a bit, but since it was still light until 8:30pm or so, I decided to take Jenny along for a ride into town, to gas-up at Roy's Shell Gas & Service Station and drop-off Randy's check and "bonus" for taking care of The Cabin and Jenny, get some Marlboros® and doggie snacks at Bev & Tony's General Store and some fresh Hot Cross® Buns and just-baked, crusty Italian Bread at Old Mrs Patagonia's Bakery. She gave me a great big hug and kiss, too. My Kitchen & Pantry were extremely well-stocked for "many reasons", but I needed some fresh eggs, milk, thick-slab country bacon & sausage etc. I drove through The AJ Town Square, waving to people I hadn't seen since mid-April or so, and they all waved back, as they recognized me, Jenny and the once-Police Patrol Silver 2002 Grand Cherokee "Laredo" Jeep. It felt good just to "be there", once again. I treasure my Sundays off in July and August, and next weekend's 4th of July Holiday, I'd actually have two days off in a row, and would definitely be back to Adam's Junction, after visiting Mom & Dad for lunch.

Bev teared-up when she saw me come into the store, and Tony rushed-over and gave me a "bear-hug", shaking my hand so hard it hurt for minutes afterward; I wasn't quite prepared for that welcome back. I truly wished Gabrielle and I had gotten married, as we'd planned; by now we'd have some children to take to the picnic. Instead, I would visit her grave and check on her perennials, since she was killed by a drunk on Friday, December 17th, a day I'll never forget. I wanted that man dead, too, but the police never caught and the courts never convicted him. I would exact my punishment by death – "Revenge Is A Dish Best Served-Up Cold" – to quote "Kahn" (Ricardo Montalban) in a "Star Trek movie, "The Wrath of Kahn"). Count on it, someday very soon, when I find him.

Jenny and I headed back to The Cabin as dusk was settling-in, and I carried the perishables to the 'fridge for breakfast and lunch. I sat back down in the Living Room & Hearth to relax, with Jenny's head on my lap, her big brown sparkling eyes looking up at me, welcoming me "home", knowing exactly who I was and why I'd been gone since April. We'd "bonded since she was a puppy, when I saved her, and that bond would always exist until our deaths; perhaps afterward, too.

It was getting dark, so I locked the Jeep, tested the remote-sensor-activated front/rear floodlights, armed the building, and turned-down the AC to 75°F, so it wouldn't be so cold to sleep. I just needed to get the warm air and humidity out of The Cabin for us, and then back to "tolerable living conditions". There was plenty of well-seasoned firewood, tarped and on the back porch, and Randy had split scores of logs, with his new gas-powered log-splitter, for me and filled the woodshed. I also had plenty of firewood and a couple 3ft logs next to the Living Room Hearth, and decided to build a medium-sized fire to read by tonight, since I wasn't all that tired. I went over to my two antique bookcases, check the 1930s Oak Stacking Bookshelves with 8 drawers and then the Glass Front, Antique Oak Barrister's Bookcase with 4 large shelves, for close to a hundred books which I had finished, or hadn't even begun reading, yet. I'd finished Glenn Beck's, "Broke: The Plan To Restore Our Trust, Truth and Treasure" and dozens of others, including Michael Savage's 6 books, "Unintended Consequences" by John Ross and scores more to numerous to list. Finding "The Pillars of The Earth" by Ken Follett, I settled-in and found that I'd only made it halfway through last time here, and read until almost midnight. Next, I'd begin reading World Without End, also by Ken Follett, who was rapidly becoming a favorite author. He has a plethora of other books out, and perhaps I'll try some of those, too. There's plenty of room in the antique bookcases for more. The fire died down around 12:15am, I closed the damper halfway and headed to bed. Jenny was patiently waiting on the Oriental Rug on the oak plank floor, at the foot of the bed, unlike Murphy, who just climbed-in and waited for me to show-up.

I brought the several rifles and semi-auto shotgun into the bedroom, and kept my Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, on the bed stand, with 2 extra mags, right next to the alarm clock, "just in case".

I set the alarm for 10am; Jenny had plenty of fresh food and water for the night and early morning until I got-up to make breakfast, and I needed to sleep-in semi-late, after getting-up daily at 4:30-5:00am for the past 9-10 weeks. I was physically and mentally exhausted from it. The Police Dep't and Fire Dep't combined Picnic was at 1:30pm, so I'd make that by 2pm with no problem, "fashionably late", of course. Nothing next July 4th Weekend, as they'd all be busy with traffic, drunk drivers and out-of-control BBQ fires. I was asleep in my ultra-comfy, King-Sized bed, in under 5 minutes.

Crap, I was awake at 5:30am on Sunday, made 2 slow-fried, sunny-side-up eggs with grits and Keller's® Butter and coffee, turned-on my cellphone and police scanner, and plopped myself down in the LR chair. It was 61°F outside, so I opened-up The Cabin's windows to let some fresh mountain air inside. Too early to go to town and get a newspaper, even from the corner news-box stands for 35¢; they wouldn't be stocked until around 6:45am or so. So I did some reading until it got light at 6:30, dressed, closed-up The Cabin, armed it and fired-up the Jeep to go into town and took Jenny along. The only paper they get here is "The Patriot News" from Harrisburg, so I bought a copy and drove around the deserted town, except for Old Mrs Patagonia's Bakery, which was seemingly always open and baking something. Soon enough, thousands of people and their families would be heading to their various Churches, for 9am Services.

I had the Beowulf® .50cal with an EoTech Red Dot Scope, and 335gr .50cal rounds .50cal Beowulf Rifle in the back seat in its Eagle Carrying Bag with pockets and compartments for all rifles & shotguns, "just in case". It was quiet and peaceful. I did run into two Deputies, on patrol – Tim and Alex – and we shook hands, as they welcomed me back to AJ, and chatted for a few minutes. Them back to patrolling for them. The two new Deputies, who replaced the murdered Bob and Charles, were just back from the The PA State Police Academy, and would have "desk duty" for 2-3 weeks, putting a strain on the other 3 Deputies and Capt Clay to fill-in. But it was SOP (standard operating procedure until they were acclimated to the routine). As a "Volunteer Deputy", I never had to go through any of that "training stuff", especially with my extensive US Military background in the US Army Special Forces.

I drove through the residential section of my former 10-square block patrol area, past the Johnson Home, Acton Home, the Franklin's Mansion, the Adam's Mansion, the Henderson home, the Adam's Junction Bed & Breakfast Inn, and the Jefferson Mansion. Adam's Junction was where I'd want to retire, if it actually existed.

I headed back to The Cabin, re-opened the windows and front screen door to air-out the place, and began to do some minor mail sorting which Randy had left in a pile on the Dining Room Table. Since AJ was a "virtual place", I didn't get real mail; only local junk mail and that went quickly into the garbage. I did keep the flyer about the Police-Fire Dept Combined Picnic today. I figured that I'd better make "something" to bring along, so as to be a contributor and not just a moocher. So I searched the pantry, found 7 24oz of Bush's® Country-Style™ Beans, 3 lbs of thick, country slab bacon, catsup, 3 Vidalia onions (minced), garlic (minced), 1qt thick molasses, 2 lbs brown sugar, and dumped it all into a 12qt Stainless Stockpot to simmer for 3-4 hours, after frying-up the bacon in batches and chopping it into medium pieces, after it'd cooled. It'd need stirring every 20-30 minutes, and I did it. That's be my offering for the picnickers. I'm sure there'd be other bean-type dishes, but none would taste this good. This is one of my "special recipes".

I settled back in the LR to read the Sunday paper and Jenny curled-up on her Kodiak Bearskin rug, near my feet. I dozed-off but was awakened by the alarm going-off as someone was driving-up the 1,000ft crushed stone driveway and hit the full-width pressure plate sensor, installed last Fall by Choice Security Co. It was Capt Clay Atler, and he pulled into the circle turnaround by my Jeep, at the front-side of The Cabin, large deck & picnic table area. "Something smells mighty good!", he bellowed. I answered the door with the Kimber in my right hand, cocked & locked, and then put the safety on and it back in my Galco FED paddle holster. I invited him inside and we sat and talked for 25-30 minutes, about all the things which had happened since I was last here in April. Adams' Junction certainly had changed, and not for the better, it appeared. He needed more and more help to keep the crime and illegals under control, since the Feds were doing zero to help him. But his budget had been frozen and that left no room for any expansion; merely fill the two dead Deputies' positions without adding any new people or equipment. He was stuck in a "time and money warp". I told him about my slumping business, and the entire York, Lancaster, Baltimore and Harford Counties' doldrums for "discretionary income spending", and that I didn't see it improving any time in the distant future, until well after 2012, providing we get the incompetent asshole out of The White House and rid of most of the entrenched US Congress. He agreed. We're both staunch Conservative Tea Partiers. Clay reminded me of the picnic and I said I'd be there; that's what was I was cooking for right now. He left after getting a call about a "domestic disturbance", the most dangerous kind, IMO, next to an outright armed robbery. I asked if he wanted me along, but he said to stay here and relax; he'd handle it.

I settled back down to read and turned-on the police scanner to hear what Clay was up to. The house was only a few miles up the road on the way to AJ, and I heard Clay quickly call for back-up, as there were 3 guys with shotguns threatening one of their wives after getting drunk playing cards around 6am. The were also shooting at him from 100-200yds away; not an effective shotgun range for any load. It would take 5-10 minutes for help to arrive, the way the 3 remaining Deputies were spread so thin in the area. I grabbed my Kimber .45cal, Deputy Sheriff Badge & ID and my AR-10 .308cal (7.62 x 51mm NATO), with Leupold Gold Dot CQ/T Scope (300-600 yds), 10 20-round mags of .308cal (7.62 x 51mm NATO) ammo, closed-down The Cabin, armed it and jumped in the Jeep and raced to that driveway entrance, where Clay was crouched behind the cruiser's engine block as the 3 were taking random shots from various open windows. I asked Capt Clay, "Do I start winging 'em or killing 'em?" He said, "Kill 'em!" He'd already been hit in the leg with a couple of .00 buckshot, and that had to hurt. I pulled out the AR-10 and as each appeared to aim and shoot, shot him "cleanly" in the "Sniper's Triangle", just "below the throat and between the nipples", causing instant death. Clay was relieved to see me show-up so quickly, and I reminded him that I had a scanner and heard about this shit going down. I had my Deputy's Badge & ID along, so everything was legal. Just then, Deputy Tim's cruiser pulled into the entrance and the beaten wife came out with her hands-up. She was taken into custody by Tim, cuffed and put in the backseat of his car for questioning and paperwork. Clay called Memorial Hospital for The Coroner's Truck, an ambulance with EMTs and 3 body bags. They arrived in about 10-12 minutes from the north side of town. Clay was patched-up quickly and the EMTs cleaned the small wound, tweezered-out 3 buckshot, gave him some painkillers and he was okay. Clay and I did some preliminary paperwork, and he said he'd finish it up. He'd have to call-in CSI from Harrisburg, for an investigation on Monday. The area was taped-off as a crime scene, and my 3 .308cal casings bagged as evidence. He said CSI "missed me" because I "got things done, quickly and efficiently", whereas long, drawn-out shoot-outs and other events always got messy and consumed a lot of paperwork on their part. Mine weren't; they were quick and clean. "Back to my pot of beans and see you at the picnic", I said, and left to go to The Cabin.

I kept the place closed-up, and turned the AC down to 76°F to take some of the humidity out of the interior. I also changed the AC/furnace filter, which made a huge difference in the airflow. It'd been 1-2 months and I'd forgotten to do that, as I had 10 spare "hypo-allergen" filters (1" x 16" x 25") in the utility room. The old filter went into the garbage can out back. I went out on to the deck and looked at the 30 Princeton® American Elms which Tim Swanson and I had planted last Fall, and they had easily grown 4-5ft since Spring, and were developing beautifully. Soon, they'd fill-in for all the 30-40 diseased and crumbling native (shitty) trees, which I'd had logged-out last Summer, after I bought the 43 acres. I was most pleased with the results of Tim's and my weekend efforts. And fertilizing with Holly-Tone® helped a great deal, too, as did the wet and cool Spring here in the mountains.

The beans needed stirring a fifth time, I had the newspaper to finish reading, and Jenny was getting hungry again, so I took care of all of those tasks. With The Cabin closed-up since April, no cleaning or laundry was necessary. It just needed airing-out and I did that before turning-on the AC. I had plenty of 300-thread-count sheets in the linen closet, as well as towels, and would bring all that stuff home to do at the condo, and return it next July 4th Holiday Weekend. I took the pot off the Vulcan 6-Burner Gas Stove to cool, for transport to the picnic, in a couple of hours. It sure looked, smelled and tasted good.

I laid-out 5 sheets of newspaper out on the DR Table and cleaned the AR-10, from the 3 shots this morning, and put it away in its carrying bag in the Master BR. It was 12:45pm and I clamped the lid of the cooled-off beans' pot shut for transport to the Adams'-Madison Picnic Grounds, on the west side of town. It'd be at least a 20-minute drive, past the Police & City and Fire Stations, through the Town Square and just 3 miles from Nell's Kitchen Drive-In Restaurant, in Adam's-Madison Park. I took both my Beowulf .50cal with an EoTech Red Dot Scope, and 300gr .50cal HP rounds and Remy 11-87 Semi-Automatic 12ga Shotgun with an EoTech Red Dot Scope, along in the Jeep's backseat, "just in case". My Deputy Badge & ID went for the ride, too.

I arrived at the Adams'-Madison Picnic Grounds around 2:15pm and parked where I could find a space, as the place was packed with families BBQ-ing and kids running all over the place, playing Frisbee®, softball, pitch-and-catch, skateboarding, rollerblading etc. One of the Volunteer Firemen helped me lug the large and heavy 12qt pot of beans to the Main Pavilion, where people were cooking and serving themselves. It went front and center on the Main Table and two large ladles helped scoop the beans onto plates, along with burgers, BBQ, hot dogs, 5 kinds of potato salad, cole slaws, 3-bean salads, pizza, rolls, relish, mustard, catsup and so many other foods and condiments that I just can't name them, off-hand. I helped myself to a large plate of "everything" and came back for another cheeseburger and BBQ sandwich. I was definitely hungry. I wrapped two cheeseburgers in tinfoil and put them in the Jeep, for Jenny, for later when i got home.

I must have been greeted, had my hand shook and back slapped 500x; everyone I knew was there and hundreds I didn't know greeted me and welcomed me back to AJ. They'd heard what happened this morning with Capt Clay and the shoot-out, as well as my numerous run-ins with perps and bad guys over the past few months, and were most grateful. They said, almost to the person, that they wished I lived here and could help rid the town of all the bad influences moving into it, but that just wasn't possible I said. I had a business to run in the York area and that *demanded* my full-time attention just to keep it afloat over the past 3 years of Depression (not recession!). I was introduced to 500+ polite children from those families, which areas I'd once patrolled. Now that two Deputies were dead, and two more were soon coming on-line, they hoped things would change. I did, too.

I politely-declined the beer, wine and liquor and instead drank ice water, making way too many visits to the Porta-Johns™, but had a great time, anyway. My 12qt pot of beans was empty within an hour and so many asked for my "recipe", I recited it verbatim for them to copy down.

I sat down at a shaded picnic table with (on-call) Capt Clay and some of the (on-call) Volunteer and Full-Time Firemen to talk about the specifics of what had happened to AJ, since I left ack in April to open and run my business. They said that the "re-grouped" Holtzapples and Groves were having a "bloody turf war" bringing-in meth, coke, pot and black tar heroin, and then moving 95% of it on to Harrisburg, York, Lancaster and other larger cities where they had distribution networks. The rest went to addicts and kids in this town. Apparently, it didn't take them long to set all this up, once I was gone and stopped killing so many of them. Recruiting "mules" to move the dope was easy; even some of the older high school drop-outs I'd met or arrested, were involved in this crap. I told them all that, "the world as we knew it has changed, and is continuing to change, for the worse. America is teetering on the brink of insolvency and the dollar could collapse, Europe was already falling apart, Asia and South America are also very unstable, Mexico is a basket case, Canada is seeing unrest like never before and on and on and on". It scared them somewhat, but it had to be said, and I backed it all up with facts. "What do we do?" was the unanimous question.

"Invest in guns and instead of gold and silver, buy brass and lead to protect yourselves, Families and neighbors, because if it all falls apart, you have to defend what's rightfully yours from roving bands of murderous, hungry looters and rioters. Don't be afraid to shoot and kill them. One shot; one kill. Stockpile ammo for all your weapon calibers. Stockpile 1-2 years worth of canned food. Convert your gas generators and LPG for your well(s) and furnaces to solar power, as gas/diesel will be either non-existent or too expensive to purchase. Purchase a water purification kit, so you have potable, drinkable water. Stockpile TP, non-hybrid survival seeds, be prepared to live like you're back in the 1800s. Most important of all: VOTE THE POLS (∅bummer & Co, RINOs, GOPers, liberals, demokkkRATs etc) OUT OF OFFICE IN 2012, AND REPLACE THEM WITH CONSERVATIVES AND TEA-PARTIERS, who can turn the Country around and help us! Help get the Nation back on a sound financial footing by cutting all this taxing, spending, increase domestic oil & gas production and drastically-cut regulations on small businesses, who provide 70% of America's jobs. Put the corporate criminals into prison or better yet, execute them in US Military Tribunals as traitors, along with the corrupt and do-nothing politicians; I can name 355 out of the 435 in the US Congress and one in The White House, right now!"

It was already getting on to 3:30, and some people began cleaning-up the Park, and leaving; there was school tomorrow and other family matters to attend to. I decided to stay until 4:30 and then head back to The Cabin, to feed Jenny the cheeseburgers I'd saved for her, pack-up and head back to York by 8pm, to get up at 5am and ready for work at 6:15 on Monday morning. I had a very busy 6-day week ahead: blinds and tracks to take down, a shattered, massive runtoom winow to be replaced and a doctor's appointment this week, pus another next week. I told them that I'd be back for much of the July 4th Holiday Weekend, but needed some quality time in York, to spend with my elderly parents. We all shook hands and parted friends and co-patriots, and who said they'd begin doing what I'd suggested.

After picking-up my 12qt bean pot, I saw someone had washed and dried it, thanked the remaining ladies in the Pavillion and headed to the Jeep. After a few dozen more handshakes and "we wish you were staying here", I managed to drive back to The Cabin, feed Jenny the two cheeseburgers, and relaxed on the LR couch for a couple of hours. The building was armed, I was packed-up to leave, but needed some rest from getting-up so early, as usual. Old work habits like that are difficult to break and even change a little. I slept until 5:30pm, said goodbye to Jenny until next weekend (she understood), closed-down The Cabin, called Randy on my cellphone to let him know I'd be back next Saturday afternoon through Monday evening so he could continue taking good care of Jenny, armed the building and left for York. Since traffic was sparse and it was getting dusk, I was back there in a flash.

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