Chapter 69

August 12th, 2011

William The Handyman

After leaving my condo in East York, and heading north on I-83 to the Dauphin County exit for Adam's Junction, I made my way to Roy's Shell Gas & Service Station just off the exit to fill-up, and went inside to see if Roy was around. It was 15:15hrs (3:15pm).

If you remember from last weekend, I found his son Randy, dead on my Cabin's Front Porch, from a double 12ga shotgun blast to the chest and face, ostensibly over a drug deal gone bad. Randy was also my long-time "Cabin & Jenny-sitter", snowplower, woodsplitter and all-around handyman, but I had no idea he might be using my property or Cabin for anything nefarious. The box of Oxycontin etc drugs I'd found in his "new $60,000 pick-up truck" told me otherwise. Capt Clay would tell me a lot more, this

weekend, after having had a chance to investigate the murder of Randy, and my shooting/killing of the 2 bad guys who did it, immediately upon my arrival at The Cabin, last Saturday afternoon. The DEA, FBI, IRS, PA State Police, CSI and AJPD were all in on this one; it was part of a large distribution ring in the Mid-Atlantic & Northeast Regions, and apparently they had some "questions" for Roy, but were unable to locate him.

Roy wasn't there; he'd gone to Randy's private family funeral on Thursday, and left the state with his brother from Ohio, leaving his manager and two ass't managers in-charge. I drove on to The Cabin, hoping not to find another scene like last weekend. Up the long, gravel drive, I didn't see anything unusual when I arrived. The grass meadow needed cutting and I'd need to If I didn't invent "The Virtual Cabin" to escape to, I'd have gone nuts over a year ago, with all the burdens the lousy economy and political traitors in DC have foisted upon me and my business. Although "virtual" when I'm there, it's "real" to me and I "come back" refreshed and ready for another week in the so-called "real world". contact Tony at Bev & Tony's General Store about finding a "replacement" for Randy, as the mowing was one of his "many paid jobs" for me. Tony had taken care of Jenny and The Cabin this past week, and I would be going into town after seeing Jenny, unpacking the Jeep, and getting The Cabin going. I disarmed the building and went inside to see Jenny; at least she was happy to see me and almost knocked me over again. I fed and watered her, brought-in my gear and weapons, turned-on the AC and unpacked. No sooner had I decided to leave for Adam's Junction to talk to Tony, than Capt Clay called on my cellphone, and asked if I was in town yet; I said I'd just arrived, needed to meet with Tony to get some caretaking issues settled, and that I'd stop by his AJPD Office immediately afterward. Fine by him, and I left for town.

After meeting with Tony & Bev, they guided me to a handyman of theirs, who could easily fill Randy's shoes, and then some. His name was William Becker, and he'd been friends with Bev & Tony for many, many years, as well as being their snowplower, woodcutter, handyman etc, too. They gave me a number and I thanked them as I left, having bought a carton of Marlboro®s, bread, milk, a fresh 1-lb bag of French Roast Beans, and personally ground it into Turkish-Grind (powder) in their store's industrial coffee-grinding machine. I called William on the way to Capt Clay's Office and talked with him. He would be happy to have the work and could do all of Randy's "chores" and whatever else I'd ask of him. I needed the meadow mowed ASAP, and Jenny and The Cabin cared-for as well as a boatload of other things, which would be coming-up fast. We'd meet and I'd review it all with him, on Sunday after he'd come back from Church. He'd come to The Cabin around 1pm and I'd have it all laid-out on a calendar-type schedule. I could do that at the AJPD if Clay would let me use one of their computers and MS-Word for 15-20 minutes. It was now 16:00hrs (4pm).

I stopped at the AJPD, put on my dark, navy-blue Deputy Sheriff Baseball Cap, embroidered with "Deputy Sheriff" on the front, and on the back above the adjustable strap, parked in #7 space, and went inside to be greeted by newly-promoted Sgt Alex at the Front Desk, and by Deputies Tim, Jon, Alan, Lee and Arthur heading-out for patrol duty on their respective shifts. They were all smiles and shook my hand vigorously. Happy crew, I thought

to myself. Clay came out and escorted me back to his new AJPD Office & Conference Room. I was further impressed at how he'd furnished the multiple rooms and all the work which had been done to the Station inside, since I was here last weekend. All the new electronics, offices, lighting, conference, storage, evidence, holding rooms etc were finished and fully-occupied. The $1,500,000+ State/ Federal Grant had really paid-off for the AJPD and Town Hall; I wondered "what he now owed and to whom", for it, but wouldn't ask that particular question just yet. There would be a time that I would need to, but it wasn't right now. He began to fill me in on Randy's case.

I was stunned at what he told me, from the case folder and his desk computer: that Randy and his father, Roy, had been covertly-involved with the Holtzapples and Groves in an Oxy and Meth distribution ring, and that's where Roy had gotten all the "unaccounted-for money" to expand his gas/service-station/towing business, buy the adjoining property and build the motel and Bed & Breakfast, next door to it. The DEA, BATFE, IRS and PA State Bureau of Narcotics Investigation Units had been watching them for a long time, tapping phone lines, monitoring bank accounts, checking contractors and realtors etc, to quietly build this case. Randy's shooting and death brought it all out; my shooting/killing of the two Holtzapples (Joe & Benny) at my Cabin last weekend, precipitated the Feds going into action before their investigation was fully-completed, but they had enough evidence on Roy and Randy, tying them both to the drug ring. I felt my chin hit my lap, and Clay noticed it, too.

I had no idea until I saw that new GMC $60,000 pick-up truck of Randy's, Roy's business expansion and new motel/restaurant business, and suddenly all of this made sense and tied-itself together quite nicely. I'd been duped by Randy using my property as a meeting place for distribution deals, but the Feds knew all about it, and I was easily-absolved of involvement and liability, and the property and Cabin were in no danger of confiscation by them. I needed confirmation of that from the Feds, and If you live long enough, you have regrets, and the ones that "nag" at you the most, are the ones where you knew you had a choice. The very same ones where you knew you could have stopped yourself; the very same ones where you looked into a mirror, and everything good inside yourself said, "Don't do this". It all hit me like a ton of bricks. immediately put a call in to my personal/corporate attorney in York, Marc Robinson, ESQ, who'd get in touch with his contacts in the Atty General's Office, right away. He called back in 15 minutes, while Clay and I were still reviewing details of the ever-expanding case, and confirmed what Clay had said: I and the 43-acre Property and Cabin were safe from any prosecution. I'd be a willing witness for the Gov't, at their request and subpoena, and I had no problem with that at all.

Capt Clay also told me that they'd captured the two shooters, now charged with a double murder in the convenience store shootings last Sunday afternoon, in the pick-up I'd spotted and followed to the white farmhouse, on the northside of Town. They'd been arraigned and confined without bail, to county jail until their trial in October.

He also told me that the new weapons would be arriving by armored car and PA State Police Troopers on Friday, September 2nd, and that he'd store them for me, in the new secure Storage Room, until I came to get them on Saturday, Sept 3rd, for testing and shooting lessons, early Sunday morning at my Cabin's Outdoor Shooting Range, though the State Police would prefer I use their Official Harrisburg Range, but that was too far to travel and leave Adam's Junction unguarded. It'd take several shifts and I just didn't have the time to do it, with having to get back Monday evening for work on Tuesday, after the 3-day Labor Day Holiday Weekend. 15 cases of assorted ammo would accompany the full-auto, high-powered rifles, semi-automatic shotguns and semi-automatic pistols, for my use in training his force.

Bewildered by it all, I asked Clay if I could use one of the office computers to generate a 2011-2012 monthly calendar in MS-Word, for my meeting with "handyman", William Becker and Clay told me to use the new Front Counter HP unit and laser printer. He'd known Becker for many years, and quickly-vouched for him, as Bev & Tony had done; I felt better about hiring him. I got done what I needed and headed back to The Cabin, to get some dinner, although my appetite was somewhat lacking after hearing almost 1¼hrs of these two cases. I couldn't do this stuff for a "living", I decided. I'd had a 10oz Allen Bros® Filet Mignon thawed, so the rest would be easy. Everything in my Kitchen, Kitchen Table & Pantry, 'fridge, freezer and larder was there. I just had to work an appetite back-up again after being stunned at hearing what Clay just told me.

I decided to go for a short drive around the quaint old village of Adam's Junction's north residential area, and then through its southern residential area. I really loved those old, and so well-cared-for homes and properties. The short drive turned into an hour's "excursion", as I stopped at Old Mrs Patagonia's Bakery to pick-up some "Hot Cross Sticky Buns" just before she closed at 19:00hrs (7pm). I also walked around several blocks looking in various stores on the south end of AJ's Main Street, to see if anything was new. Then I headed back to The Cabin. Now, I was hungry once again, not having eaten since breakfast at 5am.

I fired-up my Vulcan 6-Burner Gas Range & Oven's Grill for the 10oz Allen Bros "Prime" Filet Mignon w/ melted Maytag® Bleu Cheese, made Oven-Roasted Russet Potatoes (with skin-on) cut in 1" pieces, drizzled w/ EVOO and Kosher Sea Salt, sauted onions & roasted red peppers, Tomato Basil Pasta, Garden Bean Salad, Jello® Mousse for dessert and Ocean Spray® Diet Blueberry-Pomegranate Juice. I was more than full, and had "shared" part of the steak with Jenny, who inhaled it. I did the dishes and put them in the double-sink rack to dry.

I didn't have a chance to get a shower and some fresh clothes when I'd arrived, as events had happened too fast, so now I was going to do that and sit around in my Turkish Bathrobe and do some reading in the Living Room. The shower felt great and I was very tired from the day's length and persistent activity, so I'd definitely be getting to sleep sometime well before 10pm. I fed and watered Jenny one more time, so she'd have plenty to eat and drink overnight, as she's a "snacker", like my condo cat, Murphy is, during the night. He also gets an extra portion of food and water for "overnight snacking".

I laid-out everything I needed for tomorrow's breakfast, as I usually do, so there'd be no "fumbling around" for what I'd want to cook in the Kitchen, tomorrow morning. I had breakfast firmly-envisioned and the Dining Room table set for it. Now the yawns were setting-in and it was time to call it a day-and-a-half. It was starting to thunder, lightening and rain, as the forecast for t-storms from my Cabin's Professional-Grade Weather Station were now moving through the area. I armed the building, checked the front/rear spotlight arrays, turned-up the AC to 77°F and headed to bed at 21:15hrs (9:15pm), with Jenny close behind. I was just hoping that there'd be no "weird dreams" to contend with tonight, as I'd had enough of it last night. My Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP is on the nightstand, right next to me, with 3 extra 8-round magazines. And always within reach, even when I shower.

Up once during the night, due to the t-storms' thunderous noise, I checked the electrical panel and no breakers had been thrown, yet. There is a very reliable Cabin back-up solar generator, so I don't worry about power at all. I was back up at 05:00hrs (5am) and felt like crap the next morning. It took a while to build an appetite. Maybe I ate too much for dinner the night before, so I just made coffee to start. I fed and watered Jenny, and she went to her Kodiak Bearskin and curled-up for some sleep. I wanted to take her for a walk down the driveway to get some fresh air and let her "do her business" in the meadow grass, alongside the long, gravel drive to The Cabin. I'd cleaned-out her litter boxes on the rubber tarp in the 2nd Bedroom, so she was good for a few more days, until I met with William to give him "the schedule" for taking care of the dog and Cabin and all the other "chores", at 13:00hrs (1pm).

I went out on to the deck to the left of the porch, and sat down at the picnic table with my coffee and .45, but the humidity was like being back in VietNam again: 95%, at least. It just hung in the air over the 4-acre meadow and obscured most of the treetops and anything beyond 300-400ft. I was 6:15am, and I wished now that I'd gone back to bed after F&W Jenny, at least for a few more hours. At least my minor back pain, from the fall in the torrential rain at the Complex a few weeks ago, had subsided, thanks to the aspirin. I decided to go inside, get dressed and drive into town and watch people going to Church, from the west side of AJ's Town Square. I loaded the Beowulf .50cal with an EoTech Red Dot Scope, and and 10 extra 11-round mags of 335gr .50cal rounds (causing massive damage to whatever it hits inside of 200yds), into the Jeep's backseat in its carrying bag, grabbed my new Deputy Sheriff's Baseball Cap, my Deputy Sheriff Badge & ID, extra mags for the Kimber .45cal, armed The Cabin and headed for town. It was 08:00hrs (8am).

I stopped at the AJPD & Town Hall and checked-in with the Front Desk Deputy, Alan, and new Dispatcher, Ruth, who'd just been hired to replace Mary Ellen, who was now on "maternity leave". Capt Clay was at Church with his family and wouldn't be in until around 9:45am, so I told them I'd be available by radio or cellphone, in case of an emergency, but that I had a 1pm meeting with my new "handyman", William, at The Cabin, and probably would be leaving the area by 6-7pm. I left and drove to west side of AJ's Town Square, parking diagonally right in front of the bench I'd staked-out. One of my "little Town Square friends" immediately descended on the area and I fed him, and several others who joined him, from a 2-lb bag of shelled peanuts. One of them sat on the bench right next to me and held-out a clawed paw for more nuts, and I gave him all he could eat. Their little cheeks were bulging, and then they all scurried away as people started moving through The Square.

My Cabin's Weather Station indicated, just before I left, that we'd had 1½" of rain overnight, a temp of 73°F and 98% humidity; very, very uncomfortable. The First National Bank's Clock read 09:45hrs (9:45am) and 79°F, but nothing beyond that. Every time the sun peeked through, it became stiflingly hot and miserably humid. Luckily, I was sitting under a massive Maple Tree's shade on the bench, and it wasn't as bad as it could have been out in the sun. The clouds were low, since Adam's Junction is 3,200ft up in the mountains, and with the massive local trees' canopy shade, it's quite tolerable.

I wished that Tim Swanson and I had planted 30 much larger "Princeton®" American Elms on my 43-acre secluded property last Fall, so I could enjoy the shade faster, but at a 3-4ft growth rate per year, the 30gal (14-16ft units we'd installed) would "get there" just in time for me to be sitting on the front porch of "Autumn House" with a drool bucket taped to my chin, being fed oatmeal and grits, since all my teeth had probably fallen-out by then. Heh; just kidding. The 18 Elms lining both sides of my 1,000ft stone driveway were already 22-25ft tall and beginning to "canopy-up", as were the ones around The Cabin and especially the one shading the left-side of The Cabin, large deck & picnic table. I was pleased with Tim's and my efforts, considering what undersized equipment we had to work with in just two short weekends. I've religiously fed them all copious quantities of Espoma®'s acidic Holly-Tone® Fertilizer, to help them grow and develop even more quickly than usual. Cutting-down 30-40 native junk tees, by Billy Knaut, local arborist & tree-cutter, was a wise decision since most were diseased, and could have fallen upon The Cabin in the certain coming Spring/Summer/Fall or Winter storms.

While having a smoke, I noticed 2 clapped-out pick-ups moving quickly through the Bank & Maple Streets' intersection, both running the 4-way red light and almost causing several accidents. I jumped into the my2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee "Laredo", and sped after them, careful not to cause any moving traffic situations. They pulled-over at the Rite-Aid® Drugstore, which was closed. Two went around back carrying satchels, and two sat in their truck, right at the storefront. I radioed to the AJPD Dispatcher that a "possible 2-11" (armed robbery/ burglary) was about to happen, the location, number of perps, their positions etc. Ruth said Capt Clay & Sgt Alex were now "on it", and 2 other Deputies were nearby and would respond in their Police Cruisers. I pulled-over and parked across the street, about 10 stores east of the drugstore. My guess is that they were after the inside Pharmacy Dept's supplies of narcotics and, since the town was pretty much deserted from people being at Church and back home for lunch, it would be an ideal time to do a hit-and-run. They, or someone else, had probably "cased-out-the-place" and would know exactly where they'd be going inside and what to grab.

Sgt Alex and Deputy Jon had the back of the store, while Capt Clay, Deputy Arthur and I had the front. They'd parked their Cruisers around the corner, at my request, so as not to give away my position. I had my Beowulf .50cal with an EoTech Red Dot Scope, and and 10 extra 11-round mags of 335gr .50cal rounds out and sighted-in on the waiting pick-up and on the storefront glass doors. The Beowulf's .50cal 335gr HP (hollow-point) ammo can stop a vehicle dead, and any living thing downrange is pure hamburger, causing massive damage and/or instant death to whatever/whomever it hits, inside of 200yds. These 4 idiots had no idea of what was about to happen if they came into my sights. Clay, Alex and the 2 Deputies has standard Police-issued 12ga Remy 870 Pumps, though nice weapons, pretty much useless at this range. Their .38cal sidearms were also crap. All that would change in a few weeks, after their new "arsenal" arrived and I taught them how to use it all to great effect.

Sure enough, gunfire erupted from the back and inside of the store; the 2 perps had set-off the alarm, grabbed the narcotics and tried to get out the back door, but the 2 Deputies forced them back inside. Then, they smashed the front doors and ran out on to the sidewalk, while the 2 others motioned for them to get into the back of their truck. I aimed at the rear truck tires and flattened both. Then I shot both men from the store, who had their sawed-off 12ga shotguns out and were carrying overflowing bags of Rx drugs, blowing one back through the door and the other tumbling-down the sidewalk. It was "colorful", to say the least. Several unexpected pedestrian shoppers ducked into storefront alcoves for cover, while I fired 3 more 335gr rounds into the truck's engine compartment, smashing the engine and making escape impossible. Both men threw their shotguns out of the truck and put their hands-up. It was over, as Clay and Arthur secured their weapons, cuffed them both to the truck and checked the 2 dead perps. Meanwhile, Alex and Jon came running out of the store, while I still had it all sighted-in; then I put the Beowulf down, unchambered the .50cal round and detached the magazine. I put it away in the Jeep, locked it, unholstered my Kimber .45cal, and walked over to the store and scene of carnage. Two Memorial Hospital Ambulances & 4 EMTs arrived, along with the Pumper & 5 Firemen from the AJ Fire Dep't, to clean-off the sidewalk and storefront, after pics had been shot, diagrams made and statements recorded. By now, the street was filled with 6-7 Police Cruisers, 2 Ambulances, a Fire truck and more units were on the way, as I could hear sirens in the distance. I slumped against Clay's Cruiser and sat on the ground, making sure I had my Badge/ID with me, and my Deputy Sheriff's Baseball Cap on.

I overheard the Ambulance EMTs and Firemen commenting about "what a mess that .50cal causes to the human body", "it's overkill" and "we're always the ones to have to clean-up the messes", but I could give a good rat's ass. The perps were also armed and would have shot and killed all of us, had I not done what I did. I've done it with either the Beowulf .50cal or my AR-10 .308cal (7.62 x 51mm NATO), with the Leupold Gold Dot Mark 4 CQ/T Scope, and .308cal (7.62 x 51mm NATO) ammo in the new 20-round magazines, on numerous occasions. Soon, Capt Clay and his Police Force would have matching weapons, and be able to fend for themselves, after my tutelage and much practice on their part.

Two PA State Troopers arrived in separate Cruisers. It was now 11:40hrs (11:40am), and I had a 13:00hrs (1pm) meeting back at The Cabin. Clay said he had enough information from me and that I could go; if he needed anything further, he'd be in touch. I left as the Fire truck began hosing-down the area after the bodies had been "tagged & bagged" and removed to the Ambulances, glass swept-up, the 2 other scumbags given their Miranda Rights carted away to jail for arraignment in the back of Sgt Alex' Cruiser, followed by Deputies Jon and Arthur, and some workmen arrived to board-up the (former) glass doors and large storefront windows. One of the pedestrian shoppers who ducked into a storefront when the shooting started, had apparently "pissed himself" and was giving Capt Clay a "raft-of-shit" about the incident, being forced to stand there and give his statement to the AJPD. Heh; what a schmuck.

I drove back through town and south on the road back to The Cabin, to clean the Beowulf .50cal, fed & water Jenny, and to get ready for my meeting with William, my new "handyman" replacement for Randy. It was 14:25hrs (12:25pm) and I had the "calendar schedule" for the next 10 months filled-out, for what I'd need William to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. So it was just a matter of reviewing it all, agreeing on compensation and giving him a key and alarm combination for The Cabin. He showed-up at 12:55hrs (12:55pm) – I like early rather than late – and we had our meeting; the work and compensation was agreeable with him, and I hired him on-the-spot. I told him he starts tonight after I leave at 18:00hrs (6pm). We shook hands, exchanged cellphone/home and my office phone numbers, and he left. After changing bed linens, doing a load of laundry, putting away the breakfast dishes, cleaning the bathroom and doing some vacuuming, I was drained, and after the morning's events, decided to take a "short nap" on the LR Couch.

I woke-up at 16:30hrs (4:30pm), and started packing for the *quick trip* back to York. I was always sorry to see my visits here end, and I'd look forward to the next time I could get away, even for a short time.

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