Chapter 70

August 17th, 2011

Stormy Weather

On Saturday, I hit I-83 north about 14:45hrs (2:45pm) in a heavy rain, and made it to the Dauphin County exit for Adam's Junction, in a few short minutes. I passed the Entering Village Sign on the right and knew I wasn't far away from my driveway. I drove on to The Cabin, turned right into the long, gravel drive up to The Cabin, parked in the circle turnaround in front of the porch/ rightside deck area, and disarmed the building. Something was odd; the meadow was neatly cross-hatch-mowed, like a golf course, as was the grass around The Cabin, the gardens had been edged, mulched and dozens of new, colorful seasonal perennials had been planted. My new "handyman", William Becker, had really made an impression on me. Wow.

I went inside and Jenny greeted me with copious licks and an "uplifted paw" to shake, without jumping-up and knocking me down, for a change. I was stunned. Had William trained her? I finished bringing-in my gear and weapons, while Jenny sat, unchained on the porch, seemingly oblivious to all the squirrels and rabbits running in the meadow and around the house. Normally, she'd be going nuts about them and would require tethering to the railing. I called her in and she came willingly.

After closing the place up, I turned-on the AC to cool down and dehumidify everything, fed and watered her, checked her 2 litter boxes in the 2nd Bedroom and they'd just been changed. The Cabin was absolutely spotless, from the Kitchen & Pantry, to the Bathroom and my Master Bedroom to the Dining Room and Living Room & Hearth. I went out to the back porch, and all the firewood had been re-cross-stacked, as well as in the large woodshed about 50ft away, to facilitate drying and aging for Winter usage. I was really impressed. He deserved a bonus for all this extra attention. I'd take care of that before I left and call him with a big "thanks", too.

I unpacked, took a shower, changed into some fresh clothes, and laid down on the LR sofa for a "nap", as I was tired of getting-up at 03:00hrs (3am) to be into work by 05:15hrs (5:15am). I wanted some simple respite and rest from all the "business BS" back in York. If business didn't pick-back-up, I had an unpleasant task ahead of me: "furloughing/ laying-off" a couple of employees for a few weeks, to cut expenses. Fortunately, the ones I had in mind also had some leftover Winter/Early Spring "banked hours" remaining, so they'd get a weekly paycheck without having to open a UC (Unemployment Claim), at least initially. I had some tough decisions to make, but wanted to forget it all for the rest of the weekend. I fell asleep at 15:30hrs (3:30pm) without calling Capt Clay and checking-in, as I usually do. It didn't take long for my "special" cellphone ring ("24" CTU Ringtone) to go off; it was Clay calling to see if I'd made it to town. I told him that I had and was catching a few Zs right now, and would call him when I got up in a few hours. He said he needed to talk to me right now, "please".

I made some Turkish-Grind, French Roast, Drip Coffee in the Chemex® Drip System, dressed, grabbed the Remy 11-87 Semi-Automatic 12ga Shotgun with an EoTech Red Dot Scope, in its Eagle Carrying Bag with pockets and compartments for an extra 100 shells of devastating Federal® 12ga .00 Buck (9 pellets) "FliteControl®" ammo, my a dark, navy-blue Deputy Sheriff Baseball Cap, Deputy Sheriff Badge & ID, gulped the coffee down, took a "car mug" along for the ride into town, just as the skies opened-up and it began pouring again. I had the wipers on full blast, something I never do and disdain if others use them that way, but it was raining so hard that I was having trouble seeing the road ahead for much more than 100ft at a time. The small creek alongside the road into town had become a raging torrent of a small river. It didn't let-up, in fact just got much worse, until I reached Adam's Junction and the Police Station & Town Hall parking lot, which was under 6-8" of water. Good thing I had my 12" LLBean Maine Insulated Hunting Boots along, as I put them on and waded through the rushing water to the AJPD from my parking space #7.

It was quiet inside the PD, except for the AJPD Dispatcher's Station, since the $1,500,000 renovation had included all new insulation for the entire building, along

with all the other many, major improvements and near-total renovation of the inside of the building. I passed and nodded to Sgt Alex at the Front Desk, and Capt Clay's Office "Suite" had grown another attached room: my new office. Imagine that! I now had my own Deputy's Office, and they had taken the liberty of furnishing it for me with all the latest electronics, office furniture and it even had a great view of the downtown section and Town Square. Clay proudly showed me around, but I could sense that there was some "unspoken resentment" from Deputies Alan, Jon, Tim & Lee, for a "part-timer" being so close to their Captain. Clay said, "They'll get over it." Sgt Alex had his own spacious office and welcomed me just fine. Clay offered me a coffee refill, and I took it. We sat down and went over the pending shipment of *new high-power, Class III weapons*, due to arrive by armored car, with PA State Police

escort and their FFL (Federal Firearms Licensed vendor-supplier), on Fri, August 26th. They'd go into immediate lockdown storage until I was ready for them to be brought to my Cabin's Outdoor Shooting Range, for prepping, break-in and lessons for Capt Clay & the 6 Deputies, on Sunday, September 4th, at 07:00hrs (7am). I was eagerly looking forward to it, and so was he. Then, the individual weapons, after being broken-in, certified and approved by me, would be issued to them all and they'd be good-to-go and heads-above any bad guys' arsenal. Clay was a little leery of the Beowulf .50cal with an EoTech Red Dot Scope, and 10 extra 11-round mags of 300gr .50cal rounds (causing massive damage to whatever it hits inside of 200yds), but was enthused about the AR-10s, Kimbers and Remy 11-87s. I assured him that the Beowulf, which he'd seen me use to great effect, numerous times, was absolutely necessary. He agreed.

It was getting on to 16:30hrs (4:30pm), and I had some stops to make in town to get a couple of things, so I thanked Clay for the new office, coffee refill and left. The rain had slowed and the parking lot was draining-out nicely. Deputy Jon's new new Police Cruiser had stalled-out and two guys from Roy's Shell Garage & Service Station had it on the flatbed, ready for transport to the garage for water damage/repairs. I reminded Jon to get all the weapons and gear from the trunk before it left the premises, and he quickly did that, though thoroughly-embarrassed that he hadn't thought to do so. I just smiled and nodded, got into my Jeep and headed to Old Mrs Patagonia's Bakery for some fresh-baked, English Muffins and "Hot Cross Sticky Buns" to take back to the Office, and next to Bev & Tony's General Store to get some groceries, Iam's® Wet & Dry Dogfood, Marlboros®, and thank them for introducing me to William and tell them about his fine work. I also wanted to stop at Sam's Barbershop (the only one in town) for a quick haircut, before heading back to The Cabin. It was going on 17:00hrs (5pm) now, and the drive home was uneventful. I called William on the cellphone and thanked him for doing so much for Jenny, The Cabin and me, and promised his usual check plus a nice "bonus" for doing all that extra work. He was most grateful.

After unpacking groceries, locking the Jeep and securing The Cabin, more t-storms kept rolling-in, with intensified lightening striking the front meadow numerous times, lights flickering, so I switched-over to my back-up generator and got-off the power grid. The Cabin's Professional-Grade Weather Station said much more was to come through. T-storm front after front kept coming through and I was glad I'd had the back-up generator installed late last Summer, but I cut back on the lights anyway and lit some of the many large scented candles, which I had strategically-placed around the rooms. I stood at the front bay window of The Cabin and watched the continuing hard rain, just hoping that York and Felton were getting some of this. Jenny sat alongside of me and I stroked her head, and I swear she was purring. My bad.

It was 18:00hrs (6pm) and time for some dinner. I switched-off the solar generator and back on to the power grid, extinguished the candles, and fired-up the Vulcan 6-Burner Gas Range, Grill & Oven. I made Butter-Poached Lobster on a Rice Pilaf, Chanterelles with White Wine, Butter & Parsley, heated-up some fresh, crusty Italian bread smeared with roasted garlic clove paste and Keller's® Butter, and drank several glasses of Ocean Spray® Diet Blueberry-Pomegranate Juice. I had to have some Red Mango Sherbet for dessert. After doing dishes, I put them in the double sink rack to dry. I'm not big on using the dishwasher here at The Cabin, but back at the condo, I use that one all the time only for full loads, plus the Garden Center's weekly coffee cups, dishes and flatware.

I plopped myself down in one of the comfy LR chairs and read some more of "Unintended Consequences" by John Ross, given to me by a good Conservative Friend who has moved to New England with his wife, both of whom I miss very much. I wish them all the very best in their new life. It's the 2nd time I've read this large tome, and I enjoy it more each time, find a "new gem" in the story, and think about my two Friends.

I armed the building, checked the front/rear spotlight array, turned the AC up to 78°F and decided to get some serious sleep. The rain continued and I always enjoy going to sleep when I hear the sound of water on the roof or skylights, as it's so restful and hypnotic for me. Like that soothing, artificial, electronic "natural background music" some people use, but different. I prefer the natural sound of rain, personally. I shut-down The Cabin and Jenny followed me into bed. It wasn't even 19:30hrs (7:30pm) yet, but I was tired and could use the extra hours in la-la land, hopefully with no weird dreams.

I slept until 03:30hrs (3:30am) and, out-of-habit with Murphy back at the condo, got-up to feed & water Jenny; then went back to sleep until 08:00hrs (8am). It was one of the best, most restful nights I've had in months. After splashing some ice-cold well water on my face to wake-up, I opened the front door and stood at the screen door, looking across the meadow. It's rained hard and a lot overnight, as there were small rivers of water draining from the backside of the property across the gravel road into the meadow and down to the stream, puddle everywhere and it looked like it was going to rain any second. my Cabin's Outdoor Shooting Range, The Cabin's Professional-Grade Weather Station showed more t-storms on the way. I closed-up, turned the AC to 77°F and decided to make some breakfast.

First, I made Turkish-Grind, French Roast, drip coffee in the Chemex® Drip System, to help me "get awake and organized". Then, I decided on Crisp, Country-Slab Bacon, Grits & Butter, Sunny-Side-Up Eggs, an English Muffin & Butter, along with a short-stack of Pancakes w/ Butter & Vermont Pure Maple Syrup. I did the dishes, pots & pans, and put them in the double-sink rack to dry, and took my coffee out on to the picnic table, in my t-shirt and shorts, along with my .45cal; just "old habit". The humidity was in the mid-90s range, but only 68°F and it felt nice to be out in the fresh air. Jenny was sitting beside me, once again untethered by her usual leash – I found out from William that he'd been a "trainer" and had given Jenny a "short-course on obedience" last week, for which I thanked him – and was watching the wild critters run around the property without going nuts and after them, as she used to. We saw a Black Bear Family – Mama and 3 Cubs, with Papa Bear following close behind – cross the meadow, and Jenny didn't even flinch. I went back inside with her, locked the door, took a shower and changed into some fresh clothes. I wanted to take a drive into town and see some of the magnificent old homes there, once again.

There were so many to drive-by and see: the old Carriage House & Library, the residential section of my former 10-square block patrol area, and another residential section of my former patrol area, the homes on South Poplar Street, the Acton Home,

the Franklin's Mansion, the Village's namesake Adam's Mansion, the Henderson home, the namesake Adam's Junction Bed & Breakfast Inn, the Jefferson Mansion, the Gen Jackson Mansion, the Tidewell Mansion, the Barton's Mansion, the Gen Habor Mansion, the Brickman House, the Adam's Junction Hotel, the Capitol Hotel, the old alleyway off Main Street, and of course, the Old Village Square. I like to "mentally-imprint" them each time I visit, just so I have them in my indelible memory. I envy the folks who own them and live there, but I'm sure their many family generations have spent "more-than-just-a-lot" restoring and upkeeping them over the past two centuries-plus.

I decided to take Jenny along for the ride, since she was being so obedient without her leash; I took that along anyway, just "in case". It was raining again. I loaded my Beowulf® .50cal with an EoTech Red Dot Scope, and 10 extra 11-round mags of 335gr .50cal rounds (causing massive damage to whatever it hits inside of 200yds)Remy 11-87 Semi-Automatic 12ga Shotgun with an EoTech Red Dot Scope into the backseat of the my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, locked and armed The Cabin, and we left for the drive around town to look at all the beautiful homes. I took some "chewy treats" along for Jenny, since she'd be getting hungry along the drive.

I also had my a dark, navy-blue Deputy Sheriff Baseball Cap, Deputy Sheriff Badge & ID along, just "in case". It was 09:30hrs (9:30am) Sunday and 80% of Adam's Junction families would be at one of their 2 long-established Churches: this Church or perhaps this Church, for either the 8am/9:30am/11am Services, at each one. I hadn't "picked one" out yet to attend, for two reasons: 1) I'm a "spiritual" being and not much for so-called, "organized religion", and 2) I like to sleep-in late on Sundays when I'm here, since I'm up at the un-Godly hour of 03:00hrs (3am) during the rest of the business work week in York. Perhaps during the less-hectic Winter months I'll "make a choice" and attend some services. It was now 12:00hrs (12noon) and that "spin around town" took almost 2 hours.

At We stopped at Bev & Tony's General Store first, and I put the leash on Jenny anyway, to take her inside with me. Tony was at Church, but Bev was happy to see us both, and gave me a big hug and kiss, and Jenny also got a hearty head-rub. I was almost out of TP and paper towels and needed to get several each of 12-paks of Scott TP and 8-paks of Bounty Paper Towels, amongst other things for my Kenmore Top-Loading 13.0 CuFt Freezer, at The Cabin. After loading the Jeep, I called William and told him he was "back-in-charge of everything" on Monday morning, since I'd be leaving in a few hours, but would take care of Jenny before I left for York. I truly hated for the weekend to come to a close, seemingly so fast.

I drove back to The Cabin, unloaded the dry goods into the Pantry, and the frozen stuff into the freezer. After feeding & watering Jenny for the last time tonight, I began packing-up, did a load of laundry, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, opened all the windows and doors to air-out the place and sat at the picnic table with Jenny and reflected upon what a quiet and peaceful weekend I'd had: no crime or shootings involvement on my part, and some nice "shut-eye", for a change. That would all come to an end tomorrow morning, as I began the "routine" all over again, for another 5¼ days, and last for 2-3 more weeks until I went back on a hellish 7-days-a-week work schedule for the 11 weeks of September and October. I dreaded the coming selected-employee layoffs, due to the economy tanking (Double-Dip DEPRESSION) and the stock market cratering (down over -4,000pts in under 3 weeks), but if "it" had to be done, I'd have to do it to keep the business afloat. Jenny seemed to know what I was thinking about, and *yelped* a couple of times during my "thought process" and sighs.

I closed and locked all of the windows, back & side doors, plus their screendoors. Soon enough, it would be time to put the glass stormdoors on for the coming Winter weather. Jenny enjoyed romping in the snow-filled meadow; she enjoyed be towelled-off and drying in front of the roaring fireplace on her Kodiak Bearskin Rug. When I found her as a puppy, almost frozen-to-death by the side of the road last Winter, I would have thought she'd also hate the snow and cold, but she doesn't. I hate the Pennsylvania snow and cold, almost as much as I despise the Summer's heat, humidity and drought. She's oblivious to any of it; after all, she's a "virtual dog" and not much of anything bothers her.

It was getting on to 16:45hrs (4:45pm) and I decided to leave for my condo in East York. I had laundry there to do, Murphy to care for, and various other things to get ready for morning. I'd made-up the work schedules for the coming 2 weeks and posted them on the 'fridge door in my Office, for the Staff. I took Jenny inside, talked to her, brushed her and rubbed-her-down and said "goodbye". After re-checking, locking and arming the building, I drove out to I-83 south and headed back home.

I finished unpacking, and called Mom & Dad to see how they were doing, and they were fine. With Murphy fed & watered, the 2 loads of laundry and a full-dishwasher load of dishes went quickly and I decided to get to bed around 19:30hrs (7:30pm), so that getting-up at 03:00hrs (3am) wouldn't seem like such a short night. I had a couple of newly-arrived "Jesse Stone" DVDs which I hadn't seen yet, and would watch them tomorrow after work. (I have all 7 in the Series.) I needed to call Colin, my Sunroom Blind Installer back, since the large middle louver blind had fallen off its wheels and tracks while I was away – probably scaring the shit out of Murphy when it came crashing down – and it would take the 2 of us to put it back together correctly, and re-hang it properly. My mailbox was full so I emptied it and would sort through the bills and junk mail in the morning at work. I had cat litter boxes to empty and refill, garbage to take out for pick-up tomorrow, laundry to fold and put away, take a shower and get some sleep.

I accomplished all that by 19:50hrs (7:50pm) and headed for bed. It was beginning to thunder, lightening and rain, once again and I enjoyed the peaceful sounds, as I had up at The Cabin on Saturday evening; "natural music" to my weary ears.

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