Character Biographies

Adam's Junction, PA

The Village of Adam's Junction, Pennsylvania

Population 9,756

Estabished 1801, Historic Designation: "Virtual" (doesn't exist)

3,400ft Above Sea Level

Map Coordinates: Not Available

The Village's People & Businesses

John's 43-acre Farm w/ The Cabin, purchased 1-15-2010, in the mountains.

The Cabin's Outdoor Shooting Range.

Jenny (the mixed-breed, half-frozen puppy I'd found along the road, rescued, and bought from her uncaring owners for $150).

Gabrielle Louisa Montserrat, 35, niece of Bev & Tony (General Store) 3226 7th Street, just north of Main St, whom I met week of Nov 26, 2010, and fell in love with and was to marry. Killed wo/ 12-24-10 in car accident with our unborn baby. Viewing & Funeral in AJ Cemetary, on Tues, Dec 28th in Adam's Junction. Her Rt 707 roadside memorial marker.

Amanda "Mandy" Ellen Barker, 23, met Fri April 27th, 2012, at AJPD Offices (Virtual-Cabin-Chapter-85.html), working as clerical staff, 6th sense, lives in 2nd Floor Apartment in upscale east side AJ Residential Area.

William "William-The-Caretaker" Becker, friend of Bev & Tony, replaces Randy 8/6/11 as snowplower, Cabin & Jenny-sitter, woodcutter, lawnmower, handyman etc.

Victor & Louisa Montserrat - killed in a bank robbery with Holtzapples & Groves, as were all employees and customers in 1st Nat'l Bank; adopted Daughter Gabrielle Louisa Montserrat, 35-years old.

AJPD, Courthouse, Town Hall & Jail, downtown.

Roy Bunce, the Chief of Police, died of a heart attack on 5/5/11.

Capt Clay Atler, former Sargent Clay Atler, the Chief's son-in-law, three tours in Iraq with MEF (Marine Expeditionary Force); promoted to Capt by Town Council to run AJPD on same day 5/5/11.

AJPD Deputies: Tim, Alex, Lee. Bob, Charles and me (part-time) - (Bob killed 5/1/11; Charles killed 5/19/11; Alan killed 11/19/11) - 3 new Deputies Jon, Arthur and Alan - hired 6/22/11 from PA Police Academy; Deputy Alex promoted to Sgt wo/ 8.5.11. New Deputy - Jeff - hired 12.27.11 from PA Police Academy to replace Alan. Police Night Dispatcher Mary Ellen on maternity leave; replaced by Ruth 8/2/11; Beth Ann, Day Dispatcher.

Matt Smith - Mayor of Adam's Junction.

Firefighters (Volunteers) - Capt Mike Johnson, Lt Jim Johansson, Ben Holder, Art Beckins, Scott Fitz, Bill Wander, Ted Stevens, Sam Kinson, Leroy Miller, Bob Blevins, Jamie Crote.

Veternarian - Dr Jayson Martin, DMV, east side of town.

Dr Alan Milston DDS, Dr Arthur Paoli DDS, Dr Kim Preston DDS, Greg Henniger CPA, Keith McQuircan CPA, Professional Bldg, downtown.

Stan Robbins, County DA, Courthouse, downtown.

Billy Knaut, Arborist (certified), works from home, west side of town.

Karl Jayson, local excavator, east end of town.

Bill Thompson, owner of Thompson's Bait, Tackle & Gun Shop, 1327 17th Avenue, downtown.

Tim Swanson, Friend & Horticultural Broker from Maryland.

Marc Robinson, ESQ, my Personal/Corporate Attorney Professional Building, York.

Bev & Tony's General Store, 3226 7th Street, just north of Main St, downtown.

Roy's Oil & LPG Gas Company, east side of town, near I-83 noth exit.

Roy's Shell Garage & Service Station, at I-83 northbound exit; Roy's son Randy snowplower, killed 7/30/11 by shotgun blast in drug deal on my Cabin porch.

Professional buildings with doctors/dentists/lawyers/accountants: Dr Bob Hansen MD, Dr Mike Bennett MD, Dr Tim Munson MD, Dr Fred Thomas MD, Dr John Silver MD, downtown.

ACE Hardware & Home Store, Karl & Allen, owners, downtown.

VFW, downtown.

"Junction Daily Record" Newspaper; Sunday "Junction Dispatch"; Tom Boston, Editor, downtown.

Memorial Hospital, 200 beds, 2 ORs, Trauma Center, Coroner, 3 ambulances, north of downtown.

Drover's Bank, downtown.

First National Bank, downtown.

Walt's Barber Shop, Walt & Larry, barbers, downtown.

Cantino's Shoe Repair, Sal, west end of town.

Salvation Army Thrift Store, north end of town.

3 Family Restaurants: Nell's Kitchen, Uncle Ray's Rib Joint, Sarah's Place, Emily's Family Restaurant, west end of town.

2 Bars: Do-Drop-Inn, and The Padlock Bar & Restaurant, north end of town.

Carlson's Drugstore, downtown.

CL Dry Cleaners - downtown.

Capitol-Strand Theater - movie house, downtown.

Shop Rite Supermarket, west end of town.

Antique Stores (11), downtown.

Main Street Cafe, downtown.

Flower Shops (2), downtown.

Rug-Flooring Merchant, downtown.

Boutiques (3), downtown.

Rosedale Law Firm, downtown.

Hopewell Heating & AC (HVAC), east side of town.

NAPA Autoparts store, downtown.

Midlands' Garden Center, Bob & Karen, east end of town.

M&MC Corp (Minerals & Mining Corp), 2 guards murdered in trailer wo/ oct 8th, Almost 2.3 tons of pure gold mined from that small creek vein, worth $6,210,000.00, plus the hundreds of pounds of gold nuggets and ore I'd stashed, before all this began. Close to $7,000.000, total, (Oct 8).

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