The Virtual Cabin©


if I hadn't created "The Virtual Cabin©" Novella, back in January 2010, I probably would have gone "remedial", from my daily 8-12 hour, 7-days-a-week business' routine of all-work and no-play. I desperately needed an "escape", back then, from the day-to-day reality of founding, starting-up, owning and running a nationally-known, large 20-acre, unique and high-end Garden Center & Nursery Business. It's closed and gone, as of 10/28/11, after 22 years.

The resultant effort, "The Virtual Cabin©" Novella, isn't total fantasy – some of it is very real, and much of it is purely-imagined by me – as a "mental getaway" from everything else. It's fun to "create something-out-of-nothing", from my own wandering imagination.

I initially intended for "The Virtual Cabin©" Novella to be something solely for my own fun and entertainment, as an exercise for my own "worried-at-the-sad-state-of-America" mind, to test my personal imagination and writing skills, and not for any kind of profit, whatsoever. I originally wrote it as a chapter in my weekly "John's Journal", but soon a lot of friends asked me to put it up on a website where they could read it separately, so I decided to build a website just for it. It will never be made into a CD, DVD, book or movie. There is no profit motive involved on my part, at all. Never will be.

The Historic Village of Adam's Junction, PA, founded in 1801, Pop. 9,756, doesn't exist anywhere in Pennsylvania; I checked carefully. And none of its characters or incidents do either; I made many of them up, as well. Any likeness to, or similarity, is purely coincidental. My Family, friends, customers, condo, dreams, books, quotes, gear, equipment and firearms are all real. Gabrielle, Jenny, Mandy and the military background weren't; Murphy and my Business were.

The many quaint, Historic Old Adam's Junction Village pictures of people, places & things are a compilation of ones which I found on many "Net-Google searches". Look in your browser window for all of the many gracious photographers' places, buildings, food, etc pictures, to give them proper *Photo Credits*; they're right there in the links to the many website-linked (URLs) pictures which I found on the various searches, while looking for numerous "Old New England-Style" buildings, streets, and various foods, appliances, vehicles, police equipment, weapons etc. In as many cases as possible, I've tried to point the photos' links directly-back to the original sites' URLs, where I found them, for appropriate, legal photo credits, for their copyrighted, intellectual work. Some of the many of the pictures I even took myself. I even made-up the several Adam's Junction Village and Police Dept signs.

I hope you have as much enjoyment reading and "imagining it all", as I did in writing it and in putting it all-together, with its (mostly) weekly Chapters, over the past several years. I hope to get back and add to its chapters, someday soon.

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